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The Exorcist

"he's certainly a better choice than that doddering old geezer."

DAMN YOU CHOMSTEIN! That's a mean way to describe a crazy old WalMart greeter.

Fist of Predicate

I mean Obama.

Seems like you could have edited that original sentence rather than correct it after before publishing your post. Either way, I am certainly not ready to concede the nomination to this pretender. Not by a long shot.!

I mean Obama.

I understand the miss step perfectly Larry. When I meet someone I need to say their name out loud a couple of times or I forget it. They all look the same politically, other than color.

I mean gender.


Obama Bama Fo Fama
Ma Nanna Nanna Mo Mama
Fee Fie Fo Fama


I think it should be the new national anthem when he is selected, I mean, elected.!

Did any of you hear McCain's appealing to Hillary's delegates last night? The KKKonservatives are all upset about it but I think it was a shrewd move by McCain.

The way I figure it is that he is going to offer the VP to Hillary. This will take all of the Hillary supporters away from Obama. This won't be announced until after the Dem. convention. But before the Rep. convention so everyone can get used to the idea.

Bill will love it because we all not McCain will not live four more years. That will put Hillary in charge and she will appoint Bill to be her VP. This is what Bill wanted all along.

You never can underestimate the pure greed and power genius of the Clintons. Heck they are probably talking to the McCain staff about the idea right now.

Friend of USA

Dodger is fird?

Now that is a first!


Indeed, electing McCain would be like electing Bush to a third term...

Would it be better to elect Senora McCain to a Bush third term or Obamakazam to a Jimmah Carter second? Hmmmmmmmm

Fist of Etiquette

Not to beat a dead, um, horse, but didn't we all agree pretty much early on that Hillary was going to be the nominee? I don't even know that all the primaries and cockuses were necessary - or even legal - after that.

Lego Socialist

The many titted empress has failed us all, but she was running against a black/colored/Negro/African Non-American that Nancky Pelosi gave birth to...Yes, Nancky is Obama's Mama, The seed of "Hope" was a cocktail of semen from the progressive elite of the 50's and 60's. The Empress had no chance of winning!! She will be purged after the DNC orgy in Denver, Obama will announce that Bill Richardson will be his minority mate...uh, I mean running mate. This will be the ticket of Hope, Change, and Guacamole.

Thank You,

Lego Socialist

Obama/Richardson 08
The "You can't get more PC than that campaign."

mandible claw

McLame must not be allowed to win, no matter what!1!!

Lest he nominate that nice Indian fellow for his Veep. Sure his ethnicity is a plus (although being all Indian ((from India)) scores less progressive points than being partly a Bruthah) there's something I don't trust about him..


O, bummer!


It’s not too late! Hillary in 08!

Can’t Obama contract Ebola and keel over?

What does it take to put Bill and Hill back in the White House?


Coming down from the at last bong hit I now realize Hillary is done for!

The Devilish Black Race Bait Spade card always wins.

Please stick a fork in her.

mandible claw

Not to worry T1,

Sweet Hillary has already hinted that it ain't over 'til it's over.

Obama might want to check the (willing) suspension on his bus, it can't be in that great shape after going over an entire church..

You know, so it would be just toooo bad if the wheels mysteriously came off the bus and it accidentally plunged down a nearby ravine. But there'd be no way to tell if foul play was involved (wink wink)


Now that we are winning, what better time to surrender in Iraq?

Sorry Dodger.


Now that we are winning, what better time to surrender in Iraq?

What a good idea.
Wish I had thought of that.

Actually, I was just thinking, er, feeling, that this will be the first time in history that a black man has ever beat up a white women without getting a little "stick time" from the police.


Well said.


Well said.


Well said.


Phew, is typepad queer or what?

Fist of Etiquette

Just to be clear, for the general election, voter disenfranchisement reverts back to being a bad thing, right?

I hate losing track of what I'm supposed to be indignant about.


"Phew, is typepad queer or what?"


Justa Joe

"(willing) suspension" - MC

Is that the same as a compliant suspension?

Anyway I'm shocked. The media assured me that everyone loved the Clintons. Now her own party has seemingly rejected her in favour of a hitherto unknown. Instead of talking with the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt Hillary should have been talking to the ghost of Jane Byrne.

Typical White Idiot

Using my keen insight and extraordinary sense of perception, I see a landslide (48 states) coming in November for...Obama.

I mean McCain. Alas, poor Barry doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of pulling this off. My sensors tell me he'll be lucky to win 2 states. Yup, New Yawk and Californication.


Okay, okay, okay. Someone help me out here. From what I gather, some sort of "election" thing is going on here in the United States? Is that correct?

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