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Blessed Freedom Fighter Omar has also been complaining about the lack of good healthcare at Bu$Hitler's Stalag Gitmo so wouldn't that automatically make Omar an honorary Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve?

Fist of Etiquette

Canadians are accustomed to going south to get premium health care, so I would think it stands to reason the closer the equator, the better the care. Ipso facto, all the way down there, that young Freedom Fretter should be getting all kinds of mad medical attention.


Like you are posting as me? I told you, I have only used one handle since I started posting. You are the one who has always stolen handles and posted under numerous socks. I don't really care if it was badly done, you lying sack of shit. That was the whole point; to flush you out, you rotting bitch.
You are a liar, and a bad one. You have posted as x3, irish, megapix, me24 and others. You need a freakin' life, twat.


Using my handle to get me to do what? Admit your accusations are true when they are not? Stealing it from me? So now you are a thief as well as liar, and you can't hold a candle to any discussion here because you keep getting your snot-filled nose rubbed in your droppings, you gaylick troll.


Dirty rotting brown teeth? Projecting again, libtwat?

Son of the South

Drowsiness?!?!!? Good Gaia, the humanity...



Bye bye Cricket. You don't even have the brains to do deception right. And as for your religion ... I gather lies, deliberate mis-quotes, deception, and impersonation count for a lot with Mormons. Like 32 young male virgins maybe? 100 years in "heaven"? LOL ...

We are gone, you know. I just couldn't resist checking back to see if you'd REALLY be so thick and stupid as to take "feelthelove" back into the sock drawer and then reappear yourself the minute we left. And you were.

My oh my oh my ... and you think there's something we envy in America. God bless your little measly brain.


PS: You just proved what I'd said all along: That there were people here posting under my name from day one.
Thanks for the elucidation. I knew it was you and Fanny.

Ta-ra Cricket/feelthelove!


Oh please. I knew you were gonna come back because never ONCE have you ever told the truth in the three years you have been trolling here. You knew no such thing about me, Cricket or anyone else. You came here just to be a spiteful trolling bitch. You have always stolen people's handles and I daresay you always will. I never left, and Cricket has been back in spite of you, near as I can tell. You are a projecting two-faced whore for the left. The reason you can't sleep at night is so you can come here and slam others because you feel so damn bad about yourself. Get some help and get a change in diet or shrinks. You sincerely need it.


She can't be seen posting 'fuckwad' and 'libtwat' as herself. Noooooooooo ... Cricket don't talk like that. No sirreeee.

Did she run back into the cupboard when she dragged 'feelthehate' out?



'and Cricket has been back in spite of you, near as I can tell.'


Gaia, I must read elsewhere.


Sure Bush’s Big Torture Buddies are bad. But, that’s nothing compared to the times I have had at the DMV. And, by Gaia I have some real horror stories to tell.

Call me a free thinker or a progressive but I have no sympathy for Khadr until he survives a few trips to Arnie’s DMV, the infamous traffic school, and a look at the ovens.

Friend of USA

Recession fears engulfing Europe

By Duncan Bartlett
Europe business reporter, BBC News, Brussels

A mood of fear and pessimism is starting to descend on Europe. It now seems the region could head into recession even before the United States.

[...] Like Spain, Ireland has suffered a housing market collapse and many people have run up huge personal debts. The Irish economy shrank earlier in the year and economists say that if it continues to contract, the nation will fall into recession by the end of 2008.

... ... ...

Where is Annie D'innocenzio when you need her?

Where are the heart breaking stories of Europeans being forced to sell for a few Euros a tea pot their grand mother gave them so they can buy food or fuel up the car?

And what will our resident leftists have to say about this?

Did Ireland waste too much money on the war in Iraq as the USA allegedly did ?

What will the leftists fabricate next to explain Ireland's economy being in trouble?

Friend of USA

Oh yeah and before they use the
"no link means not a true story" excuse,

Here it is


T2, give it up. This place is shite. You keep posting here, you just prove their point about obsession.

Friend of USA

Yes it is time to tell your other personalities to give it up because you can not produce anything about my post on the European economy and Ireland's going badly...

How convenient that would chose this moment to give up.


Yea, he may have killed an American soldier, but he is just a kid.


"Posted by: x3 | July 18, 2008 at 06:17 PM"

Give up your pathetic shite, Cricket.


"Posted by: x3 | July 18, 2008 at 06:17 PM"

Give up your pathetic shite, Cricket.


Senator McSame just called me. He said Burlap Obama was headed to Iraq. I bet my Hero must be going to rescue the 155000 hostages that George Bush refuses to let out of Iraq. I hope that his helicopters don't get bogged down in a sand storm like when Messiah Carter tried it. Boy, its gonna take a lot of helicopters, he'll probably get them from France.


Well, if the helicopters came from France, would they fly in reverse? Inquiring minds you know...

The Exorcist

"Yea, he may have killed an American soldier, but he is just a kid."

A kid worthy of being executed.


Oh yeah, that was a brutal interrogation. It made the mackstupid gaylicks wet themselves in fear. That is the big, evil nasty interrogation Gitmo detainees have been enduring for the past seven years. We try juveniles as adults when they commit a crime.


How else would you get out of Iraq but retreat, uh, I mean fly in reverse?


"How else would you get out of Iraq but retreat"

And you will. You better believe it.

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