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Why wouldn't they? Most of their parents and/or grandparents couldn't vote and had to sit on the back of buses. And it's not 'character' that's the all-important, it's POLICIES. The MSM try to make it into some sort of personality contest, when it's all about ISSUES.

mandible claw

Bloody stoorat bogarting the bloody forum.

Don't talk to me like that. Haven't you heard? I'm you.

Posted by: stoorat | November 04, 2008 at 10:23 PM

Damn I heard that mentioned and just thought someone was posting on here while they were completely baked out of their mind.

But if I actually AM you .. then .. um .. whoah. I should really cut back on the extracurricular traditional health remedies.

mandible claw

The MSM try to make it into some sort of personality contest, when it's all about ISSUES.

Posted by: x3 | November 27, 2008 at 10:46 AM

No it isn't. Name one policy that Obama has announced so far that hasn't pissed off at least a large part of his voter base.

mandible claw


Here are some issues for starters:

-Troop withdrawals from Iraq (not happening according to his original promise)
-Tax hikes for wealthiest 5% (on hold, indefinitely, due to financial crisis)
-Pretty much every appointment he's made so far (either Clinton or Bush holdovers/retreads)

etc. The only thing he's likely to win any fans with on the left is abortion.

Because if there's one thing everyone can agree on, it's that if you're getting nailed by some anonymous guy from the bar, forget to use a rubber and wind up knocked up, you should be able to murder the baby.

It's only fair.

Ron Russell

For sure, white racist are voting for McCain in large numbers, but they are having a hard time catching up with the black racist voting for Obama.

Ron Russell

Sure some white racist supported McCain, what about the black racist who supported The ONE!!!


this guy is a freaking idiot


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Blame It On




You want the blacks to vote for Obama-and pissed off at whites for voting for McCain?
In my opinion they both failed.
get the god damn politicians out and get real people who understand in.

And color has been a major factor: so many wanted Obama to win because he was partially black.
I could have sworn when they said a change for America, we meant a change in personality too.
He's still just like every other politician out there.

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