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Intellectual Conservative

Um, they said that because they knew you wouldn't follow your own consciences.

Let me quote the comment made:

steelstring :
January 12, 2009 at 9:40 am
Intellectual Conservative, Imperial Kulak sez:

2. Admit they’re hypocrites by stating Gorebull Warming is a fact (to them) but they’re ignoring it by spewing their vomit online
or ..3. They vanish from the Innertubewebs.
If nothing else, it will make for them doing some rather entertaining conniptions …

Not necessarily. They’re still driving and using electric lights … Presumably they can still use the “Innertubewebs” while working to make them more efficient …

Now, since you believers in the Church of Gorebull Warming believe that it is Man who is the primary reason for it happening, logically speaking, any use of the technology which adds to Gorebull Warming is therefore, a violation of your own faith in the concept.

Next uninformed, oops, misrepresented statement?

Intellectual Conservative

And here's a little blurb about those wonderful humanitarians at Hamas .. apparently they have been stealing from the aid convoys the Israelis have been allowing though, and selling them on the black market.

My .. my .. my ..


The Exorcist

Translation: Pretty Talk = Chumpsky. Ugly Realities = Dr. Sowell



Pretty Talk and Ugly Realities

By Thomas Sowell

No phrase represents more of a triumph of hope over experience than the phrase "Middle East peace process." A close second might be the once-fashionable notion that Israel should "trade land for peace."

Since everybody seems to be criticizing Israel for its military response to the rockets being fired into their country from the Gaza strip, let me add my criticisms as well. The Israelis traded land for peace, but they have never gotten the peace, so they should take back the land.

Maybe a couple of generations of Palestinians in Gaza living in peace under Israeli occupation and a couple of generations of the occupation troops squelching the terrorists — "militants" for those of you who are squeamish — would set up conditions where the Palestinians would be free to vote on whether they would like to remain occupied or to have their own state — minus terrorists and their rockets.

Casualty totals alone should be enough to show that the Palestinian people are the biggest losers from the current situation, where the terrorists among them, firing rockets into Israel, can bring devastating retaliatory strikes.

Why don't the Palestinians vote for some representatives who would make a lasting peace with Israel? Because any such candidates would be killed by the terrorists long before election day, so nobody volunteers for that dangerous role.

We don't know what the Palestinians really want — and won't know as long as they are ruled by Hamas, Hezbollah and the like.

Whatever the benefits of peace for the Palestinian population, what are the terrorists going to do in peacetime? Become librarians and furniture salesmen?

So-called "world opinion" has been a largely negative factor in this situation. Nothing is easier than for people living in peace and safety in Paris or Rome to call for a "cease fire" after the Israelis retaliate against people who are firing rockets into their country.

The time to cease fire was before the rockets were fired.

What do calls for "cease fire" and "negotiations" do? They lower the price of launching attacks. This is true not only in the Middle East but in other parts of the world as well.

During the Vietnam war, when American clergymen were crying out "Stop the bombing!" they paid little attention to the fact that bombing pauses made it easier for North Vietnam to move more ammunition into South Vietnam to kill both South Vietnamese and Americans.

After Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, if British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had heeded calls for a "cease fire," that would have simply lowered the price to be paid by the Argentine government for their invasion.

Go back a hundred years — before there was a United Nations and before "world opinion" was taken into account.

An Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands at that time would have risked not only a British counter-attack to retake the islands but also British attacks on Argentina itself.

Anywhere in the world, attacks such as those on Israel today would not only have risked retaliation but invasion and annihilation of the government that launched those attacks.

Today, so-called "world opinion" not only limits the price to be paid for aggression or terrorism, it has even led to the self-indulgence of third parties talking pretty talk about limiting the response of those who are attacked to what is "proportionate."

By this reasoning, we should not have declared war on Japan for bombing Pearl Harbor. We should have gone over to Japan, bombed one of their harbors — and let it go at that.

Does anyone imagine that this would have led to Japan's becoming as peaceful today as it has become after Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Or is the real agenda to engage in moral preening from a safe distance and at somebody else's expense?

Those who think "negotiations" are a magic answer seem not to understand that when A wants to annihilate B, this is not an "issue" that can be resolved amicably around a conference table.

Intellectual Conservative

Precisely. You have to make the price of launching such attacks so terrible to the attackers, and those who support the attackers, that the mere THOUGHT of launching such attacks doesn't even cross the mind of sane people.

Case in point, the Cold War. Neither side laid thermonuclear waste to the other because both sides were sane enough to realize the consequences, and plans like DROPSHOT were never implemented, as the plans the Soviets also had were never implemented.

Does anyone sane seriously think that 'arming both sides equally' as some of the shrieking lefties here have suggested, would result in anything less than Israel ceasing to exist in minutes? Does anyone sane seriously believe that if Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran etc had the bomb, that they would hesitate using it?

No, what is needed is not for Israel to bend to international pressure. They say you can be a good example or a terrible warning. What's needed is for Israel to show a terrible warning by laying waste to those who would destroy her, because Israel showing the good example by trading land for peace simply hasn't worked.

Barack Hussein

My genitals would dwindle away completely, to be replaced by a huge, gaping hole from which nothing - not even light - could escape. That might get me a job writing op-eds for the Huffington Post or the New York Times –Liberal Larry

I checked my genitals and they are the size of rasins. Not too bad.

Now, as commander-in-chief, I know about Typical White Women like my honky Granny and Ann Coulter.

As a black man I can tell you they are stupid. They don’t know the difference between Snow and Ice.

See, you can tell good Snow by the way it makes your nostrils tingle when you snort a gram or two. You can put some on your Long John and give Barney Frank a great screwing.

Now good Ice melts easily in your crack pipe and it gives you more of a rush. That’s when you should smoke a good joint of primo Sensimilla weed. Most honkies don’t know that.

But, those Hamas brothers have the good stash of both. I plan to do some heavy toking with them on CNN… I am mean heavy negotiating with them… You know CNN was the second largest donor to my campaign… other than the Huffpo…I need another toke and blow. I have lost my train of thought.

But, anyway you are all a bunch of Honkies!

And, stay away from my Birth Certificate you Hollywood Jewish pigs! I plan to sick my Hamas Homies on you and put a cap in your white @ss.


How enlightening. Oh, and funnee of course.


Hysterically funnee.

Friend of USA

News from your neighbor up north,

... Alone among the 47-member UN Human Rights Council, Canada voted against a resolution condemning Israel for attacking Hamas in Gaza. A dozen other nations abstained from the motion, which passed 33-1:

Read the rest here


Hysterically funnee.

Posted by: 24 | January 14, 2009 at 02:33 AM

And you are not. See how easy that was?


kb - "Again, the truth value is again nil. There are concrete reasons why the left refer to her, correctly, as idiot, etc....They HAVE read, dissected, debunked, etc...and proved her to be an idiot."

Never happened. Never will.

Friend of USA


There is a reason why they had four liberals against one right winger.

They knew Coulter is more brilliant and much better informed than any of them.

And that is why they ganged up - 4 against 1 - and drowned her voice everytime she tried to answer.

Yes four against one and not letting Coulter speak, that is what liberals call fairness.

Had it been Whoopi alone against Coulter and had Whoopi let Coulter finish her answers, Coulter would have completely destroyed and humiliated Whoopi.

Ann Coulter is a brilliant woman, and she is a walking encyclopedia.

The people at the view know this, so that is why they had to have four hyenas ganging up on one conservative, and why they had to drown Coulter's voice so we could not hear her answers.

Most of You liberals are repulsive neurotic dysfunctional delusional little pieces of shit.


Now THAT's funnee!! Friend of USA who has never succeeded in making a point here, not once, not in one single thread, not anywhere. Ever. He has given up and run away from any argument he ever tried to make, and every thread in which he was challenged. I would ask him to demonstrate where is the "neurotic dysfunctional and delusional" but he can't -- and he won't.

Funnee stuff!


Hi Larry,

Long time reader, first time poster.

What happens to this blog when Bush is not president and Obama takes over? Is Bush still to blame for everything? Is this blog going to die?

I hope (and change) not.


Fist of Etiquette

Oh, MB. You actually think King George is going to give up the throne? Not a chance. He is going to create some catastrophe that will require him to suspend the transition of office, so that he can hold onto that power which he craves so much.

Lay off the Kool-Aid next time, MB.

Son of the South

'...spiraling into the dark vortex of your mangina. I don't know how Paul Krugman does it.'

I am not worthy!!!

Have a nice day,


Oh lawdy lawdy lawdy ...
IC-dollar-signs has made a total ASS of himself, again, on the Rott.

Have a look here:

Here's a tip IC: If you actually READ MORE you would have known that the text in question was about the photo/copyright. You're so dumb it's unbelievable.


"YAHOO retaliates against Denmark for the courageous stance.
Think I am kidding?
Think again, this is a screenshot from their webpage. Make REAL sure this one gets disseminated far and wide. Drudge, Fox, hell, even the Danish Embassy .. And here’s the link from my screenshot, which I saved to Photobucket:"

--says IC on the Rott.



From IC's post earlier:


"Not necessarily. They’re still driving and using electric lights … Presumably they can still use the “Innertubewebs” while working to make them more efficient …"

[That's correct, yes.]

"Now, since you believers in the Church of Gorebull Warming believe that it is Man who is the primary reason for it happening, logically speaking, any use of the technology which adds to Gorebull Warming is therefore, a violation of your own faith in the concept." -- IC

We've already told you that many of us work on the web, we do activism on the internet, and there are many discussion on-going to make 'green computing' a reality as soon as possible -- and using the internet to share such ideas will make the whole thing much faster. You read that here already.

"Next uninformed, oops, misrepresented statement?"

Where is the lack of information and where is the misrepresentation?
You are one dumbass bullshitter, a liar, and an idiot. As well as a scammer and fraudster via your "business"

You deserve and will get the same treatment as Feelthelove. You're not worth the dirt on Michelle Obama's shoes. :snort:

Intellectual Conservative

Actually, were it a copyright notice it would say (C) (copyright holder) all rights reserved ... reproduction prohibited etc etc etc.

It helps to actually read my reply to my reply to that post as well. The original post asked a question. Not making a statement.

Once again, reading is truly fundamental.

:smirk: :scratching my butt:


"It helps to actually read my reply to my reply to that post as well."--IC

Already done. You're an ass.



Oh, looky what we have here: 24 regaling us with her lack of wit and logic. Projecting yet again that she is less than dust on Michelle Obama's shoes. What she can't stand is how she got her nose rubbed in her slutty behavior that earned her the moniker of megatwat. What does she deserve? Mockery. She is a triple threat to the left: She can't think, can't write and can't debate.

Fist of Etiquette

Confession time:

It's so cold here, I've been using random Google searches to heat my house.

But, on the plus side, while clubbing baby seals to death, my fellow clubbers and I have been talking over ways to club baby seals to death in such a way as to not kill them.

So there's that.


You'd wonder why IC-$$-signs is keeping aerial shots of Pete Stark's Office, from Google Earth, wouldn't you. Odd.


No, unlike you trolls, I don't worry or obsess over right wing behavior or the leftard troll behavior...I have better things to do with my time. Once again, you have proven how genuinely idiotic you are. Why don't you ascribe a motive to him, like wanting to plant a satellite signal tower at the North Pole that will interfere with AlGore's GPS?


"You'd wonder why IC-$$-signs is keeping aerial shots of Pete Stark's Office, from Google Earth, wouldn't you. Odd."

Posted by: .

I'm sure he's planning on setting up unguided rocket launchers in a nearby school or orphanage to rain destruction down upon Stark's entire suburb. That is, after all, the appropriate response from oppressed minorities, right?

Is "Stark" a Jewish name?

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