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The Exorcist

"How many times did The Enlyghtened BJ Clinton goose interns?"

They were sucked right into his turbines and immediately spit out of the exhaust like so many who came before them.

The Exorcist


I thought the day wasn't going to be a total loss, but now it looks like Kennedy is going to live through the night.

How long does Mary Jo have to wait in the great beyond before Teddy swerves up in his mama's Oldsmobile with a trunk-full of Heinekens?

Well, I might as well go with the flow. After all, if you can't beat em, get John Hinckley an unsupervised weekend pass.

al-Bundy Martyr Brigades

The Brigades just got word that the Messiah is now President.

In view of this, we now see the error of our ways, and surrender. We're passing the hat to help rebuild the WTC, and are signing a card to apologize, in case anyone in the US took offense at our little prank.


[...] they'd lock me up and throw away the key [...]

They need a reason?



Whither the blog?

I for one plan on "atoning to the "A"-tone".

Just like our new Preznit sez.

Barack Hussein

That Goose Killing Typical Honky ruined my inauguration!

He is wearing a uniform with stripes!

He killed baby geese!

He is a Honky!

I am going to get Hillary smear him into the toilet.

After I get my pecker out of Bills white @ss I am going to pull that Flying Honky’s FAA records, his DMV records, his IRS records and his political donation records!

That Honky should never be allowed on TV again – or fly an aircraft.

I will sentence him to 30 years of gently wiping ever goose’s rectum clean with a Q-tip from New York to San Francisco – even if he has to go to every zoo to do it.

What a Typical Honky Baby Goose killer!

PS: I have a felling that picture to the left is mocking me. Bush is probably saying F***k You!

PiSS:You all are Typical Honkies!


I see the Irish group has announced a "sabbatical" and it looks like KB is not back yet from the inauguration.

You know what? There is nothing like coming back here after a break and seeing (again) the terrible dumbing down of America.

African Moondog-ex Bat- Now that we are enlightened

I am afraid that I never saw the inaugruation.

I went to a bar to do so because psychologists always say that traumas should not be suffered alone.

In the bar I watched the TV with some other glum looking regulars.

I felt a wave of nostalgia when dear old Bill Clinton appeared and gave some womyn a friendly grope for old times sake. There is life in the old dog yet!

Al Gore looked cheefull, happy and as though he has not aged in the last 8 years.

Not so Dumbya, who has aged considerably and who looked relieved, as though the weight of the world was about to be lifted from his shoulders.

There was glimse of the man himself, the messiah, smiling nervously, like a new employee who needs much on the job training. My heart went out, a dreadful transformation behind him. Four years of Gaia knows what ahead of him. No Obama Derangement Syndrome
from this Moondog.

But when I saw that Joe Bidet fellow, grinning with a smirk that would have done IC proud, looking for all the world like Spiro Agnew, I beat a hasty retreat to the pool tables.


The massacres in Gaza are the latest phase of a war that Israel has been waging against the people of Palestine for more than 60 years. The goal of this war has never changed: to use overwhelming military power to eradicate the Palestinians as a political force, one capable of resisting Israel's ongoing appropriation of their land and resources. Israel's war against the Palestinians has turned Gaza and the West Bank into a pair of gigantic political prisons. There is nothing symmetrical about this war in terms of principles, tactics or consequences. Israel is responsible for launching and intensifying it, and for ending the most recent lull in hostilities.

Israel must lose. It is not enough to call for another ceasefire, or more humanitarian assistance. It is not enough to urge the renewal of dialogue and to acknowledge the concerns and suffering of both sides. If we believe in the principle of democratic self-determination, if we affirm the right to resist military aggression and colonial occupation, then we are obliged to take sides... against Israel, and with the people of Gaza and the West Bank.

We must do what we can to stop Israel from winning its war. Israel must accept that its security depends on justice and peaceful coexistence with its neighbours, and not upon the criminal use of force.

We believe Israel should immediately and unconditionally end its assault on Gaza, end the occupation of the West Bank, and abandon all claims to possess or control territory beyond its 1967 borders. We call on the British government and the British people to take all feasible steps to oblige Israel to comply with these demands, starting with a programme of boycott, divestment and sanctions.

Professor Gilbert Achcar, Development Studies, SOAS
Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, Politics and International Studies, SOAS
Dr. Nadje Al-Ali, Gender Studies, SOAS
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Robin Yassin-Kassab, novelist
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Dr. Shamoon Zamir, American Studies, KCL
Professor Slavoj Zizek, Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities
Dr. Paquita de Zulueta, Medicine, Imperial College

African Moondog

Thanks for that Bennie. We now know why Universities have been called "glorified Lunatic Asylums". It would be nice to see a similar petition with the same names about the Congo or Sri Lanka, the signatories might then be taken seriously.

On to more important matters. How do you like your goose?


That petition was from a group called the Global BDS Movement. Coincidence? Is this for real?

Room 237

I heard that 4000 Jewish geese took the day off.


We, The Undersigned, call on Israel and The United States to completely and utterly destroy all members of The Cult of Islam who think that their beliefs gives them the right to kill innocent people.

Anyone With Brains & Courage (which totally leaves Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, out of it)


Was Bonnie Fwank at any balls on Inauguration Night?


[...] they'd lock me up and throw away the key [...]

They need a reason?

Posted by: aelfheld | January 20, 2009 at 07:55 PM

bennie isn't *lurking* either. I hear Demi Moore has rounded up an all star cast of minions millions to help Obama.


Yes, the irish took leave from their attempted dumbing-down of America, which benniedryl has decided to continue with the names of libtard professors from institutions that no one in their right minds would PAY to attend, but as long as the taxpayer is on the hook, no problem.

The Exorcist

"We, The Undersigned, call on Israel and The United States to completely and utterly destroy all members of The Cult of Islam who think that their beliefs gives them the right to kill innocent people."


CONFIRMED DEAD: World Trade Center

— Godwin Ajala, 33

— Gary Albero, 39, Emerson, N.J., Aon Corp.

— Eric Allen, 41, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Telmo Alvear, 25

— James Amato, 43, Ronkonkoma, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Joseph Angelini Sr., 63, Lindenhurst, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Louis Arena, 32, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Adam Arias, 37

— Michael Asciak, 47, Ridgefield, N.J.

— Ezra Aviles, Commack, N.Y., Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

— Evan Baron, 38

— Alvin Bergsohn, 48, Baldwin Harbor, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— David S. Berry, 43, New York, N.Y., chief of research, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

— William Biggart, 54

— Richard Blood, 36, Aon insurance broker

— John P. Bocchi, 38, New Vernon, N.J., managing director of interest rate options, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Gennady Boyarsky, 45

— Pamela Boyce, 43, New York, N.Y., assistant vice president of accounting, Carr Futures

— Alfred Braca, 54, Leonardo, N.J., bond broker for eSpeed, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Capt. Daniel Brethel, 40, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Jonathan Briley, 43

— Keith Broomfield, 49

— Andrew Brunn, 28, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Dennis Buckley, 38, Chatham, N.J., bond broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Stephen Bunin, 45

— Milton Bustillo, 37, Colombian

— Vincent Cangelosi, 30

— Michael Canty, 40

— Peter Carroll, 35, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Paul Cascio, 23, Manhasset, N.Y.

— Swede Joseph Chevalier, 26, Middletown, N.J., equities trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

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— Stephen J. Colaio, 32, Montauk, N.Y., senior managing director, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Thomas Collins, 36, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Denease Conley, 43

— Kevin M. Cosgrove, 46, West Islip, N.Y., claims vice president, Aon Corp.

— Martin Coughlan, 54

— Timothy John Coughlin, 42, New York, N.Y., senior managing director, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Christopher S. Cramer, 34, Manahawkin, N.J., assistant vice president of tax department, Fiduciary Trust International

— John Crisci, 48

— Dennis Cross, 60, Islip Terrace, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

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— Joyce Cummings, 65

— Robert Curatolo, 31, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Jack L. D'Ambrosi Jr., 45, Woodcliff Lake, N.J., vice president of operations, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Clinton Davis, 38

— Lt. Andrew Desperito, 44, Patchogue, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Capt. Martin Egan Jr., 36, New York, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— William F. Fallon Jr., 53, Rocky Hill, N.J., general manager of strategic analysis and industry relations, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

— William Feehan, 72, first deputy commissioner, New York Fire Department

— George Ferguson, 54, Teaneck, N.J.

— Henry Fernandez

— Julio Fernandez, 52

— Louis V. Fersini Jr., 39, Basking Ridge, N.J., bond trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Stephen J. Fiorelli, 43, Aberdeen, N.J., civil engineer, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

— John Fiorito, 40, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Carl Flickinger, 38

— David Fodor, 38, Garrison, N.Y., accountant and volunteer fire marshal, Fiduciary Trust International

— Thomas Foley, 32, West Nyack, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Jeffrey L. Fox, 40, Cranbury, N.J.

— Pauline Francis

— Peter J. Ganci Jr., 55, North Massapequa, N.Y., chief of department, New York Fire Department

— Robert J. Gerlich, 56, Monroe, Conn.

— Evan Gillette, 40, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Steven Lawrence Glick, 42, Greenwich, Conn., Credit Suisse First Boston

— Rosa J. Gonzalez, 32, Jersey City, N.J.

— Jose Guadalupe, 37, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Geoffrey E. Guja, 54, Lindenhurst, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— David Halderman, 40, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Sean Hanley, 35, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Thomas Hannafin, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Melissa Harrington, 31

— Timothy Haskell, 34, Seaford, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

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— William Henry, 49, firefighter, New York Fire Department

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— Joseph Mathai, 49, Arlington, Mass., managing partner, Cambridge Technology Partners

— Walter Matuza, 39, New York, N.Y., analyst, Carr Futures

— Kaaria Mbaya, 39, Nairobi, Kenya, senior computer analyst, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Brendan McCabe, 40

— Michael McCabe, 42, Rumson, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael Desmond McCarthy, 33, Huntington, N.Y., trader, Carr Futures

— Robert Garvin McCarthy, 33, Stony Point, N.Y., trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael McDonnell, 34, Red Bank, N.J., accounting manager, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

— John F. McDowell Jr., 33, New York, N.Y., vice president in equities, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— William J. McGovern, 49, Smithtown, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Patrick J. McGuire, 40, Madison, N.J., Euro Brokers Inc.

— Keith McHeffey, 31, Monmouth Beach, N.J., equities trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Robert G. McIlvaine, 26, New York, N.Y., assistant vice president of media relations, Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.

— Daniel McNeal, 29, analyst, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Martin McWilliams, 35, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Yamel Merino, 24, Yonkers, N.Y., emergency medical technician

— Domenick Mircovich, 40, Closter, N.J.

— Lt. Dennis Mojica, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Manuel Mojica, 37, Bellmore, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Justin Molisani, 42

— Brian Patrick Monaghan, 21, New York, N.Y.

— Carlos Mario Munoz, 43, Windows on the World, Colombian

— Patrick O'Keefe, 44, Oakdale, N.Y., New York Fire Department

— Capt. William O'Keefe, 49, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Gerald O'Leary, 34

— John P. O'Neill, 50, director of security, World Trade Center

— Kevin O'Rourke, 44, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Timothy O'Sullivan, 68, Albrightsville, Pa., financial consultant, Cultural Institution of Retirement Systems

— Emmett Parks, 47

— Robert E. Parks Jr., 47, Middletown, N.J., bond broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael Pascuma, 50

— Manuel Patrocino, 34, Windows on the World

— Mark Petrocelli, 29, New York, N.Y., commodities broker, Carr Futures

— Dominick Pezzulo, 36, New York, N.Y., police officer, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

— Matthew Picerno, 44

— Anthony Portillo, Washington Group International

— Richard Prunty, 57, Sayville, N.Y., battalion chief, New York Fire Department

— John Puckett, 47

— Maria Isabel Ramirez, 25, New York, N.Y., executive secretary, Lanagan Engineering and Environmental Services

— David Rice, 31, New York, N.Y., investment banker, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Michael Richards, 38

— Paul Rizza, 34, Park Ridge, N.J., investors services officer, Fiduciary Trust International

— Antonio Augusto Rocha, 34, East Hanover, N.J., bond broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— John M. Rodak, 39, Sewell, N.J., Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Scott Rohner, 22, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Daniel Rossetti, 32, Bloomfield, N.J., carpenter, Certified Installation Services

— Nick Rowe, 29, Hoboken, N.J., UME Voice

— Gilbert Ruiz, 45

— Scott Saber, 38

— Hernando Salas, Colombian

— Eric Sand, 36, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Herman Sandler, 57, chief executive, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— John Santore, 49, New York, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Jackie Sayegh, 34

— Gerard Schrang, 45

— Mark Schwartz, 50

— Hagay Shefi, 34, Israel

— David Silver, 35, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Frank J. Spinelli, 44, Short Hills, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Capt. Timothy Stackpole, 42, New York, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Corina Stan, 31, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Andrew Stern, 45, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Daniel Suhr, 37, Neponsit, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Joann Tabeek, 41

— Michael Taddonio, 39, Huntington, N.Y., bond broker, Euro Brokers Inc.

— John J. Tobin, 47, Kenilworth, N.J., senior vice president, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— Doris Torres, 32

— Luis Torres, 31, Colombian

— Jon C. Vandevander, 44, Ridgewood, N.J.

— Christopher Vialonga, 30, Demerest, N.J., foreign currency trader, Carr Futures

— Melissa Vincent, 28, N.J.

— Lawrence Virgilio, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Gabriela Waisman, 33

— Weibin Wang, 41

— Lt. Michael Warchola, 51, Middle Village, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Michael Weinberg, 34, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Simon Weiser, 65

— William J. Wik, 44, Crestwood, N.Y., Aon Corp.

— Lt. Glenn Wilkinson, 46, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Lt. John Williamson, 46, battalion commander, New York Fire Department

— Martin P. Wohlforth, 47, Greenwich, Conn., managing director, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Patrick Woods, 36

— Jupiter Yambem, 41, Beacon, N.Y., banquet manager, Windows on the World

— Raymond York, 45, firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Elkin Yuen, 32

— Joseph Zaccoli, 39, Valley Stream, N.Y., broker, Cantor Fitzgerald


— Spc. Craig Amundson, 28, Kan., U.S. Army

— Melissa Rose Barnes, 27, Redlands, Calif., yeoman second class, U.S. Navy

— Kris Romeo Bishundat, 23, Waldorf, Md., information systems technician second class, U.S. Navy

— Lt. Col. Canfield D. Boone, 54, Ind., U.S. Army

— Christopher Lee Burford, 23, Hubert, N.C., electronics technician third class, U.S. Navy

— Sharon Carver, 38, Md., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Rosa Maria (Rosemary) Chapa, Springfield, Va.

— Lt. Cmdr. Eric Allen Cranford, 32, Drexel, N.C., U.S. Navy

— Capt. Gerald Francis Deconto, 44, Sandwich, Mass., U.S. Navy

— Lt. Col. Jerry D. Dickerson, 41, Miss., U.S. Army

— Capt. Robert Edward Dolan, 43, Florham Park, N.J., head of strategy and concepts branch, U.S. Navy

— Cmdr. William Howard Donovan Jr., 37, Nunda, N.Y., U.S. Navy

— Cmdr. Patrick Dunn, 39, Fords, N.J., U.S. Navy

— Edward Thomas Earhart, 26, Salt Lick, Ky., aerographer's mate first class, U.S. Navy

— Lt. Cmdr. Robert Randolph Elseth, 37, Vestal, N.Y., U.S. Navy

— Jamie Lynn Fallon, 23, Woodbridge, Va., storekeeper third class, U.S. Navy

— Amelia V. Fields, 36, Dumfries, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Matthew Michael Flocco, 21, Newark, Del., aerographer's mate second class, U.S. Navy

— Sandra N. Foster, 41, Clinton, Md.

— Cortz Ghee, 54, Reisterstown, Md., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Diane M. Hale-McKinzy, 38, Alexandria, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Maj. Wallace Cole Hogan Jr., 40, Fla., U.S. Army

— Angela Houtz, 27, La Plata, Md., civilian employee, U.S. Navy

— Brady Howell, 26, Arlington, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Navy

— Peggie Hurt, 36, Crewe, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Lt. Col. Stephen Neil Hyland Jr., 45, Calif., U.S. Army

— Robert J. Hymel, Woodbridge, Va.

— Sgt. Maj. Lacey B. Ivory, 43, Woodbridge, Va., U.S. Army

— Lt. Col. Dennis M. Johnson, 48, Wis., U.S. Army

— Judith Jones, 53, Woodbridge, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Navy

— Lt. Michael Scott Lamana, 31, Baton Rouge, La., U.S. Navy

— David W. Laychak, 40, Manassas, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Maj. Steve Long, 39, Ga., U.S. Army

— Nehamon Lyons IV, 30, Mobile, Ala., operations specialist second class, U.S. Navy

— Shelley A. Marshall, 37, Marbury, Md., budget analyst, Defense Intelligence Agency

— Teresa Martin, 45, Stafford, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Ada L. Mason, 50, Springfield, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Lt. Col. Dean E. Mattson, 57, Calif., U.S. Army

— Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude, 53, Fort Myer, Va., deputy chief of staff for personnel, U.S. Army

— Robert J. Maxwell, 53, Manassas, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Patricia E. (Patti) Mickley, Springfield, Va.

— Maj. Ronald D. Milam, 33, Md., assistant to the Secretary, U.S. Army

— Odessa V. Morris, 54, Upper Marlboro, Md., budget analyst, U.S. Army

— Brian Anthony Moss, 34, Sperry, Okla., electronics technician second class, U.S. Navy

— Ted Moy, 48, Silver Spring, Md., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Lt. Cmdr. Patrick Jude Murphy, 38, Flossmoor, Ill., U.S. Navy

— Michael Allen Noeth, 30, New York, N.Y., illustrator/draftsman second class, U.S. Navy

— Diana B. Padro, 55, Woodbridge, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Lt. Jonas Martin Panik, 26, Mingoville, Pa., U.S. Navy

— Maj. Clifford L. Patterson Jr., 33, Alexandria, Va., U.S. Army

— Lt. J.G. Darin Howard Pontell, 26, Columbia, Md., U.S. Navy

— Scott Powell, 35, Silver Spring, Md., BTG Inc.

— (Retired) Capt. Jack Punches, 51, Clifton, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Navy

— Joseph John Pycior Jr., 39, Carlstadt, N.J., aviation warfare systems operator first class, U.S. Navy

— Deborah Ramsaur, 45, Annandale, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Edward V. Rowenhorst, 32, Fredericksburg, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Robert E. Russell, 52, Oxon Hill, Md., civilian budgetary supervisor, U.S. Army

— William R. Ruth, 57, Md., Chief Warrant Officer 4th Class, U.S. Army

— Charles E. Sabin, Burke, Va.

— Marjorie C. Salamone, 53, Springfield, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Lt. Col. David M. Scales, 45, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. Army

— Cmdr. Robert Allan Schlegel, 38, Gray, Maine, U.S. Navy

— Cmdr. Dan Frederic Shanower, 40, Naperville, Ill., U.S. Navy

— Antoinette Sherman, 35, Forest Heights, Md.

— Gregg Harold Smallwood, 44, Overland Park, Kan., chief information systems technician, U.S. Navy

— (Retired) Lt. Col. Gary F. Smith, 55, Alexandria, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Edna L. Stephens, 53, Washington, D.C., budget analyst, U.S. Army

— Maj. Kip P. Taylor, 38, McLean, Va., U.S. Army

— Karl W. Teepe, Centreville, Va.

— Lt. Cmdr. Otis Vincent Tolbert, 38, Lemoore, Calif., U.S. Navy

— Lt. Cmdr. Ronald James Vauk, 37, Nampa, Idaho, U.S. Navy

— Lt. Col. Karen Wagner, 40, Texas, U.S. Army

— Staff Sgt. Maudlyn A. White, 38, St. Croix, Virgin Islands, U.S. Army

— Sandra L. White, 44, Dumfries, Va., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Lt. Cmdr. David Lucian Williams, 32, Newport, Ore., U.S. Navy

— Maj. Dwayne Williams, 40, Jacksonville, Ala., U.S. Army

— Kevin Wayne Yokum, 27, Lake Charles, La., information systems technician second class, U.S. Navy

— Donald McArthur Young, 41, Roanoke, Va., chief information systems technician, U.S. Navy

— Edmond Young, 22, Owings, Md., BTG Inc.

CONFIRMED DEAD: United Airlines Flight 175, Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into World Trade Center


— Herbert Homer, 48, Milford, Mass., corporate executive, Raytheon Co.

REPORTED DEAD: World Trade Center

— Gordon McCannel Aamoth Jr., 32, New York, N.Y., investment banker, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Paul Andrew Acquaviva, 29, Glen Rock, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Donald L. Adams, 28, Chatham, N.J., vice president of sales of eSpeed division, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Lee Adler, 48, Springfield, N.J., computer designer, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Gertrude Alagero, 37, New York, N.Y., senior vice president and practice leader, Marsh Inc.

— Andrew Alameno, 37, Westfield, N.J., trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Joseph Ryan Allen, 38, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael Andrews, Belle Harbor, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Frank Aquilino, New York, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael J. Armstrong, 34, New York, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— David Bauer, 45, Rumson, N.J., head of global sales for eSpeed, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Paul Beatini, 40, Park Ridge, N.J., Allendale Insurance

— Maria Behr, 41, Milford, N.J., securities trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Bryan C. Bennett, 25, New York, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Joseph Berry, Saddle River, N.J., chairman and CEO, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

— Gary Bird, 51, Tempe, Ariz., senior vice president, Marsh USA Insurance Co.

— George John Bishop, 52, Granite Springs, N.Y., vice president, AON Corp.

— Mary Boffa, 45, New York, N.Y., vice president of purchasing, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— Thomas H. Bowden, 36, Wyckoff, N.J., equities trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— David Brady, Summit, N.J.

— Edward A. Brennan III, 37, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Frank Brennan, 50, Oak Beach, N.Y., senior vice president and limited partner, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Timothy Byrne, 36

— Scott Cahill, 30, West Caldwell, N.J., municipal bond broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— David Campbell, 51, Basking Ridge, N.J., senior vice president of equity sales, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

— Christopher Newton Carter, 52, Middletown, N.J.

— Kathleen Hunt Casey, 43, Middletown, N.J., employee on equity trading desk, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Juan Cevallos, 44, mail carrier

— Douglas MacMillan Cherry, 38, Maplewood, N.J., vice president of professional services group, Aon Corp.

— Stephen P. Cherry, 41, Stamford, Conn., partner, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Kirsten L. Christophe, 39, Maplewood, N.J., vice president of risk services, Aon Corp.

— Alex Ciccone, 38, New Rochelle, N.Y., assistant vice president, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— Daniel Michael Coffey, 54, Newburgh, N.Y., senior vice president, Guy Carpenter

— Jason Matthew Coffey, 25, Newburgh, N.Y., accountant, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— Christopher Colasanti, 33, Hoboken, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Robert Coll, 35, Glen Ridge, N.J., senior vice president of financial markets, Euro Brokers Inc.

— J.C. Connors, 65, New York, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Joseph Coppo, 47, New Canaan, Conn., municipal bond trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Kevin R. Crotty, 43, Summit, N.J., managing director, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Thomas G. Crotty, Rockville Centre, N.Y.

— Richard Joseph Cudina, 46, Glen Gardner, N.J., bond broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Joan McConnell Cullinan, 47, Scarsdale, N.Y., assistant to the president, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Vincent D'Amadeo, 36, East Patchouge, N.Y.

— Anthony Demas, New York, N.Y., Aon Corp.

— Francis X. Deming, 47, Franklin Lakes, N.J., practice director, Oracle Corp.

— Thomas Dennis, 37, Franklin Lakes, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Dennis Devlin, 51, Washingtonville, N.Y., battalion commander, New York Fire Department

— Michael DiAgostino, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Lourdes Galleti Diaz, 32, secretary

— Joseph D. Dickey, 50, Manhasset, N.Y., managing director, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Stephen P. Dimino, 48, Basking Ridge, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Douglas F. DiStefano, 24, Hoboken, N.J.

— John J. Doherty, Hartsdale, N.Y., Aon Corp.

— Brendan Dolan, 37, Glen Rock, N.J., broker, Carr Futures

— Ray Downey, chief of special operations command, New York Fire Department

— Randy Drake, 37, Lee's Summit, Mo., network integration manager, Siemens

— Christopher Michael Duffy, 23, New York, N.Y., assistant trader, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

— Michael Joseph Duffy, 29, New York, N.Y.

— Dennis M. Edwards, Huntington, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Christopher Faughnan, 37, South Orange, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Edward Fergus, 40, Wilton, Conn., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Brad Fetchet, 24, New York, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael Bradley Finnegan, 37, Basking Ridge, N.J., currency broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Timothy J. Finnerty, 33, Glen Rock, N.J., broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Thomas J. Fisher, 36, Union, N.J.

— Steven Fogel, Westfield, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Claudia Foster, New York, N.Y., broker assistant, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Morty Frank, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Peter Christopher Frank, 29, Great Neck, N.Y., financial analyst, Fred Alger & Co.

— Richard K. Fraser, 32, New York, N.Y.

— Brett O. Freiman, 29

— Arlene Fried, Roslyn Heights, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Andrew Friedman, Woodbury, N.Y.

— Paul James Furmato, 37, Colts Neck, N.J., vice president and institutional sales trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Anthony E. Gallagher, 41, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Thomas Edward Galvin, 32, New York, N.Y., senior vice president and corporate bond broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Giovanna (Genni) Gambale, 27, New York, N.Y., vice president in communications and media events, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael Gann, 41, Roswell, Ga., Algorithmics

— Doug Gardner, Cantor Fitzgerald

— James Gartenberg

— Paul Hamilton Geier, 36, Farmingdale, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Peter Gelinas, 32, Bronxville, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— James Gerard Geyer, 41, Rockville Centre, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Douglas A. Gowell, 52, Methuen, Mass., director of new market development, Avid Technologies

— Edwin J. Graf, 48, Rowayton, Conn., vice president, Cantor Fitzgerald

— James Greenleaf Jr., 32, Waterford, Conn.

— Matthew J. Gryzmalski, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Gary Robert Haag, 36, Ossining, N.Y., claims department vice president, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— Robert Hamilton, 43, Washingtonville, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Valerie Hanna, 57, Freeville, N.Y., Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— James Haran, 41, Malverne, N.Y.

— Timothy J. Hargrave, 38, N.J., vice president, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Stewart Harris, 52, Marlboro, N.J., chief credit officer, Cantor Fitzgerald

— John C. Hartz, 64, Basking Ridge, N.J., senior vice president, Fiduciary Trust International

— Tim Haviland, 41, Oceanside, N.Y., software developer/computer programmer, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— Donald G. Havlish Jr., 53, Yardley, Pa., senior vice president, Aon Corp.

— W. Ward Haynes, 35, Rye, N.Y., derivatives broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Charles Heeran, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Mark Hindy, New York, N.Y.

— Stephen G. Hoffman, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Judith Hofmiller

— Robert Horoshoe, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Timothy Robert Hughes, 43, Madison, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael Patrick Iken, 37, New York, N.Y., Euro Brokers Inc.

— Paul Innella, 33, East Brunswick, N.J.

— Aram Iskenderian, 41, Merrick, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Brooke Jackman, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Steven Jacobson, 53, New York, N.Y., transmitter engineer, WPIX-TV

— Scott Johnson, 26, securities analyst, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

— Donald W. Jones, 43, Fairless Hills, Pa., bond broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Robert Jordan, 34, Williston, N.Y.

— Shari Kandell, 27, Wyckoff, N.J., trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Don J. Kauth, 51, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., bank analyst, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

— James Joseph Kelly, 39, Oceanside, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Timothy Kelly, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Mary Kimelman, 34, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Andrew Marshall King, 42, Princeton, N.J., trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Glenn Kirwin, 40, Scarsdale, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Thomas P. Knox, 31, Hoboken, N.J.

— Gary Koecheler, 57, Harrison, N.Y., government bond broker, Euro Brokers Inc.

— Michael Laforte, 39, Holmdel, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Steven Lamantia, 38, Darien, Conn., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Christopher Larrabee, 26, Palos Verdes Estates, Calif., Cantor Fitzgerald

— David R. Leistman, 43, Garden City, N.Y., bond trader and partner, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Joseph A. Lenihan, 41, Cos Cob, Conn., Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

— John Robinson Lenoir, 38, Locust Valley, N.Y., vice president, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Matthew G. Leonard, 38, New York, N.Y., attorney, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael Lepore, 39, Bronxville, N.Y., technical services employee, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— Jeffrey Earle LeVeen, 55, Manhasset, N.Y., senior vice president of equity sales, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Elizabeth Claire Logler, 31, New York, N.Y., employee of eSpeed division, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Joseph Lovero, 60, Jersey City, N.J., dispatcher, Jersey City Fire Department

— Edward (Ted) H. Luckett II, 40, Fair Haven, N.J., partner and vice president, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Linda Luzzicone, 33, New York, N.Y., trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Farrell Peter Lynch, 39, Centerport, N.Y., trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Richard Dennis Lynch, 30, Euro Brokers

— Sean P. Lynch, 37, Morristown, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Richard B. Madden, 35, Westfield, N.J., Aon Corp.

— Joseph Maio, 32, Roslyn, N.Y., director of equity derivatives, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Edward Francis (Teddy) Maloney III, 32, Darien, Conn., account manager at Tradespark division, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Christian Maltby, 37, Chatham, N.J., vice president, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Edward J. Mardovich, Lloyd Harbor, N.Y., president, Euro Brokers Inc.

— Kevin Marlo, 28, New York, N.Y., Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— James Martello, 41, Rumson, N.J., equity sales trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— William Martin, 35, Denville, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Edward Mazzella, 62, Monroe, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— James J. McAlary, 42, Spring Lake Heights, N.J., commodities broker, Carr Futures

— Matthew T. McDermott, 34, Basking Ridge, N.J., equity trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Eamon McEnaeney, 46, New Canaan, Conn., senior vice president and limited partner, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Katherine (Katie) McGarry-Noack, 30, Hoboken, N.J., senior sales executive, Telekurs USA

— Mark McGinly, Vienna, Va., Carr Futures

— Michael G. McGinty, 42, Foxboro, Mass., senior vice president for power and utilities practice, Marsh Inc.

— Scott M. McGovern, 35, Wyckoff, N.J.

— Francis Noel McGuinn, 50, Rye, N.Y., managing director of emerging markets, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Thomas McHale, 33, Huntington, N.Y., broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael Edward McHugh Jr., 35, Tuckahoe, N.Y., TradeSpark (Cantor Fitzgerald)

— Barry McKeon, Yorktown Heights, N.Y., executive vice president, Fiduciary Trust International

— Robert C. McLaughlin, 29

— Sean McNulty, 30, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Bill Meehan, 49, Huntington, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Ralph Mercurio, 47, Rockville Centre, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Alan H. Merdinger, 47, South Whitehall Township, Pa., accountant, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Raymond J. Metz III, 37, Trumbull, Conn., currency broker, Euro Brokers Inc.

— David Meyer, 57, Glen Rock, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— William E. Micciulli, 30, Old Bridge, N.J., partner and senior vice president, Cantor Fitzgerald

— William Minardi, 46, Bedford, N.Y., broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Louis Minervino, 54, Middletown, N.J., Marsh USA

— John G. Monahan, 47, Ocean Township, N.J., operations supervisor, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael Montesi, 39, Highland Mills, N.Y., firefighter, New York Fire Department

— Roy Wallace Moreno, 42, bank employee

— George Morrell, 47, Mt. Kisco, N.Y., partner and vice president of mortgage department, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Seth Morris, Cantor Fitzgerald

— James Donald Munhall, 45, Ridgewood, N.J., managing director, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Marc A. Murolo, Hoboken, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Brian Murphy, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Christopher W. Murphy, 35, Stamford, Conn., senior research analyst, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

— Edward C. Murphy, 42, Clifton, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— James Murphy, 30, Garden City, N.Y., Thomson Financial

— James Thomas Murphy, 35, Middletown, N.J.

— Kevin James Murphy, 40, Northport, N.Y., claims consultant, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— John J. Murray, 32, Hoboken, N.J., partner and director, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Luke Nee, 44, Stony Point, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— John Ballantine Niven, 44, New York and Oyster Bay, N.Y., senior vice president in mergers and acquisitions, Aon Corp.

— Daniel Nolan, 44, Lake Hopatcong, N.J., assistant vice president for computer technology services, Johnson & Higgins/March McLennan

— Robert Walter Noonan, 36, Norwalk, Conn., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Timothy O'Brien, 40, Rockville Centre, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Richard J. O'Connor, 48, LaGrangeville, N.Y., senior vice president, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— Amy O'Doherty, 23, Pelham Manor, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Edward K. Oliver, 31, Jackson, N.J., broker, Carr Futures

— Maureen Olson, 50, Rockville Centre, N.Y., insurance broker, Marsh Inc.

— Sean Gordon Corbett O'Neill, 34, Rye, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Virginia Ormiston-Kenworthy, New York, N.Y.

— James Robert Ostrowski, 37, Garden City, N.Y.

— Jason Oswald, 28, New York, N.Y., bond broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Todd Ouida, 25, River Edge, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Peter J. Owens, Williston Park, N.Y.

— Thomas Anthony Palazzo, 44, Armonk, N.Y., bond trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Edward J. Papa, 47, Oyster Bay, N.Y.

— Jerrold Paskins, 57, Anaheim Hills, Calif., insurance executive, Devonshire Group

— Bernard E. Patterson, 46, Upper Brookville, N.Y.

— Cira Marie Patti, 40, New York, N.Y., trader's assistant, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

— Angela Susan Perez, 35, New York, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— William H. Pohlmann, 56, Ardsley, N.Y., assistant deputy commissioner, New York State Department of Tax Enforcement

— Laurence Polatsch, 32, New York, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Christopher Quackenbush, 44, Manhasset, N.Y., executive in charge of investment banking, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Harry Raines, 37, Bethpage, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Robert Arthur Rasmussen, 42, Hinsdale, Ill., financial analyst, Vestek

— David Alan James Rathkey, 47, Mountain Lakes, N.J., IQ Financial Systems

— Thomas Barnes Reinig, 48, Bernardsville, N.J., investment banker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Joshua Scott Reiss, 23, New York, N.Y., bond trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— John Armand Reo, 28, Larchmont, N.Y., bond trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Stephen Roach, 37, Verona, N.J., trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Donald W. Robertson, 38, Rumson, N.J., bond trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Donald Robson, 52, Manhasset, N.Y.

— Elvin Santiago Romero, New York, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Mike Rothberg, 39, Old Greenwich, Conn., bonds manager, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Susan Ann Ruggiero, 30, Plainview, N.Y., assistant vice president, Marsh Technologies

— Wayne Saloman, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Frank Salvaterra, 41, Manhasset, N.Y., partner, Sandler O'Neill & Partners

— Paul F. Sarle, 38, Babylon Village, N.Y.

— Sean Schielke, 27, New York, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— John Schwartz

— Randolph Scott, 48, broker, Euro Brokers Inc.

— Matthew Sellitto, 23, New Vernon, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Karen Seymour-Dietrich, 30, Millington, N.J.

— Daniel James Shea, 37, Pelham, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Joseph Patrick Shea, 47, Pelham, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael John Simon, 40, Harrington Park, N.J., energy broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Thomas Sinton III, Croton on Hudson, N.Y.

— Christopher Slattery, 31, New York, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Vincent Slavin, Rockaway, N.Y.

— Cathy T. Smith, 44, West Haverstraw, N.Y., Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— Daniel L. Smith, 47, Northport, N.Y.

— James G. Smith, Garden City, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Karl Trumbull Smith, 44, Little Silver, N.J., municipal bond broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Michael Sorresse, 34, Morris Plains, N.J., vice president, Marsh Inc.

— George Spencer III, West Norwalk, Conn.

— Alexander Robbins Steinman, 32, Hoboken, N.J., trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Jimmy Nevill Storey, 58, Katy, Texas, senior vice president in Houston office, Marsh Inc.

— Timothy Stout, 42, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., quality assurance specialist, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Thomas S. Strada, Chatham, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Steven Strobert, 33, Ridgewood, N.J., trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Patrick Sullivan, Breezy Point, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Robert Sutcliffe, 39, Huntington, N.Y.

— Michael Andrew Tamuccio, 37, Pelham Manor, N.Y., vice president of equity trading, Fred Alger & Co.

— Michael Tanner, Secaucus, N.J., Cantor Fitzgerald

— Anthony Tempesta, 38, Elizabeth, N.J., broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Thomas Theurkauf, 44, Stamford, Conn., executive vice president, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods

— Glenn Thompson, 44, New York, N.Y., bond trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Sal Tieri Jr., 40, Shrewsbury, N.J., managing director, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.

— Michael Tinley, 56, Dallas, Texas, vice president, Marsh Inc.

— Wally P. Travers Jr., 44, Upper Saddle River, N.J., bond broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Lance Richard Tumulty, 32, Bridgewater, N.J., distressed trading manager, Euro Brokers Inc.

— Michael A. Uliano, 42, Aberdeen, N.J., options broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Kenneth W. Van Auken, 47, East Brunswick, N.J., bond trader, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Frederick Varacchi, 35, Greenwich, Conn., president of eSpeed, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Scott C. Vasel, 32, Park Ridge, N.J.

— John Wallice, Huntington, N.Y., Cantor Fitzgerald

— James Walsh, 36, Scotch Plains, N.J., computer programmer, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Stephen Ward, 33, Gorham, Maine, Cantor Fitzgerald

— Todd Weaver, 30, New York, N.Y., vice president, Fiduciary Trust International

— Steven Weinberg, 41, New City, N.Y., Baseline (a Thomson Financial Co.)

— David T. Weiss, 50, New York, N.Y., vice president and deputy general counsel, Cantor Fitzgerald

— John Willett, 29, New York, N.Y., analyst,

— John Wright, 33, Rockville Centre, N.Y.

— Robert Zampieri, 30

— Charles A. Zion, 54, Greenwich, Conn., senior vice president, Cantor Fitzgerald


— Terence M. Lynch, 49, Alexandria, Va., consultant, Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc.

— Michael Selves, 53, Fairfax, Va., information management support center director, U.S. Army

— Patricia Statz, 41, Takoma Park, Md., civilian employee, U.S. Army

— Ernest M. Willcher, 62, North Potomac, Md., Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc.

REPORTED DEAD: American Airlines Flight 11, Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into World Trade Center


— Barbara Arestegui, 38, Marstons Mills, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines

— Jeffrey Collman, 41, Novato, Calif., flight attendant, American Airlines

— Sara Low, 28, Batesville, Ark., flight attendant, American Airlines

— Karen Martin, 40, Danvers, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines

— Thomas McGuinness, 42, Portsmouth, N.H., first officer, American Airlines

— Kathleen Nicosia, flight attendant, American Airlines

— John Ogonowski, 52, Dracut, Mass., captain, American Airlines

— Betty Ong, 45, Andover, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines

— Jean Roger, 24, Longmeadow, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines

— Dianne Snyder, 42, Westport, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines

— Madeline Sweeney, 35, Acton, Mass., flight attendant, American Airlines


— Anna Williams Allison, 48, Stoneham, Mass., founder, A2 Software Solutions

— David Angell, 54, Pasadena, Calif., executive producer, NBC's ``Frasier''

— Lynn Angell, Pasadena, Calif.

— Seima Aoyama

— Myra Aronson, 52, Charlestown, Mass., press and analyst relations manager

— Christine Barbuto, 32, Brookline, Mass., TJX Co.

— Carolyn Beug, 48, Los Angeles, Calif.

— Kelly Booms, 24, Boston, Mass., PricewaterhouseCoopers

— Carol Bouchard, 43, Warwick, R.I., emergency room secretary, Kent County Hospital

— Neilie Casey, 32, Wellesley, Mass., planning manager, TJX Co.

— Jeffrey Coombs, 42, Abington, Mass., security analyst, Compaq

— Tara Creamer, 30, Worcester, Mass.

— Thelma Cuccinello, 71, Wilmot, N.H.

— Patrick Currivan

— Brian Dale, 43, Warren, N.J.

— David DiMeglio, Wakefield, Mass.

— Donald Ditullio, 49, Peabody, Mass., Smith and Nephew

— Albert Dominguez, 65, Sydney, Australia

— Alex Filipov, 70, Concord, Mass., electrical engineer

— Carol Flyzik, 40, Plaistow, N.H.

— Paul Friedman, 45, Belmont, Mass., management consultant, Emergence Consulting

— Karleton D.B. Fyfe, 31, Brookline, Mass., John Hancock

— Peter Gay, 54, Tewksbury, Mass., plant manager, Raytheon Co.

— Linda George, 27, Westboro, Mass., TJX Co.

— Edmund Glazer, 41, Los Angeles, Calif., chief financial officer, MRV Communications

— Lisa Fenn Gordenstein, 41, Needham, Mass., TJX Co.

— Andrew Curry Green, 34, Los Angeles, Calif., director of business development, eLogic

— Paige Farley Hackel, 46, Newton, Mass., spiritual counselor

— Peter Hashem, 40, Tewksbury, Mass., salesman

— Robert Hayes, 37, Amesbury, Mass., sales engineer, Netstal

— Ted Hennessy, 35, Belmont, Mass., partner, Emergence Consulting

— John Hofer

— Cora Holland, 52, Sudbury, Mass., Sudbury Food Pantry at Our Lady of Fatima Church

— Nicholas Humber, 60, Newton, Mass., owner, Brae Burn Management

— John Jenkins, 45, Cambridge, Mass., corporate office services manager, Charles River Associates

— Charles Jones, 48, Bedford, Mass., computer programmer

— Robin Kaplan, 33, Westboro, Mass., TJX Co.

— Barbara Keating, 72, Palm Springs, Calif.

— David Kovalcin, 42, Hudson, N.H.

— Judy Larocque, 50, Framingham, Mass., founder and CEO, Market Perspectives

— N. Janis Lasden, 46, Peabody, Mass., General Electric

— Daniel John Lee, 34, Los Angeles, Calif.

— Daniel C. Lewin, 31, Brookline, Mass., co-founder and chief technology officer, Akamai Technologies

— Susan MacKay, 44, Westford, Mass., TJX Co.

— Chris Mello, 25, Boston, Mass., analyst

— Jeff Mladenik, 43, Hinsdale, Ill., interim CEO, eLogic

— Antonio Montoya, 46, East Boston, Mass., housekeeping worker, Boston Harbor Hotel

— Carlos Montoya

— Juan Carlos Montoya Londono, Colombian

— Laura Lee Morabito, 34, Framingham, Mass., national sales manager, Qantas Airways

— Mildred Naiman, Andover, Mass.

REPORTED DEAD: American Airlines Flight 11, Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into World Trade Center


— Laurie Neira

— Renee Newell, 37, Cranston, R.I., customer service agent, American Airlines

— Jacqueline Norton, 60, Lubec, Maine, retiree

— Robert Norton, 82, Lubec, Maine, retiree

— Jane Orth, 49, Haverhill, Mass., retiree, Lucent Technologies

— Thomas Pecorelli, 31, Los Angeles, Calif., cameraman, Fox Sports and E! Entertainment Television

— Berry Berenson Perkins, 53, Wellfleet, Mass., actress and photographer

— Sonia Morales Puopolo, 58, Dover, Mass., former ballet dancer

— David Retik, Needham, Mass.

— Philip Rosenzweig, Acton, Mass., executive, Sun Microsystems

— Richard Ross, 58, Newton, Mass., Ross Group

— Jessica Sachs, 22, Billerica, Mass., accountant, PricewaterhouseCoopers

— Rahma Salie, 28, Boston, Mass.

— Heather Smith, 30, Boston, Mass., Beacon Capital Partners

— Douglas Stone, 54, Dover, N.H.

— Xavier Suarez

— Michael Theodoridis, 32, Boston, Mass., technology consultant

— James Trentini, 65, Everett, Mass., retired teacher and assistant principal

— Mary Trentini, 67, Everett, Mass., retired secretary

— Pendyala Vamsikrishna, 30, Los Angeles, Calif., project manager for consulting firm, DTI

— Mary Wahlstrom, 75, Kaysville, Utah

— Kenneth Waldie, 46, Methuen, Mass., Raytheon Co.

— John Wenckus, 46, Torrance, Calif., tax consultant

— Candace Lee Williams, 20, Danbury, Conn., student

— Christopher Zarba, 47, Hopkinton, Mass., software engineer, Concord Communications

REPORTED DEAD: United Airlines Flight 175, Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into World Trade Center


— Robert Fangman, 33, Claymont, Del., flight attendant, United Airlines

— Michael R. Horrocks, 38, Glen Mills, Pa., first officer, United Airlines

— Amy Jarret, 28, North Smithfield, R.I., flight attendant, United Airlines

— Amy King, 29, Stafford Springs, Conn., flight attendant, United Airlines

— Kathryn LaBorie, 44, Providence, R.I., flight attendant, United Airlines

— Alfred Marchand, 44, Alamogordo, N.M., flight attendant, United Airlines

— Victor J. Saracini, 51, Lower Makefield Township, Pa., captain, United Airlines

— Michael Tarrou, 38, Stafford Springs, Conn., flight attendant, United Airlines

— Alicia N. Titus, 28, San Francisco, Calif., flight attendant, United Airlines


— Alona Avraham, 30, Ashdod, Israel

— Garnet Bailey, 53, Lynnfield, Mass., pro hockey scouting director, Los Angeles Kings

— Mark Bavis, 31, West Newton, Mass., pro hockey scout, Los Angeles Kings

— Graham Berkeley, 37, Wellesley, Mass.

— Touri Bolourchi, 69, Beverly Hills, Calif.

— Klaus Bothe, 31, chief of development, BCT Technology AG (Germany)

— Daniel Brandhorst, 42, Los Angeles, Calif., lawyer, PricewaterhouseCoopers

— David Brandhorst, 3, Los Angeles, Calif.

— John Cahill, 56, Wellesley, Mass., senior executive, Xerox

— Christoffer Carstanjen, 33, Turner Falls, Mass., computer research specialist, University of Massachusetts

— John ``Jay'' Corcoran, 44, Norwell, Mass., merchant marine

— Gloria de Barrera, 49, El Salvador, exporter

— Dorothy Dearaujo, 82, Long Beach, Calif.

— Lisa Frost, 22, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., sales and marketing associate

— Ronald Gamboa, 33, Los Angeles, Calif., store manager, The Gap

— Lynn Goodchild, 25, Attleboro, Mass., Putnam Investments

— Francis Grogan, 76, Easton, Mass., priest, Holy Cross Church

— Carl Max Hammond Jr., 37, Boston, Mass., MIT Research

— Christine Hanson, 2, Groton, Mass.

— Peter Hanson, 32, Groton, Mass., software salesman

— Gerald F. Hardacre, 62, Carlsbad, Calif.

— Eric Hartono, 20, Boston, Mass.

— James E. Hayden, 47, Westford, Mass., chief financial officer, Netegrity Inc.

— Robert Jalbert, 61, Swampscott, Mass., salesman

— Ralph Kershaw, 52, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., marine surveyor

— Sue Kim-Hanson, 35, Groton, Mass., post doctoral candidate, Boston University

— Heinrich Kimmig, 43, chairman, BCT Technology AG (Germany)

— Brian Kinney, 29, Lowell, Mass., auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers

— Robert LeBlanc, 70, Lee, N.H., professor emeritus of geography, University of New Hampshire

— Maclovio Lopez Jr., 41, Norwalk, Calif.

— Marianne MacFarlane, 34, Revere, Mass., customer service representative, United Airlines

— Louis Neil Mariani, 59, Derry, N.H.

— Juliana Valentine McCourt, 4, New London, Conn.

— Ruth McCourt, 45, New London, Conn., founder, Clifford Classique

— Wolfgang Menzel, 60, personnel manager, BCT Technology AG (Germany)

— Shawn Nassaney, 25, Pawtucket, R.I., American Power Conversion

— Marie Pappalardo

— Patrick Quigley, 40, Wellesley, Mass., partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

— Frederick Rimmele, 32, Marblehead, Mass., physician

— James M. Roux, 43, Portland, Maine, lawyer

— Jesus Sanchez, 45, Hudson, Mass., off-duty flight attendant, United Airlines

— Kathleen Shearer, 61, Dover, N.H., retired doll store owner

— Michael Shearer, 63, Dover, N.H., retired engineer

— Jane Simpkin, 35, Wayland, Mass.

— Brian D. Sweeney, 38, Barnstable, Mass., business consultant

— Timothy Ward, 38, San Diego, Calif., information technology project manager, Rubio's Restaurants

— William Weems, 46, Marblehead, Mass., commercial producer

REPORTED DEAD: American Airlines Flight 77, Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into Pentagon


— Charles Burlingame, 51, Herndon, Va., captain, American Airlines

— David M. Charlebois, 39, Washington, D.C., first officer, American Airlines

— Michele Heidenberger, 57, Chevy Chase, Md., flight attendant, American Airlines

— Jennifer Lewis, 38, Culpeper, Va., flight attendant, American Airlines

— Kenneth Lewis, 49, Culpeper, Va., flight attendant, American Airlines

— Renee May, 39, Baltimore, Md., flight attendant, American Airlines


— Paul Ambrose, 32, physician

— Yeneneh Betru, 35, Burbank, Calif., director of medical affairs, IPC

— MJ Booth

— Bernard Brown, 11, student, Leckie Elementary School (Washington)

— Suzanne Calley, 42, San Martin, Calif., Cisco Systems Inc.

— William E. Caswell, 54, Silver Spring, Md., physicist, U.S. Navy

— Sarah Clark, 65, Columbia, Md., sixth-grade teacher, Backus Middle School (Washington)

— Zandra Cooper, Annandale, Va.

— Asia Cottom, 11, student, Backus Middle School (Washington)

— James Debeuneure, 58, Upper Marlboro, Md., fifth-grade teacher, Ketcham Elementary School (Washington)

— Rodney Dickens, 11, student, Ketcham Elementary School (Washington)

— Eddie Dillard

— Charles Droz, 52, Springfield, Va., vice president for software development, EM Solutions Inc.

— Barbara G. Edwards, 58, Las Vegas, Nev., teacher, Palo Verde High School

— Charles S. Falkenberg, 45, University Park, Md., research director, ECOlogic Corp.

— Dana Falkenberg, 3, University Park, Md.

— Zoe Falkenberg, 8, University Park, Md.

— James Joe Ferguson, 39, Washington, D.C., educational outreach director, National Geographic Society

— Darlene Flagg, 63, Millwood, Va.

— Wilson Flagg, 63, Millwood, Va., retired Navy Admiral and pilot, American Airlines

— Richard P. Gabriel Sr., 54, Great Falls, Va., managing partner, Stratin Consulting

— Ian Gray, 55, Washington, D.C., healthcare consulting firm president

— Stanley Hall, 68, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

— Bryan Jack, 48, Alexandria, Va., senior executive, Defense Department

— Steven D. Jacoby, 43, Alexandria, Va., chief operating officer, Metrocall Inc.

— Ann Judge, 49, Great Falls, Va., travel officer manager, National Geographic Society

— Chandler Keller, 29, El Segundo, Calif., propulsion engineer, Boeing Co.

— Yvonne Kennedy

— Norma Khan, 45, Reston, Va., nonprofit organization manager,

— Karen A. Kincaid, 40, lawyer, Wiley Rein & Fielding (Washington)

— Dong Lee, 48, Leesburg, Va., engineer, Boeing Co.

— Dora Menchaca, 45, Santa Monica, Calif., associate director of clinical research, Amgen Inc.

— Christopher Newton, 38, Ashburn, Va., executive, WorkLife Benefits

— Barbara Olson, 45, TV commentator and lawyer

— Ruben Ornedo, 39, Los Angeles, Calif., propulsion engineer, Boeing Co.

— Robert Penniger, 63, Poway, Calif., electrical engineer, BAE Systems

— Robert R. Ploger III, 59, Annandale, Va., software architect, Lockheed Martin Corp.

— Lisa J. Raines, 42, Great Falls, Va., senior vice president, Genzyme Corp.

— Todd Reuben, 40, Potomac, Md., tax and business lawyer

— John Sammartino, 37, Annandale, Va., technical manager, XonTech Inc.

— Yang Shuyin, 61, Beijing, China, retired pediatrician

— Diane Simmons

— George Simmons

— Mari-Rae Sopper, 35, Santa Barbara, Calif., women's gymnastics coach, UC Santa Barbara

— Robert Speisman, 47, Irvington, N.Y., diamond industry salesman

— Norma Lang Steuerle, 54, Alexandria, Va.

— Hilda E. Taylor, 62, Forestville, Md., sixth-grade teacher, Leckie Elementary School (Washington)

— Leonard Taylor, 44, Reston, Va., technical group manager, XonTech Inc.

— Sandra Teague, 31, Fairfax, Va., physical therapist, Georgetown University Hospital

— Leslie A. Whittington, 45, University Park, Md., professor, Georgetown University

— John Yamnicky, 71, Waldorf, Md.

— Vicki Yancey, 44, Springfield, Va., Vredenburg

— Zheng Yuguang, 65, Beijing, China, retired chemist

REPORTED DEAD: United Airlines Flight 93, Newark, N.J., to San Francisco, crashed in rural southwest Pennsylvania


— Lorraine G. Bay, Hightstown, N.J., flight attendant, United Airlines

— Sandra W. Bradshaw, 38, Greensboro, N.C., flight attendant, United Airlines

— Jason Dahl, 43, Denver, Colo., captain, United Airlines

— Wanda A. Green, 49, Linden, N.J., flight attendant, United Airlines

— LeRoy Homer, 36, Marlton, N.J., first officer, United Airlines

— CeeCee Lyles, Fort Myers, Fla., flight attendant, United Airlines

— Deborah Welsh, 49, New York, N.Y., flight attendant, United Airlines


— Christian Adams, 37, Biebelsheim, Germany, foreign sales manager, German Wine Fund

— Todd Beamer, 32, Cranbury, N.J., account manager, Oracle Corp.

— Alan Beaven, 48, Oakland, Calif., environmental lawyer

— Mark Bingham, 31, San Francisco, Calif., public relations firm owner

— Deora Bodley, 20, Santa Clara, Calif., university student

— Marion Britton, 53, assistant regional director, U.S. Census Bureau

— Thomas E. Burnett Jr., 38, San Ramon, Calif., medical research senior executive

— William Cashman

— Georgine Rose Corrigan, antiques and collectibles dealer

— Joseph Deluca, 52, Ledgewood, N.J., systems business consultant

— Patrick Driscoll

— Edward P. Felt, 41, Matawan, N.J., BEA Systems Inc.

— Colleen Fraser, 51, Elizabeth, N.J., chairwoman, New Jersey Developmental Disabilities Council

— Andrew Garcia, 62, Portola Valley, Calif.

— Jeremy Glick, 31, West Milford, N.J.

— Kristin Gould

— Lauren Grandcolas, 38, San Rafael, Calif., sales worker, Good Housekeeping magazine

— Donald F. Greene, 52, Greenwich, Conn.

— Linda Gronlund, 46, Warwick, N.Y., environmental compliance, BMW

— Richard Guadagno, 38, Eureka, Calif., manager, Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge

— Toshiya Kuge, 20, Tokyo, Japan, student

— Hilda Marcin, 79, Budd Lake, N.J., retired teacher's aide

— Waleska Martinez, 38, Jersey City, N.J., automation specialist, U.S. Census Bureau

— Nicole Miller, 21, San Jose, Calif., student, West Valley College

— Louis J. Nacke, 42, New Hope, Pa., distribution center director, Kay-Bee Toys

— Donald A. Peterson, 66, Spring Lake, N.J., retired president, Continental Electric Co.

— Jean Hoadley Peterson, 55, Spring Lake, N.J.

— Mark Rothenberg, Scotch Plains, N.J., owner, MDR Global Resources

— Christine Snyder, 32, Kailua, Hawaii, arborist, Outdoor Circle

— John Talignani, 72, New York, N.Y., retired restaurant worker

— Honor Elizabeth Wainio, 27, Watchung, N.J., district manager, Discovery Channel stores


Looks like I'm not the only who went into convulsions after Obama was sworn in..

Kennedy Collapsed
January 20, 2009 2:46 PM

This morning the Obamessiah put a stop to those horrible, terrible, unfair trials of innocent Islamic Freedom Fyghters. And that's when I went into convulsions.


I don't think they'll be able to force those innocent Freedom Fyghters to stay up past their bedtime anymore either. That would be unimaginable torture - unlike being physically threatened by said Freedom Fyghters. That's well deserved on account of our refusal to bow to our Muslim overlords.


"There is nothing like coming back here after a break and seeing (again) the terrible dumbing down of America."

Posted by: bennie

I know, right? Those who voted against Obama probably don't even know who's currently competing on American Idol!!!11!1

The Exorcist

I don't know about any of you sore-losing neocons, but if the next Tax Collector In Chief says he's sorry for getting caught not paying his taxes, that's damn well good enough for me...

WASHINGTON – Treasury Secretary-designate Timothy Geithner said Wednesday he was careless in failing to pay $34,000 in Social Security and Medicare taxes earlier this decade but declared "I have paid what I owed" and apologized to Congress.

Fist of Etiquette

The personal hopes and faithful adoration of an entire nation - nay, an entire, climate-riddled world - have been written to this great, magnificent blank slate of a president we now have. We have not seen approval ratings this high since Bush after 9/11, but I have every confidence that President Obama will not squander that goodwill like his predecessor by making a lot of decisions and following through on them and whatnot.


I'm sorry, I was going to make a concerted effort to be as magnanimous and bipartisan as House Democrats and try to spit the bitterness of eight years of Republican carnage from my mouth. I truly was. But, did everyone see the story that Bush can't even be bothered to pack up after himself? The bastard had to leave his junk behind at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for President Tabula Rasa to have to deal with. So racist.


'The Bushes will also take home stacks of books they have acquired over the last eight years ....'

Heh-heh ... riiiiigghht.
They look real good against the wall.

Fist of Etiquette

Wow, a shot at public school teachers from out of nowhere.


Nicely done, Exorcist.
bennie is having pretensions to wit. What would we call those, leftard convulsions?

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