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Yes, dumbbell.
Good God! Are you so insecure that I can't even give another man a compliment about his buttocks?
Your jealousy is growing tiresome.


I'm sorry.
Forgive me?


Yes, of course.
Now come here you silly bunny.
I see your pants are already off so drop your skivvies and I'll kiss and make up.


Not tonight.
I have a headache.


I guess I'll have to burp the worm.

Thelma Lou



Hold that pose.


You're dumber than I imagined, exorcist.
Only a complete moron would believe those previous posts actually came from me.
This is further proof of the right wingers idiocy.

Posted by: kb | December 11, 2008 at 05:08 PM

kb has an imagination? Do you believe in fairies too? Clap your hands!


It's pretty obvious I didn't write that last post.
Can you believe the audacity of this vandal?

Posted by: tom | December 11, 2008 at 12:10 PM believe in fairies too? And the clap as well?

Clap, clap!


Barney, I don't yawn for faggots. I yawn because I am bored. This isn't what I wanted here at bb. I wanted to drive all the right wingers off and then crow, like Peter Pan! I like Peter Pan, and I like dressing like him. Do you have the clap too? I betcha that croc would love to have something more besides your hand. Maybe we can cut your teeny-weenie-peenie and...oh. PETA would have a fit about poisoning endangered species?

Thelma Lou

trolldarter, he was talking to ME. I am calling you out right now. Catfight!


Oh my goodness! I'm so confused! Who's the real conservatard?! All these imposters have me in such an absolute tizzy that I don't know whether to overwork my illegal alien gardner or cash in my stock options!

Thelma Lou

Congratulations, that was the best session yet. How long was that, four hours, no, four and a half. Beats washing my dishes!


I don't like that word conservatard. I'm a wingnut and don't you forget it, stoorat.


I'll handle your your teeny-weenie-peenie too if you're not careful.

Fanny Spray

That wasn't me.^

Fanny Spray

That wasn't me either! ^^


Who's that?

Thelma Lou

Must be stoorat acting the silly willy again!

Thelma Lou

This isn't what I wanted here at bb. I wanted to drive all the right wingers off and then crow, like Peter Pan!

Posted by: trolldarter

We did that already, hun, congratulate yourself.


We did? Oooooooo ... I'm so 'cited! I feel big and strong and wise!


I don't come here for this sort of casual abuse!

I come here for dedicated abuse!

I'm leaving, and NEVARE COMING BACK!

See you tomorrow, lover!


Effing weird ..


"I'm leaving, and NEVARE COMING BACK!"

Almost a direct quote from feelthelove ..


kbWANNABE said:

"Right-wingers. How utterly pitiful they are."

To a great extent, yes, this would be accurate. Depends on what one means by rightwinger. When I use the term it most usually means sort of fanatical rightwingers. The types we often find here. The sorts which probably even think of themselves as conservatives, but which are anything but. More like the "conservatives" in the Bolshevik gang. Chomsky is much more conservative in any real sense. That they are unaware of this demonstrates both how little they know of conservatism as well as Chomsky. Duhhh....Like, who knew?

"You'll notice that no lefties engage in this sort of vandalism."

WHAT sort of vandalism? For that matter, what's a "lefty"?

"That says a lot about our superior mentality."

kb doesn't NEED to say this. He's more likely to say something like "If someone is REALLY more intelligent they won't need to say something like this. Secondly, he'd probably be much more likely to say that it isn't necessarily that our intellects are superior, but that the rights are just so pathetic that it makes ours appear superior by default. Like, if you assert that 2+2=54, as many from the right here have repeatedly(or something equivalent), and it HAS repeatedly been shown that they have, and then we easily demonstrate that it actually equals 4, well, is this REALLY a demonstration of our "superior intellects" in action, or is it just that your comment that 54 was the answer was just plain ignorant thereby making our 4 answer appear "superior"? See, personally, I don't think that even though WE, the lefties, most often give the correct answer of 4, that this shows much superiority. Just a simple, elementary math problem. Do you understand, or is my giving you this example just another sign of our "superior intellects" at work?

"And if you see another post about not wearing pants signed by kb, you'll know that it is a fake."

Listen, the ONLY people here who wouldn't be able to tell the kbWANNABE from the real one is probably another drooler like you.

"My pants are proudly cinched around my considerable waist. And I drop my pants for no one!"

Uhhh...I wouldn't say "no one".

asmadasbrittanyhavingherchildrentakenaway said:

And I drop my pants for no one!--kb

"That's the most commendable thing you've ever said, kb.
I respect your position and would even encourage others to follow your example."

PING!!! AN example of a drooler falling for another droolers attempt at avoiding real debate. Pretty bad when one is forced to pretend they're other characters because they can't make an argument for themselves. Weak. Very weak. But this is the sort of thing that happens when one doesn't read Chomsky.

kbWANNABE drooled:

"Go to hell, Mad.
I'm sick of your sarcasm.
I'll bet YOU aren't wearing pants as you type your drivel on this board."

Yeah, kb is famous for telling people to "go to hell". Sarcasm? If what you think you are doing is "sarcasm" you know even less than Bush knows about grammar.

asmadasawhitemanoncrack said:

"Well, you're right. But, I just got back from the spa and I can assure you I am decent.
I have a towel around me secured by a large safety pin."

Have to hold up the diaper of stupidity with something.

kbWANNABE dribbled:

"Come on, safety pin. POP! POP!"

Ahhh...The sound of a righwinger's head bursting when considering reading a single Chomsky book.


"You're dumber than I imagined, exorcist."

This is a for sure give away that the real kb hasn't written this. It's not possible for me to imagine excoriatedbuttcyst to be dumber for the REAL kb. Oh, and just so you know when you're going to pretend to be me next time, I usually write out his entire name; excoriatedbuttcyst.

"Only a complete moron would believe those previous posts actually came from me.
This is further proof of the right wingers idiocy."

That's pretty much correct. That's why no one but rightwingers thought that they came from me.

You see, what's wrong, is that you think you're being witty here because you think you know what I'd say. Like you could even come close with anything beyond using the word "the" or something. Sort of like how you folks mistakenly "think" you know what Chomsky, or anyone else for that matter, thinks without reading them. Well, you don't. And the sooner you learn this, the better. I mean, for you. Really. This is yet again MY trying to help you stop from making a total buffoon of yourself. But then again....Nawww....Why would I care to do that?

stooedagain said:

"I don't come here for this sort of casual abuse!
I come here for dedicated abuse!
I'm leaving, and NEVARE COMING BACK!"

Now THIS sounds like something someone would say who has been called on their inability to carry through on reading a single book. What's that slogan of the right: "Better to run than to read".

((Wonder whatever happened to mandrool? You wouldn't know would you stoo?;))

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