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Intellectual Conservative


And about this post .. very nicely done!

It captures the Party of Love and Tolerance's spirit perfectly :)

mandible claw


Frick. Damn you, IC.

mandible claw

"Blame McSame" has a nice ring to it.. Hm.

Kinky Bee


I can hardly wait for Obamassiah of the Obamination to be coronated Dicktator of the People's Soviet Socialist's Republic of America(note: not spelled with 3 KKK's under Osama's rule), China and The World Community!! Finally, Fat People obesity will be eradicated from Gaia's face, the waters will recede from the face of the Earth, Gaia will finally be healed of her hot-flashes, the planets will align, the stars will shine brighter, and we will all be singing "It's the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" or "Allah save The Obamassiah". Either one will do. The "rich" people will have all their money taken from them, and given to the poor, the middle class will cease to exist, and everyone will get everything for free, plus, we'll be part of the "World Community". God Great Gaia help BLESS us all!!


If Sweet Hillary didn’t get tossed under the bus and Biden pulled from the dust – progressives around the world would not be eating dog food out of a can.

Speaking of can, Obama should excrete Biden or get off the Can and let Sweet Hillary ascend to the Thrown.

Progressives are not going to win this election with the O’Biden ticket and dog food.

It’s not too late. Hillary as an Independent in 08!


John McSame voted with George Bush 90% of the time."

Is that all? I think B. Hussein Obama has that beat...

Fist of Etiquette

...John McSame voted with Bush 90% of the time.

Ninety percent, eh? I hadn't heard that.

It's all well and good to point out how nine times out of ten McLame is pandering to his base, but in my mind the bigger issue is how Bush was able to elbow his way into a congressional vote for himself! So much for separation of powers.


90% of the time? Does McSame have a 40 I.Q.?
Sayyyyy...waiiit a minute...I think I just figured out who our favorite little girly-man troll is...


FROM: Kevin Shitt, Campaign Operative
TO: Brad Lyer, Campaign Operative
DATE: Sept 18, 2008
SUBJECT:Our positive message!!!
MEMO STATUS: Super Duper Highly Confidential. EYES ONLY!
Read. Memorize. Eat. Digest. Excrete and Eat Again

1. Brad, this just isn’t working! What’s the matter with the bitter,ordinary people? After “Vettinggate”, Bastardgate”, Retardgate”, “Troopergate” and “Affairgate“ they should be hating Palin’s guts but our polling says that they think WE’RE the ones who are being mean!
2. I know it’s unbelievable that we, the party of fairness and decency, can’t get traction with our positive message, even with our media stooges pulling out all the stops, but I guess sometimes bad things happen to good people.
3. Personally, I’m fuming. Here’s the Palin so-called “family”; with the son about to go off to the jungles of Iraq to kill babies, the unmarried daughter knocked up and getting married, instead of either having the brat and going on welfare or better yet, aborting the little potential Republican like a normal person would, and the mother, lugging her retarded baby around the stage at the Convention like she loved it or something! Gross.
4. BTW, can we get our mouthpieces to put out the point that if SP wouldn’t do the decent thing and abort the little Mongoloid its not too late for her to get it lobotomized and then locked up for life in some nunnery or whatever. Now THAT would be a Kennedyesque thing to do!
5. Our last hope is that our new “A Woman’s Place is in the Home” message takes hold. I’ve got a coven of top feminists lined up to talk about their “concerns” over how a woman can’t balance career and family and is a bad person if she even tries. I spoke to Gloria S and she’s totally on board with this. So is Sally Quinn “Medicine Woman” at the WaPo. Let’s just hope no one asks who’s bringing up the Obama girls!
6. And if this doesn’t work I see no choice but to hand the contract over to Hillary and her Waste Disposal team – wink wink, nudge nudge -but that’s something we’ll talk about in private.
7. See you at the Man Hole tonight as usual. 730ish?



"Eat. Digest. Excrete and Eat Again"

I sometime forget. Never read this site while drinking coffee. I'll go get a Shawala. Can't live without it.

Fist of Etiquette

Oh yeah, and Chomstein, um, condolences on your grandfather or whatever.


OH.MY.GAIA. To read Larry's post and then artboyusa's. Well, artyboyusa, I am bringing the Manhole Covers!

Toodle Pip as the trolls say.


Nice article but it would've been better if you took a jab a the libs for always mentioning McCain voted with bush 90% of the time hahaha.

I love this site


An “ONLY IN AMERICA: the Legend of Barack Obama Special! It’s “Chow Time”!

“Et pour vous, Monsieur le Présidente, la specialitié du maison: un abstraction of hand raised milk fed veal from le beau pays Normande, avec un rétardation de seasonal vegetables et un petit jus de Norwegian cloudberries” murmured the headwaiter.

“Mercy, Pierre” answered Barack Obama. “That looks trés bong”.

Pierre winced. “La plaisir to serve you is tout ours, Monsieur le Présidente. Would your Excellency perhaps consider to allow us to rename the restaurant dans votre honneur?”

“Huh? Rename it what?”

“’L’Aigle Brun’ was notre top choice, Excellency”.

“What’s that mean?”

“It means ‘The Brown Eagle’” answered Michelle. “We’ll think about it, Pierre. Now shoo”.

“But of course” grovelled the lackey. “Bon appetit”.
“How’s your wine?” queried Michelle.

“Trés bong” said her husband. “Provocative yet daintily discreet; and with a distinct flavour of peppermint”.

Michelle sighed.

“The chef here’s great” said Obama, chewing away. “We should hire him for the White House kitchen”.

“Duly noted”.

“Excuse me, Mr and Ms President” apologized Obama’08 campaign aid Kevin Shitt, who materialized at their table. “Can I have a word with you, Sire?”

“Kevin – how’d you get in here?” exclaimed Barack. “This is a classy joint!”

“I know people. Sorry to interrupt your meal but I have important news for you”.

“What is it?” asked the Change We’ve Been Looking For.

“Its timely information of which the recipient has not already been apprised” said Kevin, articulating the rest of the ancient gag. “But that’s not important now; what’s important are these latest poll findings – they’re a disaster!”

“Let me know when they’re a catastrophe” said Obama. “I’m busy”.

“But our polling now shows that a majority of ordinary commoners find you ‘out of touch’, ‘arrogant’ and ‘too big for his boots’ – this is serious, Sire!”

“Tut, tut Kevin” soothed Obama. “What else did you expect? Of course, I’m not the same color as the presidents on the paper money, since I’m not green, and sure I have a funny sounding name, though not as funny as Millard Fillmore or Calvin Coolidge, so of course these thick-necked yokels, fearful and bitter, clinging to their guns and worshipping their primitive sky god, are going to show some resistance to my positive message of hope and change…”

Michelle drummed her fingers on the gleaming white tablecloth. She’s heard all this so many times before…

“But when the time comes I know they’ll flock to me for the simple answers and clear instructions which are all their tiny brains can absorb”.

“Well…maybe” murmured Kevin.

“Definitely!” said Obama. “Have I inspired you enough yet? Good.”

Obama snapped his fingers. “Pierre! Por favor, have Chef get my hireling here some cold scraps from the kitchen, will you? Mercy”.

“But these polls” fretted Kevin. “Don’t you want to discuss..?”

“Allez, allez” urged Pierre, taking Kevin’s arm.

“Polls schmolls, Kevin” said Obama. “Everything’s fine. We’re on our way to Park Avenue!”

“Pennsylvania Avenue” corrected Michelle.

“Whatever. Its all good, its all trés bong!”


Has anyone seen my DVD of The Attack Of The Hot Young French Vixen College Co-Ed Teenage Cheerleaders? I need to start my thesis and I can't find it. Thanks in advance.


Firssssttttt!!!!!!!!!! hurricane ike refugee er evacuee.

Unlike the liberal media, I'm not holding Bush responsible for this one. Anybody remember those damn Chinese seeding the clouds just before the olympics? Rat Bastards all of 'em.

Hey and that nappy headed Obama hasn't been by to pat my hand and put a tarp on my roof. Screw you all!!!


I'm betting that old biddy will think twice about her love of McSame when Shotgun Sarah declares open season on old people. Remember the movie Soylent Green? Not so far fetched now, eh, geezers. Ha. So there. First moose, then gramps. We'll see who gets to the trophy room first. You betcha.


"that nappy headed Obama"

Shouldn't that be "nappy headed HObama"?


Oh I know who the . was that saw Sarah Palin push pins into an Obama was...



SO, you are also forgetting the edgy drama, 'Death Race 2000.' Soylent Green, is well, green and in keeping with feeding the planet, recycling and making sure there is enough to go around.


'Oh I know who the . was that saw Sarah Palin push pins into an Obama was...*thud*'

Stealing the "trolls" ideas now.


trolls don't have ideas. they are brainwashed people who have bad breath, are mean spirited poopy head and can't appreciate anything humorous because they have no sense of humor. Oh, sure, they smile when Che G. purges the gene pool for Papa, but other than that, totally devoid of thought, humor and fun!


Yup ... it was exactly that 'lack of thought, humor and fun' which produced the pins in the doll story. MUST be.

Kinky Bee

"Has anyone seen my DVD of The Attack Of The Hot Young French Vixen College Co-Ed Teenage Cheerleaders?"--B4E

B4E, we're reshooting it. We had to make some costume changes, should look better, though. Don't worry, we'll get it back to you in time to do your thesis.



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