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Typical White person


I don't fill my tires with air...I blow bong hits into them and me and my truck take some serious space cruises.

Someone should tell our Empty Messiah.


First will be last and second will be FIRST.

I read it in the bible.



Exy, you're up.

The Exorcist

"Fist?.....Exy, you're up."

Fa shizzle, ma whizzle. Butt I don't want to cut in line. Shouldn't TwistedFister be the very fist to take umbrage with this typo?

The Exorcist

"He gave me that same look I get from rethugs whenever I bring up the Downing Street Memos during a conversation about potato salad."---ChomskyStein

Thank Gaia I'm not the only one that's gone through this humiliating experience.

Fist of Etiquette

Who the fuck called my name and woke me up out of a sound sleep? I was in the middle of an awesome dream where my dick was writing Shakespearean sonnets all over Jessica Alba's nubile parchment.

Anyway, shouldn't we consider filling our tires with plastic and styrofoam?

Just a thought.

Typical White person

whenever I bring up the Downing Street Memos during a conversation about potato salad.

Oh please tell me tell me the convo included sweet pickles and mustard! Mmmmm!

The Exorcist

"shouldn't we consider filling our tires with plastic and styrofoam?"--FistOfDreams

So that's what Fix-A-Flat is made of.

It was always so sticky when it got on my fingers that I assumed it was made from that stuff that Obama supporters drink.

You know, that whole "eat of my body, drink of my blood" chestnut.

Typical White person're buh-lack!

I can sayit, I just can't spell it.

I guess I loooze again.

It doesn't really matter, I've been banned from the sacrament too.


Other great Obama Moves:

Obama went San Francisco and gave a few BJs to rally his base... I mean speeches. Then he moved on to millionaire row to do the same.

See: Obama Up Your Alley

Don’t forget to bring your Jiffy Lube!

You won’t be disappointed.

Typical White person

Thank you for the choice of viewing pleasure T1. You truly are a liberal progressive.

PBUY dear comrade.

Che Gaiavera

If I learned anything from Jimmy Carter, it was his policy of "Trust but verify." Jiffy Lube told me that they filled my tires with greenhouse gasses, but when I let some air out of one of them to check it, the air coming out was COLD! Everyone knows greenhouse gasses are warm.

I'm planning a class action lawsuit.

Che Gaiavera

Nice Google bomb on the holy Fatwa thing, by the way.


Yes, I try to do my part.

Why should California get all the credit? The above link is exactly what Seattle needs... some progressive open air man on man street sex with Obama in the middle.

And don’t be second best! Grab a wiener and suck your best.


So, tell me: When he's elected will you genuflect and call him "My President" in awe-filled tones to the rest of the world like you usually do?


"I could essentially kill two of Bush's nasty little birds with one stone"

I called PETA about this and they said it was okay because Bush's birds aren't real birds just like Bush's slaves, Colon Powell and KKKondi Rice, aren't real blacks like our soon-to-be President Of The World, The Blessed ObaMessiah.

Mumblix Grumph

Che Gaiavera, you dolt!

Of course the greenhouse gasses are cold...they come from the ozone layer, that's like outer space! Why do you think Captain Kirk always wore long sleeves?

No wonder the pinheads at Spiffy Lube have to charge so much.


Larry, you had to leave your car overnight because the Jiffy Lube guy was blowing them up with the exhaust from his lungs, which is a greenhouse gas, BTW. He can only do one tire every three hours before passing out and having a religious experience in which Obama appears...

Hemp Flower

Larry, will this work for bike tires as well?

Che Gaiavera

No, no, no. The Ozone Hole™ is another civilization-ending crisis altogether. Ozone is good, which is why it's cold (Although filling your tires with Ozone robs Ozone from the atmosphere and creates an Ozone hole.)

Greenhouse gasses are always warm, which is how they heat the planet. If you don't believe me, put your hand near the tailpipe of an SUV stuck in traffic, or near the flatulating end of a flatulating cow. They're both warm because of the greenhouse gasses escaping.

Now stick your hand near a Prius stuck in traffic, or an electric car, or inside Turlough Hill. Those are all cold because Prii, electric cars, and rechargeable batteries don't pollute.

Fist of Etiquette

I created a scale model of the Turlough Hill plant using cinder blocks and chicken wire, and I hate to say this, but I think that whole thing might be a hoax. It just doesn't hold water.

I used the motor from my neighbor's vacuum cleaner to try to generate electricity out of the energy created from the garden hose I was shooting at it, but all I did was trip a lot of breakers and get another warning from the Homeowners Association. Fascist pricks.

Next up, I'm making scale model tires out of wet cinder blocks and chicken wire. I'll let you know if that theory turns out to be just a lot of hot air.


About the Prius battery: In order to make a rechargeable battery that size, isn't some pollution necessary? The plant in Canada that makes the battery; what EPA restrictions does it follow or get away with?


I know someone who bought a Prius and then divorced his wife to move in with the guy whoi sold him the car. I was wondering if that is a common side effect?

Che Gaiavera

Well of course it's a common side effect. Breeders contribute to the destruction of the planet.

Son of the South

If Priuses (Prii?) were bad for the environment, then Leonardo DiVinci DiCrappio wouldn't be driving one...

'Nuff said!

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