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Let me be FIIIRRRRSSSTTTT to say that Canadian bacon is tasty on pizza. But, only if consumed with copious quantities of Labatt


Damit Chomstein...

nice to see you getting back to things that matter....but what about Tony Snow. Bush was somehow complicit in his death! And of course, as you have correctly pointed out in the past, Bush is lighting wildfires in CA again....much like this lame duck congress we elected to make a difference, you have laid down and laid off Bush. Why Larry, because he only has a few months left? He is up to no good right and left, and you are too busy selling hemp underwear to carry on with your crusade to out him every time he fucks up. Bush is a bastard...and so are you!

Friend of USA

I do not see any medieval torture contraption anywhere...which can only mean one thing,

this video was staged by Bush !!!11!!!!1!.

I would admit to loving pizza with bacon - Canadian or not - but this would be offending to those poor terrorists who only want us to convert to Islam because they want what is best for us.

Have you hugged a terrorist today?

Terrorists are people too you know!

Fist of Etiquette

"Sorry, this article is no longer available."

Just what are you trying to pull here, eh?

Anyway, I suppose it never occurred to the Bush Administration to even try the time-tested method of the time out chair. No, apparently they went straight to loading the lad's iPod up with Christina Aguilera tracks. Loud ones. The sick bastards.

mandible claw

Folks, it appears John Cleese has been shanghaied into working for the BushKKK administration. Although he's not a registered Democrat, his propensity for wearing women's clothes, shouting nonsensically and walking like a girl show that the progressive spirit runs through him like diarrhea through the buffalo. Has Bush no shame? KKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!111111111.

mandible claw

Damn you fat Southerners! Every time you stuff a piece of fried gravy, chicken pie and pecan and biscuits down your flabby turkey necks, a progressive angel baby is aborted.!
. . . suckle upon its abundance of hooker-fed bacon . . .

Is that what those Mooslims are doing up there? I thought they didn't like pork? That's it we could sell them bacon (call it Canadian) for, oh I don't know, say $4 a slice. That's US not Canadian dollars. We have got to get this money we are paying for gas to come back. I understand C4, TNT and anything that goes boom is a hot market and we should stick it to them. IED's for say $100,000 each.

Anyway I digress. Here is a report from a fell soldier about what happened when out show-off boy pulled the pin and dropped the grenade.


Well, I for one am glad they pulled the video. It would be upsetting to Khadr's family to have that bandied about the 'net, scenes of their son's agony being talked about. Where is the sensitivity that was displayed with Nicholas Berg?

french persyn

L'video was hremoved from l'intarweb out of deference to ze fragile sensibilities of us Phrench. Upon seeing l'video of l'small Canadian 'omosexual being tortured by uncomfortable furniture, a poor elederly male prostitute in gay Paree suhrrendered to ze divan in 'is living hroom. After some of our bhrave baby-kissing soldierrrs saw zis l'video, zey surrendered en masse when their convoy passed an Ikea store. Oui cannot 'ave such silliness hruining our country. So oui contacted le Jews zat run l'international media conspihracy and told zem to lose l'video or lose le 'eads.

Che Gaiavera

Well now that Dumbya has splashed this poor, misguided youth's picture all around Joo-tube whining like a little girlie-man, he'll never enjoy a normal life in his own culture. I mean, the first time he has his wife's clitoris removed with a rusty shard of glass, she'll be all like, "See you big pussy? Even I didn't scream as much as you. Now iron my shirt, bitch!"

BTW, has anyone read Bob Woodward's super-seekrit interview with Tony Snow, which was only to be released on Snow's death? In it, Snow admitted he thought Dumbya was an idiot who invaded Iraq to steal oil and flush Korans while spreading the musical talents of Christina Aguillera to the peace-loving freedym fighter community. He also admitted 911 was an inside job.


You mean that Tony Snow went into a 911 store and ripped it off? I betcha Dick Cheney was backup with that shotgun of his'n.

french persynne

le'Bush, or as we translate 'is name into Phwench, "l'Shaiton," invented Iraq so zat 'e could steal ze baby oil, which is needed has ze lubricant for ze kinky sex things, ja.

french persynne

I 'ave startted speaking wiz l'accent of l'husky Germans. Oh, hell to ze no! Ze confusion!! It iss killink me! Zis must be a flashback to ze time ze big, rough Chermans bent vee French over zeir knees and spanked us until vee came in our little panties. I sink it vos called Verld Var Too, or sumsink, ja.


Please let me out again, Cricket. I'm tired of this closet and I want to talk dirty.


He looks as though he's truly sorry...that he got caught.

Bummer, dude...

TJ's Anti-Contrarian Blog

Damn Bush!!! Everyone knows that human beans need 8 hours of sleep, 3 meals, and a hot shower everyday. What a monster the Bushitler has turned out to be. Just today Nancy Pelosi was commenting on how he is a complete failure...him and his 28% approval rating. He is bringing down our beautiful Democrat Congress to only 14% approval. Damn him!

And I have proof that he was behind 9/11 and the mortgage crisis from a woman who was there: Jamie Gorelick Knows

Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery

That's not a woman.. That's a man, man!

Friend of USA

Bush has so much money that he stole from little people that he can buy 50,000 physicists to lie for him so he can keep on stealing, selling and burning oil!


July 16 2008,

... ... ...

The American Physical Society, an organization representing nearly 50,000 physicists, has reversed its stance on climate change and is now proclaiming that many of its members disbelieve in human-induced global warming.

... ... ...

ObamAlGore save us from from Satan!!!111!!1!!!11!!!

RWing Nut

This video is so tragic. I can tell you from my work as a community organizer for ACORN registering Democrats at the local prison, this sort of yukky torture goes on all the time in BushHitler's AmeriKKKa. Ask any of the residents in what the facists call the grey-bar hotel, they will give you hours of oral history documenting torture and forced confessions. Our prisons are filled with innocents whose only crime is they would vote Democrat if they weren't felons, just like the young man in the video.

Some Bushbots will object to allowing Omar to vote on the basis he is not a US citizen. Didn't the 5 Supreme Kooks give Omar rights? Yes they did. After all, we are citizens of the world, not limited to this mean KKKountry.

Barack, having been a community organizer for a Progryssve organization like me, understands how important it is to make the voice of the oppressed prisoners heard. That's why it's our duty as Progryssves to cast ballots for them instead of standing by while the RepubliKKKans cheat us with voter ID checks.


I told you I was going on a three day holiday. You actually thought I was going to leave for good?
Think again, kiddies!



Cricket, I was truly sick of that sock drawer where you dumped me when those irish bastards left. Thanks for reviving me on the previous thread. Whew.


I don't think it's a good idea to post as Cricket, "irish", AND me, Cricket. You'll get your knickers in a knot in no time.


as you just did at 8.06 AM, by posting as irish.


So, now you posted as "x" on the previous thread? It was NEITHER "x" nor "irish" who said they were going on a three day holiday, Cricket. It was x3.

So you can stop pretending to be 1) irish, 2) me, and 3) "x".

I told you you'd get your knickers in a knot. Now, I'm getting back in my sock drawer, and you can stop lying through your dirty rotting brown teeth.

The Exorcist

"your dirty rotting brown teeth."

She has teeth?

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