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Intellectual Conservative

You know, it's almost like the trolls suffer from OCD. They keep obsessively, compulsively coming back, leaving troll droppings in the name of activism, using sockpuppets .. and after how many years here they've not managed to convert one person to their cause.

Now, anyone with an IQ greater than rock salt would have figured out by now they're not getting anywhere and go on to greener pastures. The fact they're still here speaks volumes for their so-called intellect.

Here's a clue, lefty trolls .. all you do is provide us entertainment. You amuse us. Our lives won't change one iota if you were all to pack up and go post on KOS or DUHUnderground. In fact, your blood pressure might lower a bit if you did that as you'd find a bunch of fellow travelers there.

You really do remind me of the Soviet apologists of years gone by.



SHUT UP IC! I said we'd lurk until we decide not to. If we post, that simply means we decided not to for a moment. How hard is that for your eeny-peeny brain to figure out?


Now we're going to go lurk for a while. UNTIL WE DECIDE TO POST AGAIN!


Got that, pea-brain?

Intellectual Conservative

My my, do go on. You'll pop a blood vessel.


Aon duine a chionófar faoi na hAchtanna um Chosaint Ainmhithe i gcionn cruálachta ar mhadra, féadfar é a dhícháiliú chun madra a choimeád.


If you think you can impersonate an Irish poster (since 11:47 AM) by then posting a line saying:

"Any person who is convicted under the Protection of Animals Act of the offence of cruelty to a dog may be disqualified from keeping a dog"

you had better think again. You have even copied and pasted the misspellings from the text at that link.

IC, naturally (given what he re-posts verbatim from other sites) hasn't the gumption to recognise you.

I agree about the RW scum who are posting here. Internet discourse is a lot healthier elsewhere and that's where I'm headed. I have little interest in returning here.

Intellectual Conservative

Actually I assumed it was nonsense and it was. Then again, you could take such a statement in another language and say since it wasn't replied to, you won the argument .. lol

Begone, and away with you then. Kind of sad that you have to post in Gay-lick to feel superior. Who knows, it may be a dead language in a couple of centuries.



May Gaia deliver us from Algore.


If you knew it was "feelthelove" doing her usual stunt, why did you write

"My my, do go on. You'll pop a blood vessel."

Good luck. If you see a post from "jack" after this one, use your tiny brain to figure out who it is. After all, she's been doing it for a long time. Cheers.


"I agree about the RW scum who are posting here. Internet discourse is a lot healthier elsewhere and that's where I'm headed. I have little interest in returning here."

Posted by: jack

No. Please. What, oh what, can we do to change your mind.

Oh, wait--you've already returned within an hour of posting you wouldn't be back. Resisting temptation clearly isn't your strong suit.

"If you see a post from "jack" after this one, use your tiny brain to figure out who it is. After all, she's been doing it for a long time. Cheers."

Posted by: jack

So, which alternate screen name will you be using to post here from now on?

I eagerly await your beat-down. Well, mariana's beat-down, or maybe bobbysssocks'. Whatever, my naughty bits are all a-tingle with anticipation.


"So, which alternate screen name will you be using to post here from now on?

I eagerly await your beat-down. Well, mariana's beat-down, or maybe bobbysssocks'. Whatever, my naughty bits are all a-tingle with anticipation."

Posted by: stoorat

Typical. Sorry excuse for a human that you are, you assume I'll need to hide behind an "alternate screen name." I'm not a coward like you.

Croíthátháin teilgcheárta atá bunaithe ar tháirgí roisíneacha aiceanta.


An obvious attempt at impersonation, since we're all lurking and not posting here.

Scríobaigh thiomargtha déanta as diamaint nádúrtha nó shintéiseacha.


Pea shooter?


Scríobaigh thiomargtha déanta as diamaint nádúrtha nó shintéiseacha.

Posted by: x3 | January 17, 2009 at 06:16 PM

Translation: My scrobag thingamajig is demented and so the left wont talk shit to me.

Yeah, we know mariana/megapix has been hiding for years under various aliases and genders.

Intellectual Conservative

The trolls here might start having a harder time. Seems some from the Rott may want to start going troll hunting and take the fight online to them.

Should be interesting to see what happens.



privatepileofshit said:

"Make me, Mr. Internet Tuff Guy"

Actually, I already have. There may be some sort of babble coming from your corner, but it amounts to the silence of shutting up.


This time it wasn't actually done by anyone working on CNN, and perhaps they allowed it on just to emphasize the blatant patology of the folks who actually try and make Israel out to be the poor victims in their massacres, and for this I would give them credit, though I don't really think they were thinking this far ahead, but it was from a iReport person and went something to the affect that the war was unfair to Israel because the Palestinians didn't fight fair because they kept hiding in the civilian population and this was unfair to Israel. Now, it takes one VERY indoctrinated drooler to produce something so illogical and vile as this and try to pawn it off as even resembling an argument. The idea this dork seemed to offer was that only if the fighters would come out into the opening, you know, where they could be picked off like blind wingless ducks calling to be shot at, that this would make things fair. Let's get the "logic" straight: It's fair for both Israel and the Palestinians to just go out in the open where they can have a fair face to face fight. Hmmm.....Anyway, as I've been saying for years and years, there is a simple way to have a fair fight, but somewhat different from those who are indoctrinated to consider the idea of the Palestinians running out into the open so as to be picked off with the advanced "manly" weapons the Israelis can shoot from miles away with no threat to them, and that is to give the Palestinians the exact same weapons. Suicide bombing would almost certainly cease. And they could fight on equal grounds, though it would probably STILL be unfair to the Palestinians unless we gave them at least a dozen years to prepare. THEN, perhaps, it might be fair. Just think of the indoctrination it takes for someone to try and make an argument that the Israelis are the ones being unfairly picked on.

inbredlectualconservitard drooled:

"Here's a clue, lefty trolls .. all you do is provide us entertainment."

So you are masochists? You are entertained by having your asses handed to you on platters day in and day out? Well, I can give you credit for laughing at yourself, just as we laugh at you. We are both being entertained I guess. It's all good!

"You amuse us."

That's rather odd given that you don't understand much of what we're talking about. I mean, I find it quite interesting and amusing how I can ask a simple question such as "Which Chomsky books have you read" and for over three years not get an answer. That you can't answer this simple question amuses you, too? That's pretty cool.

"Our lives won't change one iota if you were all to pack up and go post on KOS or DUHUnderground."

Why on earth would we go to another site full of intelligent folks who were as informed or more than we are ourselves? Oh, and while your fight to try and prove to yourself that we have no influence on you may seem a brave thing to do, it really isn't working. The more you fight against it, the more obvious it becomes that you're losing the fight. The more extreme you become, the more we know we're on the right track, too. And you really are about 1 degree from the Taliban. The more we confront you on your hypocrisy, your lame ass pseudo-arguments, etc...the more you foam at the mouth, you become less and less rational(if this is even possible), and you start doing exactly the sorts of things I've been saying you would do since my first few days on this site. And you ARE doing these things most every day.

"In fact, your blood pressure might lower a bit if you did that as you'd find a bunch of fellow travelers there." angry right wing buffoon giving advice to a lefty on how to lower their blood pressure. Hahahahahahahaha........That's like Sam Kinnison trying to tell Gandhi how to lower his blood pressure. Hahahahahahahahaha.....

"You really do remind me of the Soviet apologists of years gone by."

That'S odd given that you have not once since the time I've been coming to this site given a single example of such "apologetics". Not one single time. Are you aware that you do this? I mean, when you make dumbass statements like this, and then we ask you for evidence to support your assertion, and you never supply us with it, are you aware that you're not supplying us, or do you just try and switch the subject consciously hoping that it will disappear, or what?((Once again, see 'cognitive dissonance'))

":smirk:"SLAAAAAAAAPS the smirk right off IC's drooling face into the next galaxy.


How about THIS article from that well known bastion of "lefty" sentiments, the Wall Street Journal:

Israel Is Committing War Crimes
Hamas's violations are no justification for Israel's actions.

Israel's current assault on the Gaza Strip cannot be justified by self-defense. Rather, it involves serious violations of international law, including war crimes. Senior Israeli political and military leaders may bear personal liability for their offenses, and they could be prosecuted by an international tribunal, or by nations practicing universal jurisdiction over grave international crimes. Hamas fighters have also violated the laws of warfare, but their misdeeds do not justify Israel's acts.

The United Nations charter preserved the customary right of a state to retaliate against an "armed attack" from another state. The right has evolved to cover nonstate actors operating beyond the borders of the state claiming self-defense, and arguably would apply to Hamas. However, an armed attack involves serious violations of the peace. Minor border skirmishes are common, and if all were considered armed attacks, states could easily exploit them -- as surrounding facts are often murky and unverifiable -- to launch wars of aggression. That is exactly what Israel seems to be currently attempting.

Israel had not suffered an "armed attack" immediately prior to its bombardment of the Gaza Strip. Since firing the first Kassam rocket into Israel in 2002, Hamas and other Palestinian groups have loosed thousands of rockets and mortar shells into Israel, causing about two dozen Israeli deaths and widespread fear. As indiscriminate attacks on civilians, these were war crimes. During roughly the same period, Israeli forces killed about 2,700 Palestinians in Gaza by targeted killings, aerial bombings, in raids, etc., according to the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem.

But on June 19, 2008, Hamas and Israel commenced a six-month truce. Neither side complied perfectly. Israel refused to substantially ease the suffocating siege of Gaza imposed in June 2007. Hamas permitted sporadic rocket fire -- typically after Israel killed or seized Hamas members in the West Bank, where the truce did not apply. Either one or no Israelis were killed (reports differ) by rockets in the half year leading up to the current attack.

Israel then broke the truce on Nov. 4, raiding the Gaza Strip and killing a Palestinian. Hamas retaliated with rocket fire; Israel then killed five more Palestinians. In the following days, Hamas continued rocket fire -- yet still no Israelis died. Israel cannot claim self-defense against this escalation, because it was provoked by Israel's own violation.

An armed attack that is not justified by self-defense is a war of aggression. Under the Nuremberg Principles affirmed by U.N. Resolution 95, aggression is a crime against peace.

Israel has also failed to adequately discriminate between military and nonmilitary targets. Israel's American-made F-16s and Apache helicopters have destroyed mosques, the education and justice ministries, a university, prisons, courts and police stations. These institutions were part of Gaza's civilian infrastructure. And when nonmilitary institutions are targeted, civilians die. Many killed in the last week were young police recruits with no military roles. Civilian employees in the Hamas-led government deserve the protections of international law like all others. Hamas's ideology -- which employees may or may not share -- is abhorrent, but civilized nations do not kill people merely for what they think.

Deliberate attacks on civilians that lack strict military necessity are war crimes. Israel's current violations of international law extend a long pattern of abuse of the rights of Gaza Palestinians. Eighty percent of Gaza's 1.5 million residents are Palestinian refugees who were forced from their homes or fled in fear of Jewish terrorist attacks in 1948. For 60 years, Israel has denied the internationally recognized rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes -- because they are not Jews.

Although Israel withdrew its settlers and soldiers from Gaza in 2005, it continues to tightly regulate Gaza's coast, airspace and borders. Thus, Israel remains an occupying power with a legal duty to protect Gaza's civilian population. But Israel's 18-month siege of the Gaza Strip preceding the current crisis violated this obligation egregiously. It brought economic activity to a near standstill, left children hungry and malnourished, and denied Palestinian students opportunities to study abroad.

Israel should be held accountable for its crimes, and the U.S. should stop abetting it with unconditional military and diplomatic support.

Intellectual Conservative

Oh but when one of the trolls here said it should be a fair fight, and asked me when the Paleosimians were going to get tanks, guns, planes etc, that was a good thing, but the reporter making a similar fair fight analogy is a bad thing?

And what about the Paleosimians and their crimes?

Intellectual Conservative

Um, KB, there's an old saying 'If you don't start nothing there won't BE nothing'

Israel doesn't have a blockade going currently for the West Bank because they're usually bright enough to not fire thousands of rockets at Israel. I guess it's beyond your reach to think that if the Paleosimians in Gaza who fired rockets actually, um, STOPPED, and played nice that Israel might actually be open to lifting the so called blockade? Especially as that's part of the proposed ceasefire, which Israel accepted? At least the Palestinians in the West Bank (note my use of the word Palestinians) who are playing somewhat nice are somewhat more intelligent that the Paleosimians in Gaza who ARE, IRREFUTABLY targeting Israeli civilians by firing their rockets indiscriminately. I've yet to see mass demonstrations from the Left demanding Hamas be brought up on war crimes trials.


So you are masochists?

Posted by: kb

That would be assuming that you are hurting us. You have your opinions and we have ours.


Still at it. Well, I think Larry's are now back to normal-sized...that would be what, apricot pits?

Intellectual Conservative

I just registered a domain dealing with carbon offsets. I think I'll make it first on GOOGLE and watch the gullible flock to it once I get the site built.

After all, since Gorebull Warming is such a fact, and since buying carbon offsets is supposedly more green than not polluting in the first place, it's an honest dollar, correct?



Intellectual Conservative

Oh, and I think I will use sockpuppets (like the lefties do here) and go on blogs like KOS and DUHHUnderground and advertise it too. And no, I won't tell you what the domain is.


Intellectual Conservative

Oh, I just had another even more wonderful idea ..

Something like 'The Carbon Offset Search Toolbar' and make it a paid download .. and advertise it on all the shrieking lefty outlets I can find ...

:giant smirk:

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