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God knows what the stupid Dudette considers an NGO.
Medecins sans Frontieres, International Red Cross and Red Crescent, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty are all NGOs. Clearly they are anything but useless.


How nice! First and Second!


Pity he wouldn't go back to the original comment display.
This is crazy.

Wordsmith Apprentice

zooomer, don't hold yer breath.


Didn't you get the memo about bookmarking the last page? Imagine, a sock not being up with her other socks.


We have x3's, topov's and Dude's handes being stolen.

(Zooommer: reconsider who you're replying to. The content gives it away every time. It would be irritating if it wasn't so pathetic.)


You had the handles stolen? Why did you do that? Surely none of us noble sock trolls ever did that, or ordered such a thing! Is nothing sacred?


Whoever said that this site could stay open since Obama will be blaming everything on Bush got it right. Obama would be well justified in some ways. However, many bloggers start off with great gusto and eventually get tired or bored with their blogs.
It'll be interesting to see if Larry keeps posting or drifts away.


It's much easier to refer back to older comments in a thread, when they're all on ONE PAGE.

Do you think you could revert to how it used to be?
If I ask really nicely?

LARRY! I'm talking to you. Stop whistling. And put that jumbo chocolate brownie down. NOW. Those are for the kids.


Larry did this to slow down us trolls.


(Zooommer: reconsider who you're replying to. The content gives it away every time. It would be irritating if it wasn't so pathetic.)

Posted by: 24

I'm just going with the flow, ya know? It sounded like something amusing to say, so I said it. I hope nobody took me seriously.


No worries, zooommer. :)

mandible claw

I am 100 percent convinced that the CIA creted this fake tape of whatshisname in order to give the false impression that al Qaeda dislike America due to the fact that it is the largest and most powerful non-Muslim country, and to discredit President-elect Obama, peace be upon hym. This false-flag operation continues the CIA tradition established with the USS Cole "bombing" that was intended to create the impression that radical Muslims dislike America, not just its Rethuglikkkan half.

That is all - besides an obligatory hollah! at Exorcist, IC, FTL and the others who make this site still worth reading occasionally.

mandible claw

It is still strange for me to think that there was an outpouring of hate mail to major conservative bloggers after Obama won. I've gone from seeing these liberals as unworthy opponents to people to be pitied. I'm happier that Obama won than they are. Kind of almost teared up actually, watching Oprah and Jesse Jackson crying. But for these liberals it's just racheted up their hatred. I don't really understand that.

Posted by: da wolfe | November 19, 2008 at 10:11 PM

My favourite conservative blog to post on has been inundated with liberal trolls since the election; there were almost never any there before. The blog owner had to ban a poster for the first time ever for filling every thread up with obscene crap about the right wing. Talk about your sore winners; although it is revealing to note that they are tacitly admitting their support for Obama and the Democrats was(/is) more about "getting" the other side than about any concrete stance on policies or issues .. (Not that that wasn't clear from the outset anyway, I guess.)

Libtards .. Talk about your daddy issues.

mandible claw

Sorta on-topic, here's the Democratic Underground's Christmas wish list:

"The Wealthiest 1% Should Immediately Have ALL Of Their Assets Seized"

"Never mind the Bush tax "cuts", it's time to roll back the REAGAN tax "cuts". I'm also in favor of a 100% "death tax" for inherited income. . . ."

"Will Obama be our hero and seize the assets of the top 1%?"

"If they ever sell lottery tickets for gutting and skinning them, I'll be first in line with an assortment of Ginsu knives"

"Wouldn't it be interesting to examine who wrote the Constitution and how it represented certain vested interests. . . . Not too difficult to see who identifies with the ruling classes here."

And the money shot quote:

Obama views the constitution as a list of negative values so maybe he can change it.. Then we can make the greedy wealthy pay."

Tell us what you REALLY think, DUmmies.

Fist of Etiquette

"Will Obama be our hero and seize the assets of the top 1%?"

The U.S. Tax Code pretty much already takes care of that.


I'm not supposed to reveal details of my discussions with the Obama administration or my job prospects.

However let me just say that anyone who thinks that they are going to be the Re-educator General at the new Fairness Camps which will up and running next year think again.

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