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Nah, that's a cool abbreviation!


Mandy thinks they're silly though. And we all know Mandy is cool.

African Moonbat

Dot quotes BOB HERBERT

Does anyone know where George W. Bush is?

Thats easy he is in Washington DC packing up and getting ready to move on, with the thanks praise and gratitude of all those he liberated as his presidency draws to its close. Admittedly he did make a mistake in bailing out companies which are unviable and deserved to fail, but the balance sheet is still in his favor.

Why would Dot and Bob worry about where Dumbya is anyway? After all, did anyone worry about the whereabouts of FordMcHitler in early 1977, or Dhimmuh Carter in 1981, or the Cigar Sharer in 2001? Obviously W derserves special consideration.

More to the point where is the Obamessiah? Why is he keeping such a low profile? Normally the President gets a non existant interest at this stage of his term and his successor gets all the attention, but as many people have noted, this is a different political season.


"but the balance sheet is still in his favor"

Ahh! loyalty! There's nothing like it.
(Did someone mention hallucinations??)


"Why is he keeping such a low profile?"

Presumably because you can't have two presidents. That's what Americans keep telling us on international blogs. Something to do with some 'constitution' or some other piece of paper.

African Moonbat

Are ypu Sweetie Poops's cousin?


Some ancient old yellowy thing ...


Don't try to type fast, it'll muddle your brain. Give you hallucinations. You'll write stuff like "ypu".


Ypu. Isn't that what they call the abominable snowman? She wants to know if you're the abominable snowman's cousin. She saw him the day she saw the WMD.


Naw! Getaway!?!? Did she take satellite photos?


lololz ...


'Here lies Dickhead Cheney, 43rd President of the United States, who destroyed the USA for six generations'


Unintentionally, though. He was having hallucinations.



Hey, Happy New Year for later on folks!


"On the one hand, we were informed, there was a distinct (or even "imminent") possibility that Saddam himself would use these weapons against us or our allies; and on the other hand, there was the still more dangerous possibility that he would supply them to terrorists like those who had already attacked us on 9/11 and to whom he was linked."--Exorcist

Jesus, they're still posting that tripe ... "linked" my arse.

The USA, the biggest backer Saddam ever had. Until they decided he was in the way.

Oh well, I'm celebrating New Year tonight. No time for shit-ology.


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African Moonbat

I do not want to know what's linked to your arse but congratulations to Sweetie Poops's cousin for noticing the typo.

"The USA, the biggest backer Saddam ever had. Until they decided he was in the way."

I do not know about the US being Saddam's biggest backer. His armed forces had a hell of a lot of Soviet weaponry, some Belgian machine guns and not an American weapon in sight.









Posted by: snazzyboy | December 31, 2008 at 05:40 AM

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Oh boy ... LOL!




That'll be one Happy New Year Exorcist!!
Hahahaha ... sheesh .. that's the funniest thing I've seen on BB yet!

The Exorcist

George W. Bush is the greatest leader in the world today. Barack Obama is going to find out immediately that the throngs of media and blind foreigners who worshipped at his feet were only there in protest of Bush.

Once Bush is gone, Obama will only have his own leadership and decision-making skills and he's simply void of either. He'll be taught how to be president by his handlers and the first fucking thing everyone is going to find out is that he supports Israel. It doesn't matter how much stupid shit he talks about sitting down with mullahs, he's going to be forced to support Israel all the way to nuke plants in Iran.

Let's see how popular he is after a year of having to make decisions and sticking to them instead of changing his story depending on what crowd of empty-headed teeny-boppers he's in front of.

Like I said, Dick Cheney is the greatest leader in the world today. Blow Biden is no Dick Cheney.

The Exorcist

"that's the funniest thing I've seen on BB yet!"

Keep sucking your own dicks, boys. We still run the show and we're still going to kill Hamas and follow the bread crumbs all the way to Tehran.

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