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UN Doctor

Wow! Obama is a Transforming Transformer who transforms not only himself but others. He has the All-Spark!


Damn that bush!


Lovin It.....

in the immortal words of Hedley Lamar....HARUMPH..

Now lets get onto planning Obama's inauguration

We can start here....

Change the horse to a limo, sheriff to president, and the song to hail to the chief and by george I think we've got it!



nice to see a brutal blood-thirsty war criminal finally getting on his knees, asking for forgiveness and embracing Obama as savior

I wouldn't forgive uncle tom, but then again... i'm not obama

who am i to question obama's judgment?!

Intellectual Conservative

Here’s a little scenario for all of you .. and the funny thing is this actually has a decent chance of happening .. I call this scenario ‘Karma … is one GIANT, CAST IRON BEEOTCH!!’

Let’s assume for a moment that because of all the ACORN / Obama voter registration fraud, Election Day happens, and it’s muddled enough to where the outcome ends up in court in several states. Think Florida, 2000 multiplied by several states and you get the idea. Possibly months, and maybe a year or more.

January 20, 2009 comes around, and there is no clear successor to be the next President.

Either of the following two outcomes would be GUARANTEED to have the Left going more insane than we’ve ever IMAGINED they could go, which would be entertaining as Hell …

1. Under the 22nd Amendment, a President can serve up to two years of a third term if that third term has that President assuming office of ‘means other than an election’. With no clear winner of the 08 Elections, would that leave President Bush to act as a caretaker President until the legal challenges are resolved?

Outcome: All those with Bush Derangement Syndrome go completely batshit.

2. As a final ’screw you’ to those with Bush Derangement Syndrome, Bush resigns on January 19, 2009 and Vice President Cheney assumes office as a caretaker President until the legal challenges are resolved.

Outcome: All those with Bush Derangement Syndrome go even more completely batshit.

Pelosi, as much as she might covet the office, would know she’d be in for a shitstorm if she tried to assume office. If she had any brains, she’d back away from THIS one gracefully. Ditto for Reid. And especially under #2 above, Pelosi and Reid probably wouldn’t have any basis for trying to usurp the office.

‘Hey .. Obama .. ACORN .. How’s all those phony baloney voter registrations working out for you??’


UN Doctor

As much as I hate to be mean, Obama's grandmother is seriously ill. Sick enough for him to leave the campaign trail. Could this be the October surprise? I mean, I hope she recovers, and if she is that sick that he is only leaving the campaign to say goodbye, that he not only gets there in time, but that she has a peaceful, quiet passing. However, will this cause him to quit? Michelle isn't going to Hawaii.


Was this supposed to be a satire piece? I didn't see anything wrong with anything stated. The first sentence is correct. The second paragraph is all correct with the exaggeration of his "unconditional love" for Obama. The first sentence of the third paragraph is utter nonsense, and appears little more than the sort of "blind devotion" which the drooling right, as well as many drooling Democrats gave to Bush during the Lie of the Century period. IN other words, projection. The second sentence of the third paragraph is probably not going to happen either, or nowhere near as much as it should. Regarding the next sentence, even were the criminals to drop to their knees, a place where they're used to being anyway, Obama should round up all up, throw them in jail, and toss the key into the Pacific ocean. And I hope the the Bible-thumpers actually see god when Obama transforms in front of their eyes, and does all of the things mentioned in the previous sentence of this comment. Watch them tremble and shake in fear of Obama. Ahhh...If only life were really like this.

Intellectual Conservative

And for the record, I am aware Byrd is President Pro Tem ... therefore next behind Pelosi .. but with Byrd's connections to the KKK that idea would not be very well met ..



Did you cream in your pants constructing the sentences? Just like Obama does everytime one of his own falls before him.

Just wondering?

Or, to put it another way your projecting with your erection.


IMAH, kb utters totally phallacious statements.


Michelle said that Obama was 'going to ask us to work hard.' Does this mean what I think it means? No sitting on our butts collecting welfare, glaucoma meds or checks? Does this mean we have to work to support the state?


Powell has become a wet towel (in the polls).

The Black War Horse has become a brown lap dog.

Thank Gaia he will stop his military baby killing ways and start doing his fair share of abortions.

Now with Powell turning into a pumpkin, like the Saddam Hussein Iraq, under the Barack Hussein Obama Presidency no testical shall go without electricity in Amerikkka.

No town in Amerikkka shall go without gas and no city shall go without an ACORN - particularly those Bible Clinging Joe Plumber Republikkkan towns.

That is spreading the wealth around - in more ways than one.

But, remember Sweet Hillary was Race Swift Boated down the Black River for no good reason.

Which is even more reason to vote for her.

It’s not too late. Hillary in 08!

African Moonbat

Go away Kb impersonator! We are a site in mourning here! The real Kb went and did himself in. There was no deranged and interminable vitriol in your post, although it was equally boring. You are not the real Kb. Go away!


Whose mind was changed by Powell's endorsement? Beuller?!


perfectly said.
excellent post.

Fist of Etiquette

The Rethugs are going to say that Powell is a racist, voting based solely on skin color. However, we all know that the general is joining a long list of other conservatives who are setting aside race and putting their support behind a senator who is the ideological opposite of themselves, not because of race, but because of... um... for the very important work Obama has done for... uh... because of Obama's long experience with... er... because of the integrity he would...





So go ahead and vote McCain/Palin, you racist rednecks! The rest of us can see beyond race and vote in a historic first and America can finally feel good about itself!


In light of this, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.

UN Doctor

The All-Spark commands you!




You are not the real Kb. Go away!--AM

I guess you're unfamiliar with "channeling."



Idolaters! Jaywalkers! Litterers! NO-GOODNIKS!

Rodney King

I'm glad Obama has won. Now I don't have to break away from my crack party to go vote.
The last time I was driving to the booths I made an illegal left turn and all hell broke loose.


racist rednecks!--fist
"They want change but they don't want to see things go too far," Murtha said.

Why does Murtha consider a black President as going too far?

The majority of white people would like to see a black man as President and virtually every black person would like to see it come true.

Issues and character are important. But nowhere as important as race is in this election.
However, it isn't polite to admit it in mixed company.

Son of the South

Praise be! Our boy Colin has seen the light! Free at last, free at last!

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