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UN Doctor

"I hadn't finished the article"

But naturellement ... you're a righty.

Posted by: . | December 31, 2008 at 11:37 AM

You still have not answered the question I posted.






"Well, first of all, one can't have the SAME blowjob as one got last year by definition. It would be a different blowjob."---kb

"Well, you would certainly know the finer nuances of sucking cock, homo."

Has nothing to do with the finer nuances of sucking cock, but rather of time. But if you can't even keep cock and time straight, well.......

"But let's not split any more of my pubic hairs"

I thought you had no public hair left? After I told you that you could once and for all get rid of your continual crab infestation(a remedy I heard his grandmother had given his mother just before she borrowed HER wheelbarrow) by simply 1)shaving off half of your public hair 2)setting the remaining half on fire and 3)when the crabs jump to the shaven side, kill them with an ice pick.
Didn't try yet?

"with your vibrating uvula while we're still busy killing Hamas freedom fighters."

Do you take pride in killing freedom fighters? Please tell us what you would do if you were a Palestinian, drooler.

ICametoosoonagainbecauseIwasn'tconcentratingonjosephsmiths14yearoldconcubines said:

"I can sum up why Israel is beating the hell out of Hamas in two words:
"Never Again"

So THIS allows THEM to BECOME the Nazis? Now THAT'S a great rationale if I've ever heard one. That aside, why the hell are YOU of all people demonstrating such concern? Your BUSH's grandfather was still supporting the Nazis even after it was illegal to do so i.e., trading with the enemies act. Is there something in your cult which demands apologetics for Israeli aggression or something?

"And they're entirely justified in doing so."

They are "entirely justified" to do nothing, dick. THEY stole the land from the Palestinians in the first place. Using the Holocaust as a justification is lower than low. Most Israelis aren't bad enough to even try and use THIS as some justification. Only an ultra-right wing fanatic, bordering on Taliban-like fundamentalism would even THINK of such a thing.

"Hopefully Bibi Netanyahu will become their next Prime Minister."

And THEN the Palestinians can start their "targeted killings" in Israeli-type manner. I mean, if it's okay for Israel to target another countries leaders, one can only assume that it's okay for other countries to target THEIR leaders. All things being fair and all. Just hope than there isn't too much "collateral damage". What's the count now?

"The man has some stones. I respect the hell out of him."

Yeah, and he's just SOOOOOOO "Jewish", too. He's even actually spent a little time there, too.

"And, two words for the so called End of Palestine nonsense .. if they can't get it through their heads they are NOT going to destroy Israel .."

Very few have this notion, though Israel is sure trying like hell to make them have it. But this is a transparent part of the plan. The more rockets are fired into Israel, the better for Israel. Gives them the "right" to smash the poor even more.

"then the old saying from the streets applies "If you don't start nothing there won't BE nothing"."

Hey, I have an idea. The Palestinians can all come to the U.S. to set up THEIR new homeland. And when they do, I expect for you to wholeheartedly to support them. Perhaps California would be a good place to start the U.S. version of The Great Catastrophy, though the Native Americans have already experienced this themselves.

"And it doesn't matter if ONLY two Israelis were killed."

Of course it doesn't given their worth is much more than that of just a lowly, poor, stinking, Palestinian Arab. I think it's about 400 to 4 or so. Anyway, that's what "God" told me last night when I was "praying" about this crap. Just more evidence that were children brought up reading The God Delusion instead of the crap that's taught them in schools and churches, and cults such as the mormons, the world would probably not have this sort of thing.

"Israel is, IMHO, acting with complete moral authority to protect themselves by punishing Hamas."

Hahahahahahahahahahaha...............Of COURSE they can "protect themselves". However, your indoctrination has forgotten to let you know that they Palestinians might have the same right as well. And they have been under WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more attack from Israel. Why does THIS fact miss your radar regularly? It's not like there's not hundreds of thousands of places to find it out. From Israeli war crimes in the refugee camp massacres, to 30 years of defying U.N. orders, and on and on......What'S funny is that your fake-ass concern for Israel makes you look even more ridiculous than you already do as MANY, if not most, Jews do NOT like Ben, or any of the other hawks. Ask Chomsky. He's a Jew. He'll tell you what's been happening there since it's "founding".

"What, are they supposed to wait for Der Schutzstaffel Hamas to go walking through Tel Aviv"

Here goes again....The poor, virtually unarmed, with the exception of a few rockets which they can't even aim, but rather just sort of fire in the general direction of, are the REAL threat to the poor Israelis, who only have a record of more hostility, international lawbreaking, killings BY FAR, nuclear weapons, etc....Yet THEY are the poor victims about to be overrun. Yes, only a thoroughly indoctrinated drooler living in a fairy tale land would perceive things in such fashion. You ARE a fanatic, IC. YOu and most of the other droolers here. And you DO hate rationality. But this is understandable given your "religious" upbringings. Here, this comes courteous of another like-minded Christian such as yourself: "Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but more frequently than not struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God."..."Whoever wants to be a Christian should tear the eyes out of his reason"(IC has demonstrated that he may be even MORE than a just an average Christian)..."Reason should be destroyed in all Christians."(As I said, IC is trying as hard as he can to be a good Christian)(By the way, the quotes were from Martin Luther)

"machine gunning kids before they have the right to do more than lodge a stern UN protest?"

The kids being machine gunned are mostly Palestinian kids. You can even see such basic information on U.S. TV if you're lucky.

"Tell you what, lefties, I will be happy to take one lefty on here and send them a one way ticket to Israel."

I'd sure as hell feel infinitely safer there than I would in Palestinian bantustans. You wouldn't? You most definitely need help.

"I say one way because the stipulation is this: You have to, when you land, go to ground zero where all those rockets are landing, and stand there, and tell the locals that "ISRAEL STARTED IT !!"."

Uhhh.....They did.

"Assuming the rockets or the associated shrapnel doesn't kill you, some family member of someone those rockets killed probably would. So, a round trip ticket would be pointless."

Yeah, the poor Israelis are sooooo under attack, and for absolutely no reason either. But then again those aggressive, powerful, U.N. resolution breaking Palestinians are just sooooo dangerous. Hell, they even blow themselves up from time to time. I mean,l had THEY American made Apache Helicopters with lazer guided missles to shoot, I'm just sure as hell they'd STILL blow themselves up because, well, they're just that way. You know, irrational, dark-skinned, Arab, etc....

"Do any of you have the courage to go there and do that?"

Uhhh....I'd go to Israel tomorrow. But if you wish for me to go to the Palestinian bantustans you'll have to offer me a lot more money.

"I thought not."

Uhhh...Your dumb ass spoke too soon. Quit thinking you know what "the left" thinks. YOU DO NOT!!!!! Can I make this any clearer? You "think" you do, but you don't. You're not capable of knowing. Not only that, you don't want to know.
Don't forget your not so latent hatred of rationality.

"I spit on you and your lack of courage."

Uhhh....We didn't say we wouldn't go. So, fuck you and your spit. Better put it back in your projection file, wimp ass. Are you going to sit here and tell us you think it takes more courage to be an Israeli than a Palestinian? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha....Could ANYONE be SOOOO detached from reality?

"And there's not a smirk coming this time. You don't deserve it."

Don't want it. And you SURE as hell have no reason to be EVER giving one. Well, perhaps if you fart while boning your wife and she says she heard a frog bark.

Jack said,

((A bunch of accurate stuff))

UN Doctor

So, according to, Israel launched their airstrikes only AFTER Hamas was firing rockets and mortars...the same Hamas that doesn't believe in a permanent cease-fire.


"So, according to, Israel launched their airstrikes only AFTER Hamas was firing rockets and mortars...the same Hamas that doesn't believe in a permanent cease-fire."

Already been dealt with several times. You should read the posts the "lefties" leave here before asking questions like this. And ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about what we've been talking here for years is that according to Israeli sources it has been, is, and will ALWAYS be "the others" doing to them first. Should have learned this in propaganda 101. Most every state in history, after taking over the territory of someone else, refers to ANY response to them as proof of agression. There are ALWAYS certain things which you should look for as well. VERY simple and basic things. 1)Which side has the majority of weapons and power? 2)Do they or the media try and portrait there being a symetrical amount of violence to each other?((Regardless of the overwhelming disparity of forces such as Israel has over the poor homemade rockets of the poor. Not even able to really aim them except for in some general direction, unlike the laser-guided WMD of the "poor" powerful))Like, does it come across as 50-50, or close, in an effort to appear balanced, when there really IS no balance in the actual events? 3)Do the strong try and portrait themselves as the ones under attack and always on the "defense"((And THIS is one of the most common examples))even though they are the ones carrying out MUCH more aggression than their opponents? 4)Do you find that the media just sort of skirts over most issues of violations of international law made by the more powerful?(As is almost ALWAYS the case with regards to the U.S. and Israel, though they're sure to say at least one or two words just so they can say they mentioned it) There are MANY more things to watch, but this will do for now. I've been watching primarily CNN International and they've been pretty much doing everything I've mentioned here. Not even close to being balanced. Making sure to give Israel the benfit of the doubt in most every circumstance. Not even close to being balanced. You see, if there are 2000 casualties on one side and five on the other, one side is infinitely more powerful than the other((Not to mention THAT countries history of breaking UN resolutions, war crimes, etc..)giving each side equal airtime may not always really be equal. Most folks around the world would be satisfied if the Palestinian cause was give 10% of the time. Amost nothing. No history dicussed. No dicussion of Israel's breaking of international law. No discussion of how the more powerful has much greater capabilities of distributing propaganda, though a continual whining that the poor are doing it all over the place.(Again, the unfair advantage the poor have over the strong. Gotta make sure this is driven home) That's enough for now. WHen was the last time you tried to find out anything about Israel's violations of UN resolutions? Or the US's for that matter? This is the FIRST thing you should be doing. You should be making sure that YOUR country is NOT doing anything wrong first. If not, you're neglecting your duties as a citizen. You're doing nothing more than blindly cheerleading the hometeam, right or wrong. And this is NEVER good.

Posted by: UN Doctor | January 03, 2009 at 01:30 PM

Fist of Etiquette

UN Doctor said all that?

Ron Russell

I'll do my bit for gay rights. Plan to take one gay guy to the "Pink Titty". Redneck roadhouse on the bank of the Mississippi River south of Natchez--the catfish will get fatter.

ron russell

Ann really get to you leftist pinkos doesn't she. Thats her goal and she is successful.We need at least one like her on the faculty of all Ivy League schools---maybe those pin-head flunkies could learn a think or two. She is nutty and I'm a squirrel.


Arrah, any recent m2f on this site, besides KB?

mandible claw

Do you take pride in killing freedom fighters?

Do you infested assholes take pride in thinking Hamas are 'freedom fighters?' The concept does seem to get you off. Please enlighten us which freedom Hamas is fighting for - since Gaza was unoccupied before they came to power?

Please tell us what you would do if you were a Palestinian, drooler.

Posted by: kb | January 03, 2009 at 04:23 AM

Hm, tough one, I think I'd have to start by not shooting rockets at the nation whose army is very very close to being the world's most effective. After that, I dunno, maybe I'd try using the billions of dollars in aid I recieve to build a functioning economy based on some principle other than "trying to kill Joos," I mean, I know it's reeeeeeeally hard to understand and all, but during the periods that Palestinians -- like my imaginary self -- were trying less hard to kill Jooooooos, it kinda seems like the Joooooooooooooos in Israel would almost leave us alone militarily and try to cooperate with us economically .. I mean .. it's real hard for me as a leftist to figure out why that would be, but it's almost like there's something there...

Mr Marbles

Thanks a lot. I just spewed diet coke on my keyboard over the 'hair done or condo redecorated' line


Don't worry .. I'm sure the gay population will go up by one when Blagojevich goes to Federal Prison and gets his little white ass reamed daily by Brutus.

Jacob Staley

HOW DARE YOU! saying that you being oppresed by not being able to get out of work on a day given to those who actually deserve it because they are treated like second-class cit zens most of the time and secondly 'you know what it feels like to be a jew' to even compare yourself to that large a tradgedy is quite a horrible thing i cant even believe and human or should i say idiot could say such a thing

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