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Uh...sure. IC is getting support from the Rott and you trolls haven't done that...takes four of you to try and make sense and you still can't do it.

The Exorcist




Intellectual Conservative

And you find this surprising, why?

Obama isn't even President yet and he's already talking about wanting to change the Constitution.

And his fellow travelers in Congress want the 22nd Amendment repealed.

In the words of an unnamed voice from Babylon 5 "And so, it begins"

Friend of USA


Intellectual Conservative

Hmm, I'd have expected some kind of mass screech from the lefties over my idea to make a Carbon Con, oops, Carbon Credits website and market it. I guess they're stuck in a quandry because I won't say what the domain is or when I will start marketing it.

On the one hand, do they screech about every site they see first and assume it's mine, in the process lowering donations to those sites which aren't mine? Or do they simply turn purple and choke to death because they want to screech but can't because they don't want to screech about the sites that aren't mine?

With any luck, one or two of them will pop blood vessels.


Intellectual Conservative

Not to worry though, lefties, I'll see the money is well spent. Indeed.

:biggest smirk ever:


anti-intellectualconservitard said:

"Oh but when one of the trolls here said it should be a fair fight"

You have yet to answer who the "trolls" were and what makes them "trolls". Don't know who or what you're referring to. See, this is another big difference between us. When I refer to you folks as droolers, I'm not simply name-calling. Not by a LONG shot. I call you that as you prove it and I demonstrate how you prove it. Perhaps if you could call whoever a troll AND show how and why you think this is what they are you may have some sort of argument. Fact is that you don't. You never have. You ARE just calling names.

"and asked me when the Paleosimians were going to get tanks, guns, planes etc, that was a good thing, but the reporter making a similar fair fight analogy is a bad thing?"

The reporters are mostly overly sympathetic to the Israelis for starters. Even in the face of a hugh part of the world population who believes the Palestinians are the victims of Israeli terror. Balance would be showing ALL the dead bodies on both sides day after day. Instead showing a few Palestinians and a few Israleis gives the illusion that it's somehow even, or worse yet, is interpreted by the extreme indoctrinated folks as Israel being the victim. But then again Hitler was probably able to fool many of his own people that the Nazis were also the victim during much of their aggression.

"And what about the Paleosimians and their crimes?"

Why on earth are you asking this question? We've only answered it a hundred times. If they commit crimes, they should be reprimanded. If Israel does, THEY should be reprimanded. Of course given the vast differences in power, and that Israel is an occupying power, one must take these things into consideration. So, I'll ask you for the 3,098th time, as you've NEVER responded to this before. When Mandela, the ANC, the supporters of the ANC, and any offshoot groups, were fighting against the racist Apartheid government and doing things which both the racist government as well as their racist supporters in other countries, which included the U.S., considered to be terror, what should have happened to them? I mean, Mandela was captured by the racists and prisoned for 29 years. Biko was killed. MANY were killed. Hundreds, if not thousands were killed. Many were particpating in the struggle in any way they could. Any way any poor population could. You're racisim is so ingrained that you would probably have been whining about Mandela's "reverse discrimination" or something, even before he became president. Time to quit watching Bill 'The Drooler' O'Really(sp), Rush 'I've a Fat Ass Idiot with a Drug Problem' Limbra, and Ann 'The Hagidiot' Coulter for your cultural education and sensitivity training.

"Um, KB, there's an old saying 'If you don't start nothing there won't BE nothing'"

Yeah, I know. Israel started it and now there are hundreds of dead people. Period. I don't recall the Palestinians lobbing homemade bombs at the Osraelis prior to their running them off their land. I guess there might be a case or two somewhere, but I've never heard of one.

"Israel doesn't have a blockade going currently for the West Bank because they're usually bright enough to not fire thousands of rockets at Israel."

Yeah, I guess they just want to make sure the darkies stay on the other side of their fence. The fence THEY decided where to place. The fence where THEY decide where to move, expand, etc....One can only imagine the convulsions you'd be going into were the Soviet Union doing the same thing.

"I guess it's beyond your reach to think that if the Paleosimians in Gaza who fired rockets actually, um, STOPPED, and played nice that Israel might actually be open to lifting the so called blockade?"

Uhhh....I guess it's just beyond your comprehension that there are actual reasons why they fire rockets into Israel from time to time. Your idiotic fairy tale world view which has it that the Israelis are just sitting there peacefully happy every day, doing nothing to the Palestinians which leads to this sporadic and very ineffective bombing, just demonstrates how clueless you are, and how racist you are. I'd say that the Palestinians are probably in far worse conditions than even the South AFrican blacks were much of the time. You wouldn't know.

"Especially as that's part of the proposed ceasefire, which Israel accepted?"

Israel does whatever it wants to do. It has broken virtually every agreement so far. It has ignored UN Resolutions for years on end. It has committed war crimes. And on and on....THIS in NOT even a question. So, you can either grow a brain, try to extract yourself from the severe indoctrination that you've been duped by, and see what's been happening in the REAL world for years, or just stay an idiot. Your choice.

"At least the Palestinians in the West Bank (note my use of the word Palestinians) who are playing somewhat nice are somewhat more intelligent that the Paleosimians in Gaza who ARE, IRREFUTABLY targeting Israeli civilians by firing their rockets indiscriminately."

Gaza is nearer Israel and are at the brunt of most of the aggression. MOST Palestinians, by far, want peace, as most victims of aggression usually do, not to mention as most people do. But just as I said the other day, and just as I heard a Palestinian man say last night on the news, for every Palestinian that is killed in this way, 10 more will take his place. Israel can't possibly be dumb enough NOT to know this either. Therefore one can only assume that they are asking to be attacked more, thereby giving them the pretext to clamp down, take even more land, and kill even more Palestinians than they already have.

"I've yet to see mass demonstrations from the Left demanding Hamas be brought up on war crimes trials."

Yeah, usually the left doesn't really think the victims of aggression should be punished for their response to much more powerful and much more violent aggressors. especially ones who have a long history of ignoring international law. I think they're called "rogue states" by someone.

droolermer said:

So you are masochists?

Posted by: kb

"That would be assuming that you are hurting us."

Oh, we are. We are. I mean, not when you're hurting yourselves, which is most of the time.

"You have your opinions and we have ours."

Mostly, we have facts, you have opinions. There's a difference of which I've been trying to teach here for about 3 years.

Fist of Etiquette

Well, I'm finally convinced. My eyes have been opened. From the point forward, it's nothing but Baldo's Shiny Wax for me.

Friend of USA

Mostly, we have facts, you have opinions.

Actually KB,

You have carefully selected and out of context facts,

and you have a lot of distorted carefully selected facts that feed the burning fire of hatred towards anything American
( or conservative et cetera...)that rages in your heart.

And you ignore any fact that you do not agree with.

And that's a fact.
(pun intended, thank you)

Here is a fact,

Obma's inauguration will be the most expensive in US history ...

so far the best estimates put it a 3 times more expensive than Bush's inauguration which at the times made you liberals go insane with rage;
" How could Bush spend so much money ???What an evil rich white irresponsible capitalist that Bush is !!!Bush does not care about the "have nots"!!!11!!1!1!!!".

Here is another fact,

The USA is in an economic slow down.

Here is a "pre-emptive" fact,

You liberal ( and your accomplice the main stream media ) will give Obama a pass for spending lavinshly in times of economic uncertainty.

Oh and here is another "pre-emptive fact",

you will give Obama a pass for the VERY LARGE carbon foot print of his most expensive and most lavish inauguration in US history.

Here are more facts for you to ignore,

The average household would take 57,598 years to produce as much CO2 as Obama's inauguration.

This is worth repeating,

The average household would take 57,598 years to produce as much CO2 as Obama's inauguration.

Want to verify my facts?

here is the URL,

In case you do not go to the link,
here are more facts for you to ignore or denie( or more facts to feed the burning fire of hatred in your heart )

"...Using data from the EPA, environmentalist organizations, and various news accounts, the group estimates more than 500 million pounds of CO2 will be released during the four-day inaugural festivities..."

And if you don't have an idea what a pound of CO2 really means, consider this:




Intellectual Conservative

OOOOH .. KB, the Paleosimians should be REPRIMANDED .. but Israeli leaders should be brought up on war crimes trials?

KB to Paleosimians who intentionally fire rockets at Israeli civilians: GO TO YOUR TIME OUT CORNER WITHOUT YOUR SIPPY CUP!


Dear God, how much more freakin' obvious does your antisemitism need to be? I'll just bet you had ancestors who were Good Germans too, some decades back.

The funny thing is this .. antisemitism is usually the mark of someone who is uneducated. You just proved that right again.

Reprimanded, my pasty white ass ...


Intellectual Conservative

And I just LOVE your uneducated comment about Gaza being nearer Israel than the West Bank is.

Um, dumbass, go to GOOGLE and type in MAP OF ISRAEL. See that rather noticable bulge of territory on the eastern border of Israel, and I don't mean Jordan?

That's called The West Bank.

There's no 'nearer' about it.


Inauguration is two days away. You trolls wanna sell your souls to be here, or are you going to start working on electing a person of color to the Prime Ministry of Ireland? When are you going to do that?


Actually, IC, certain parts of Mizzery were settled by Germans...Bourbon and Hermann, for example. Easy to see where kb gets his selective racism. Not to mention the pass for Joseph Stalin.

Intellectual Conservative

And you just have to love his comment about Gaza being closer to Israel than the West Bank.

Four words, KB .. 'look .. at .. a .. map'


Fist of Etiquette

I see Bush waited until the last second to pull a fast one with his biggest abuse of presidential power to date. The final straw...

I for one cannot wait for his articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking replacement to take the oath and finally bring some of that downhome Chicago governance to Washington.

The Exorcist

"I see Bush waited until the last second to pull a fast one with his biggest abuse of presidential power to date."---TwistedFister

The question is how long will Obambi take to commute the sentence of his former business-partner and neighbor?

I say he doesn't need to waiting any longer to do that than he does to surrender in Iraq.

Day One, Hour Two, Marlboro-Lights pack Three.

Friend of USA

Hey Canada did a great thing today!

William Ayers turned back at Canadian border

..."I don't know why I was turned back," Ayers said in an interview this morning from Chicago. "I got off the plane like everyone else and I was asked to come over to the other side.
The border guards reviewed some stuff and said I wasn't going to be allowed into Canada. To me it seems quite bureaucratic and not at all interesting ... If it were me I would have let me in. I couldn't possibly be a threat to Canada."

read the whole thing at the Toronto Star

Fist of Etiquette

First you guys let Shatner slip through your fingers, and now this. I think someone's about to get their parliament buildings blown up. (Or wherever you hosers keep your political oppressors.)

Let's go to Canada,
let's leave today!
Canada, oh Canada,
I Sil Vous Plait!

Intellectual Conservative

Gee, he can't imagine why ..

HMM .. might it have to do with having a criminal record, and that's their immigration policy?

Yeah .. bombing things even if it was a few decades ago does tend to make a country not likely to let you in.

Good God, what idiocy. I thought you couldn't top KB's commentary here about Gaza being closer to Israel than the West Bank, but this beats it .. by a whisker.


well, have the nads grown a bit?

Intellectual Conservative

I'm making a bit of progress on my Carbon Con, oops, Carbon Offsets site. It says something to the effect of 'A portion of the proceeds will go towards environmental education, political education and planting trees in needed areas' ... yadda yadda yadda ... showing nice pictures of sea lions ... baby seals ... polar bears ...

Gee, my front yard could use a new tree. Should be an interesting summer.

Environmental education = debunking Gorebull Warming?
Political education = Palin / Jindal 2012?


And what must drives you lefties insane is you have no idea when said site would go online and where it'd be marketed.

Hmm, maybe if enough people buy my carbon offsets, enough trees will be planted to where it takes out enough CO2 from the air to turn Earth into a giant snowball. After all, were it not for the CO2 and other greenhouse gases, the mean temp would be about 90 degrees Fahrenheit less.



I'll take Shat over Ayers. At least he's funny and plays a hard-ass conservative. Unfortunately, Canada has taste, laws and people to enforce the latter. Sigh. I wonder if Ayers was going to leave the USA as the culmination of his dreams was about to take office?


the big day is tomorrow and the paranoia is rampant ....
sorry guys you lost ...... get used to it

Intellectual Conservative

OOOOO .. the trolls are back!

Scroll up a bit, and look at the previous page. I'm in the process of co-opting one of your favorite causes, and there's precisely feck-all you can do about it.

Actually I'm looking forward to tomorrow. It's the first day of Jimmy Cahtuh II .. and we all know how that turned out four years later don't we?


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