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Intellectual Conservative

ATTENTION LEFTIES: Click on this link to get your specially made Hamas Body Armor!


Friend of USA

I will re-post again what scared the lefty away,

Obama's inauguration will be the most expensive in US history despite the fact there is an economic slow down...

"...Using data from the EPA, environmentalist organizations, and various news accounts, the group estimates more than 500 million pounds of CO2 will be released during the four-day inaugural festivities..."

And if you don't have an idea what a pound of CO2 really means, consider this:



Is this thing on?

No lefty wants to play with me?...

The Exorcist

I'll take Shat over Ayers."---FeelThegLove

Oh, who hasn't taken a shit in the woods during windy weather?

C'mon FTL. They don't call Chi-Town the Windy City for nothing.

Let's see how he dodges bullets in a snowstorm once the terrorists find out he was only pretending to be their Mohomo-ed.

Barack Hussein

Burnardine Rae Ohrnstein, are you the Jewish pig married to Bill Ayers?

I know it’s you!

And, I will go over your FBI files, DMV files, IRS files and even your kotex wrappers in the trash to find something against you.

You will be one sorry Jewish pig!

And, now that I am Commander-and-thief, you all are just a bunch of Typical White Honkies.

Now I have got to get back spreading the wealth around and smoking some medicinal Sensimillia weed with Hill and Bill.

Yes, I know they are honkies but, they sure have some good stuff and they sure know how to work the honky legal system.!

I remember read about how all the losers were going to move to Canada after Bush was elected. Does this have something to do with Ayers wanting to get in Canada? Maybe he was sent by his Holyness 'O' to bring those lost souls back for Gobernment jobs?

Just a thought.


Oh, we are. We are. I mean, not when you're hurting yourselves, which is most of the time.

"You have your opinions and we have ours."

Mostly, we have facts, you have opinions. There's a difference of which I've been trying to teach here for about 3 years.

Posted by: kb

kb, the pain master, still hasn't learned the difference between opinion and fact. He has the opinion that he is using facts on us.

It is a little bit hard to be trying to teach someone for three years when they have only been coming here for about nine months.

Intellectual Conservative

Zoomer, they're doing it in the name of 'activism'. Never mind they don't use facts. Never mind that successful activism means you actually make a difference in a given venue. Never mind that they justify the carbon footprint they increase by coming to a blog where they're driven by hatred to beat their heads against a wall. Never mind the supposed drowned polar bears, seals etc who die from Gorebull Warming as a result of said fruitless activism.

They do it because it's for The Greater Good and The People, and because they care, and their egos have NOTHING at all to do with it, and because they're so much smarter than the average bear.

At least that's the self deception they engage in, when we all know it's about ego, getting in the last word, a rather large lack of self esteem, an overarching need to control others because of that lack of self esteem, and repeating their own lies long enough to where they believe their own lies.

By the way, I'm coming along nicely on my Carbon Con, oops, Carbon Offset website. Rest assured, lefties, that money will be well spent, as I define it.



I see Larry's sacque has increased a bit. Nice post on the senseless slaughter of geese by that 'goosestepper.'


**OUT of lurker mode**

Friend of USA, what you posted is 100% wrong:
"Obama's inauguration will be the most expensive in US history despite the fact there is an economic slow down"

Do you watch Fox in Canada?

Here are the *FACTS*:

"[T]he Obama figure of $160 million that got repeated in the press included security costs associated with the massive event. But the Bush tab of $42 million left out those enormous costs. Talk about stacking the deck."

...For years, the press routinely referred to the cost of presidential inaugurations by calculating how much money was spent on the swearing-in and the social activities surrounding that. The cost of the inauguration's security was virtually never factored into the final tab, as reported by the press. [...]

For decades, that represented the norm in terms of calculating inauguration costs: Federal dollars spent on security were not part of the commonly referred-to cost. (The cost of Obama's inauguration, minus the security costs? Approximately $45 million.) What's happening this year: The cost of the Obama inauguration and the cost of the security are being combined by some in order to come up with the much larger tab. Then, that number is being compared with the cost of the Bush inauguration in 2005, minus the money spent on security.

In other words, it's the unsubstantiated Obama cost of $160 million (inauguration + security) compared with the Bush cost of 42 million (inauguration, excluding security). Those are two completely different calculations being compared side-by-side, by Fox & Friends, among others, to support the phony claim that Obama's inauguration is $100 million more expensive than Bush's."

IC-dollar-signs: You may now continue your dizzy dancing. We're not interested.

Both of you:

1) We have stated at least 10 times here that we were NOT here for "activism" but for a break from said activism, and a bit of fun. So STOP repeating the lie that we were supposedly here for "activism".

2) We SAID we were reverting to lurking -- and we have. We'll be back *if and when we say so*. You couldn't "scare us away" in a blue fit, FoUSA. You don't have the IQ and nothing 'scares us' anyway.

Certainly none of us will be back today. We'll be too busy watching a very historic event which has given *some hope* to Europe that the USA will now have a president with brains, charisma, a flair for public speaking and inspiring others, common sense, and an agenda of inclusion - and diplomacy. After that, we must wait and see.

GONE AGAIN KIDS -- any further posts from so-called Irish posters will be impersonations by feelthelove. (She thinks it's "clever".)

If and when we're back, you'll know it. Meanwhile I'm sure KB will hold the fort very solidly and very amusingly.

Friend of USA

To me Obama's inauguration represents everything that is wrong with today's main stream media.

To me Jan 20 2009 is the day tens of millions of people over reacted to an event that has been manufactured from day one by a corrupt liberal main stream media.

Obama has NO accomplishements, yet millions of people are literaly in love with him.

Obama is only a smooth talker, a seducer, yet he is described by the media as a hero who will save us all... but he has not done anything great in the past and has not done anything great... yet.

Yesterday on Dr Phil they showed with the help of photos that a US president ages twice as fast as other people because of the stress of the job,

but Ariana Huffington who was a guest said Obama is different!

She thinks Obama will not age the same as other President!!!

She seems to believe Obama is a semi-God creature!!!

Yes today Jan 20 2009 is the day half the planet showed to the other half they were not very bright and extremely gullible.

The insane over-reaction of the millions of Obama cult followers to a man who has accomplished nothing is more historical than the event itself.

Ok , ok...I'll give Obama one thing,

he is damn good at selling snake oil.



Friend of USA

hey lefties,

They spent more money on security for Obama than for any other President, so no matter how you twist the facts, I'm still right.

In fact as I am typing this I just heard Katie Couric say that they spent MUCH more money than has ever been spent on security for ANY President,

...she even said some people described it as "over the top" expenses on security.

She described it as unprecented expenses on security.

But keep trying...

maybe someday you will de right about something?

Friend of USA

I just realized I made a couple of typos... I was distracted because even before I was finish typing my comment, CBS was already bashing Bush!!!

They are still at it as I am typing this!

Shameless liberals, they have no class.

Archbishop Francois "One-Eye" Farlingsythe

Technically, it's not "lurking" when you still appear and comment. Just, y'know, FYI.

Willie Peter

I see Larry's sacque has increased a bit. Nice post on the senseless slaughter of geese by that 'goosestepper.'

Thanks, IC. I didn't think anyone would appreciate my utter disgust for the mamsy-pamsy, hand-wringing, metrosickual, basement-dwelling bottom-feeders that are in an over-abundance around here.

And WTF with the "lurk on, lurk off" jerk-off?

Wilhelm (Willie Peter)


There'll rioting in the streets in four years when Obama gets booted voted out.


Ah, megamacksmelly, you flatter me. I don't need to pretend to be you because one, the thought of mimicking you gives me hives, as in there ain't enough benadryl in the world to want to try your trollskin on. I have a good idea of who is doing it, and if you think I would tell you, you may or may not have another think coming. You haven't shown that you are capable of doing that in the nearly two years I have been around.

So, when is the EuroPeon Eunion going to elect a black male muslim to office? I await your list of candidates.

Friend of USA

First day as President and the main stream media is already re-writing history!!!

CNN, Yahoo news and others have stories on Justice Roberts supposedely making a mess of the oath, but if you watch the video carefully it is in fact Obama who cuts in, answers too soon and interupts Roberts.

The first mistake is Obama's.

This throws Roberts, it creates a little
"malaise" which makes them both suddenly more nervous , and then Roberts messes up a little the next line in the oath, then in turn Obama messes up again.

It was Obama's error of interupting when Roberts was not finished with the first line that caused this mess.

You can watch the video and believe your own two eyes...

or you can chose to repeat the lies of the main stream media for years and years until it is accepted as a fact.

Obviously the lefty will chose the repeat the lie option...


Wow, kb still doesn't understand the difference between facts and opinion. I'm shocked.


Looks like the irish are back, out of lurker mode. Ten inaugural balls?

Friend of USA

You must watch this video!!!

Obama worshipers littering the "historical" site as if it was a dump!!!

What a bunch of hypocrites!

the left says they are the ones who care about the planet, but watch the video and tell me how much they care about the planet?

Watch the litter left behind by the Obama worshipers and tell me how much power to inspire people does Obama have?

They littered the place as if it was a dump!!!

It is as if they took a crap where they eat!!!

The left is a bunch of ugly hypocrites... idiots... or both


Friend of USA

Sorry I messed up the link...

here it is again,

Obama worshipers littering the "historical" site as if it was a dump!!!

You must watch the video!!!

Willie Peter

Fine example of what an entitlement mentality does to the masses of slobbering retards. They are entitled to have someone clean up after them.
Reports have come in that the sacks of dermal debris couldn't find the pre-marked ballots in the blue voting booths set up in pretty rows at the mall. Several were escorted off for loitering and vagrancy when they failed to relinquish their shelter for the evening. Some thought they were the new homes that teh one promised them.....will update as more reports come in..:


Fist of Etiquette

OMGZ!!! The next comment is going to be the three hundredth!

Oh so hope I get to post it.


"Mostly, we have facts, you have opinions."kb

"Actually KB,
You have carefully selected and out of context facts"

Sounds nice. Might possibly even be true. Only thing though is that you NEVER support any of such assertions. You just SAY them. Saying something, and it having any truth value do NOT mean the same thing. Sorry.

"and you have a lot of distorted carefully selected facts that feed the burning fire of hatred towards anything American
( or conservative et cetera...)that rages in your heart."

Odd thing is that as of THIS sentence you have yet to provide a single example of a fact which I've presented to be false, carefully selected, or anything else. You just don't like the words and disagree, regardless of whether what I've put forth is true or not. And I'm afraid that the Bush administration and his drooling followers has done a fine job of getting most of the world to hate the U.S. on their own. I haven't said a single thing here to give anyone from around the world and reason to hate me or the ACTUAL America which I speak of. Sorry, but YOU folks are the ones filled with hate, as can easily be seen in most every one of your comments. Most all of mine are the opposite of hate. Of course one would have to be unindoctrinated and literate to understand the words this way. Perhaps you can ask someone to help you?

"And you ignore any fact that you do not agree with."

AGAIN, I don't know what you're referring to. Just pulled this out of your butt. Also, it's a textbook example of projection on your part. YOU don't like any of the facts which WE present. And, yes, for the most part, we're the ones doing the presenting about 99.99% of the time.

"And that's a fact.
(pun intended, thank you)"

You're delusional, and haven't provided a single word of evidence to support your fairy tale perception. You haven't for the entire time I've been at this site. One woyuld have thought after several years of having their noses rubbed in THIS fact that you would have a least grown one degree in intelligence and started reading something. You haven't.

"Here is a fact"

Great! This WILL be your first. Maybe.

"Obma's inauguration will be the most expensive in US history ..."

Uhhh....So what?

"so far the best estimates put it a 3 times more expensive than Bush's inauguration which at the times made you liberals go insane with rage"

Perhaps because given that more than three times more people support Obama, much less money per person is necessary. And in this case, most of the world supports Obama. And NOT just a little. This is really just chewing at your indoctrinated ass, isn't it? Goooooood! I hope it hurts. Meanwhile, instead of pouting because your criminal goons have been overturned perhaps this would be a good time to go to your room and read your first Chomsky book. Three years and counting and you haven't read anything yet.

"How could Bush spend so much money ???What an evil rich white irresponsible capitalist that Bush is !!!Bush does not care about the "have nots"!!!11!!1!1!!!"."

Uhhh....Yes, this is true. He's OBVIOUSLY irresponsible. Has been his entire career. I think he DID have the most executions on his watch though. THAT'S something to be proud of.

"Here is another fact"

Obama is infinitely more intelligent than Bush?

"The USA is in an economic slow down."

"Slow down"? Hahahahaha....Nice. Let me guess, it's Clinton's fault? Hahahahahahaha..........

"Here is a "pre-emptive" fact"

You haven't given any "fact" worth talking about yet.

"You liberal ( and your accomplice the main stream media ) will give Obama a pass for spending lavinshly in times of economic uncertainty."

Uhhh....Spending is good for the economy, assuming one is a "Good capitalist".

"Oh and here is another "pre-emptive fact""

In your case I think the term is "pre-ventive fact", as most of what you say has almost nothing to do with facts, or with important ones anyway. I'm going to a 'Get the hell out of Washington Bush, welcome to Obama' party tonight. I'm thinking about spending all of my money.

"you will give Obama a pass for the VERY LARGE carbon foot print of his most expensive and most lavish inauguration in US history."

Uhhh...Yes. Compared to allowing Bush and cronies to use billions to help kill people, including many Americans, yes, I will give him a pass as long as he keeps having a party and stops killing people, as well as supporting those who do. If not, I'll be on his ass as I would on Bush's.(Not "on his ass" in latent homosexual excoriatedbuttcyst sense)

"Here are more facts for you to ignore"

Uhhh...I don't "ignore facts", dumbass. I'm a lefty. We're usually the only ones who can identify facts in the first place. You true-believers are hostile to facts most of the time, as has been repeatedly shown on this site and most everywhere else.

"The average household would take 57,598 years to produce as much CO2 as Obama's inauguration."

Yep, well, given your source(???? National Enquirer????) That'S just too bad.

"This is worth repeating"

To who?

"The average household would take 57,598 years to produce as much CO2 as Obama's inauguration."

Sorry, I'm not into astrology, reading chicken bones, or danicing in circles with a snake around my next and speaking in tongues. Go somewhere else if you wish to drool. Oh, let me guess, and the earth was created only about 8-10 thousand years ago, too, right?

"Want to verify my facts"

Only when you have some.

"here is the URL,"

I saw a Bisg Foots footprint which was much bigger.

"In case you do not go to the link,
here are more facts for you to ignore or denie( or more facts to feed the burning fire of hatred in your heart )"

Projection. You're the one whining about a BLACK MAN who is president, and is a democrat, of course, as he knows who has been supporting minorities forever.

"...Using data from the EPA, environmentalist organizations, and various news accounts, the group estimates more than 500 million pounds of CO2 will be released during the four-day inaugural festivities..."

Great! So?

"And if you don't have an idea what a pound of CO2 really means, consider this:

And cow farts are bad for non-existent global warming, too.


You need help. Hey, I just saw an aligator fly by in a UFO with Elvis. Gotta go.

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