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Rush Limbaugh has Anal Cysts.




Dammit Chomstein, you are missing it yet again.....

Wilbur Hardee died today, you know the founder of Hardee's restaurant, home of the most delicious mushroom and swiss burger on the planet, George Bush was obviously behind it somehow, and we leave it up to you to get the exclusive on exposing his wrongdoings, and instead, you focus on the SOCTUS?

Who are you and what have you done with Larry Chomstein?

Che Gaiavera

Nowhere in the KKKonstitution does the word "Gat" appear. Nor does "Redneck", "Bumpkin" or "Bitter clingers". And "Justice" SKKKalia's ruling that the Founding Mothers, Fathers and Special Uncles intended to pander to bitter clingers-to of religion and guns is just disgusting. I finally understand all those complaints about the SCrOTUS legislating from the bench.

I need to go back on vacation.

Che Gaiavera

SKKKalia pulled out his piece and put a cap in the ass of our Living, Breathing KKKonstitution. Beyatch!


Now I can get me a degale wit' da beams.!

Hey, This is the logic of our Supreme Court.

Since we can't hang/electrocute/drug child rapists. You buy two guns. One cheap (around $20 street) and a well made one. When you catch him with your daughter/son you shoot him with the expensive gun and put the cheap gun in his hand.

Justice by, for and of the people. It also uncomplicates the legal system and saves millions of tax dollars.

Problem solved!

The Exorcist

"If Tony Scalia would stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and go to college, he would've known that."

Oh, sure! That's the white man's take on it. But what about Clarence U. Thomas? Who's he listening to?

I suspect Larry Elder or Thomas Sowell.

mandible claw

When the new ban was put into effect, the amount of people murdered by law-abiding citizens dropped dramatically.



When are you going to open the bag of hate mail?


Liberals should be in charge of the Supreme Court!

What were those liberal judges thinking?

Now, this decision legitimizes the idea that Typical White People can legally keep clinging to their Bibles and cleaning their guns.

We need change!

It’s time for Sweet Hillary to step out of the shadows and reclaim her rightful Throne.

I don’t mean the toilet.

I mean the President of the 57 states of America.

It’s not too late. Hillary in 08!


Well, shoot...


Yoo hoo!? Mandy? I brought this over from the Obama thread for you. You seem a bit lost:

"I don't read every little thing you write you know, sock puppet."--lock-jaw

Even on the current top thread? ('Lack of Evidence that Cheney Committed a Crime'.)

And don't waste your precious time talking about 'sock puppets' -- FannySpray and Che are not the only ones on the right who use them. Fanny has up to a dozen so far. And you've already posted under another so-called handle yourself.

You were given the URL to the loyalist death squads post ON that top thread, Mandy, and you MADE one smart-ass comment already in reply, but we'll play nice and give it to you again.

One is near the bottom here

The other is AT the bottom here

PLUS, you were asked on that top thread what you supposedly posted from Wiki on the subject, but you haven't replied to that either.

You have since failed to return to that thread. Considering the fact that you were previously running around leaving comments on as many threads as possible, it's a bit odd. You're confining yourself to this one for some reason. (You don't live in the USA by any chance, do you? Not a US citizen?)

Anyway, now you have the loyalist death-squad URL -- again!!

Posted by: x3 | June 26, 2008 at 01:36 AM


On the other hand, if you want to drop your ignorant remarks about us massacring Protestants, that's, you know, ok. It just shows you have no idea what you're talking about.

mandible claw

On the other hand, if you want to drop your ignorant remarks about us massacring Protestants, that's, you know, ok. It just shows you have no idea what you're talking about.

Posted by: xyz | June 27, 2008 at 12:56 AM

Oh look, someone is starved for attention!!11!!11!!

Here ya go, fag chops. Enjoy!!11!!!


che drooled:

"I need to go back on vacation."

Yeah. Ever start that Chomsky book?

And you all better damn well believe I'm happy the Court saved us from having our guns taken away. I mean, what the hell would I have done without my gun to stroke when feeling blue. I can now just sit and stroke it, not really thinking about shooting anything or anyone because that's not what they're really for, and just drool on myself, watch the news, and see if we can hit 20,000 gun deaths THIS year. This makes me feel good.(finger in nose)(farts)(tries to light it)I NEED my gun. And I'll kill any mutherfuker who tries to take it, I mean THEM, away. It's my damn right. I'm free, and that I can have a gun proves it. I'm a man. I'm a real man. I can kill something if I want. Someone can kill me, too, but this is a good thing because like me, they too are free. And that we have actually persuaded and influenced the courts to think the Second Amendment says a word about MY having some sort of right to own a gun...Hahahaha....Idiot liberals. I'm a man, and my gun proves it. The more I have, the more of a man I am. Every ignorant-ass Coulter-looking witch loves me because I'm a man. I shot a cat once and it felt good. My girlfriend said it tasted good, too. Yesterday when I was walking through the supermarket I realized something. When I was looking at the ice cream, I thought about what it would taste like. Then I looked at the toilet paper and thought about what it would feel like on my chapped, but manly, butt. I mean, true, it wasn't sandpaper, but it would do. I realized that when I looked at things, I usually thought about what they were made for, and my use of them. Then I saw a gun, but NO, I didn't think about using the gun for what it was made for, you know, shooting someone, or perhaps a can(giggle, giggle), I thought about wearing a bra. It was weird. Almost every item I looked at I thought about it's function except for the gun. But I'm STILL a man damnit! And my gun proves it. This country was built on guns. And it STILL sells guns all over the world to folks like, well, Saddam, etc... But this, too, proves that I'm a man. Saddam would have never thought about using guns either. He was a man. I mean, he was OUR man when at his worst, and this was cool. But, we found out later that he wasn't really a man and his lack of having any WMD is proof. If we can just make it manditory that ALL folks carry guns now I'll rest better. After all, as any man like myself knows, if everyone else has a gun the bad guys won't do anything because they know we all have guns, too. They are men though. Uhhh....(picks butt)....Shit! Where are my bullets? My goal is to make sure that Obama pushes every other government in the world who is jealous of the U.S. because, well, we have guns and are men, to all be armed as well. This is also help in our quest to stamp out terrorism...uhhh...somehow. But the terrorists aren't really men because, uhhh......well....they look different than us. An armed world. The perfect ending to my Christian life. Everyone just sitting around a campfire, singing the Lord's Prayer, polishing their guns, trying to make my hard-on less noticeable. If that's at all possible. I'm a man. A gun. My gun. GIven by god to ME because god IS a gun. I mean, some may think I'm exaggerating, but really I'm not. My gun told me. God told me. Uhh....(shart)...Uhhh....I think?

Che Gaiavera

Does this mean that that guy from Fast Times at Ridgemont High won't be the only guy in the Bay area who's packing any more?

Packing a weapon that is.

Fist of Etiquette

Justice John Paul Stevens wrote, "[The majority] would have us believe that over 200 years ago, the Framers made a choice to limit the tools available to elected officials wishing to regulate civilian uses of weapons."

The Founding Dads had no idea at the time they drafted it that future generations would continue to use the Constitution against the government. Who the fuck do the people think they are? The gall.

All I know is, arming the proletariat is never a good idea. Nancy Pelosi understands this. Thank the stars the Supreme Court hasn't yet taken away her right to control the message.

Fist of Etiquette

Ha! LAST!!!!


Does this mean that DicKKK Cheney will now be able to buy more guns?

Che Gaiavera

Yawn. Yes kb, I finished it months ago. It was pure bogeyman-in-my-closet, propagandist moonbattery just like the political articles of his I had read previously. He should ask Kos if he can be a contributor.

Che Gaiavera

And that is the last time I feed the trolls.

Che Gaiavera

All I know is, arming the proletariat is never a good idea.

You are so right correct, Fyst. The Romans understood this with Carthage. Shogun Hideyoshi understood this. (Armed fiefs are not cooperative come tax time.). The British understood this in their colonies and Ireland. The Turks understood this in Armenia.

Leave it to the unelected, unaccountable members of the SCOTUS to ignore history.



Why is it so hard for you to believe that someone has read Chomsky and still think he is full of shit?

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