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Typical White Idiot


Fist of Etiquette

What do you expect from a man that bills himself as the second coming of Ronald Reagan? If you ask me, Hillary is taking entirely too long to demand a recount.

Friend of USA

...9/11 attacks were not just a felony misdemeanor, but an act of WAR.

some good liberals will tell you 9/11 was more like an air traffic violation, you know kind of like running a stop sign and then hitting a mail box.

Nothing a stiff fine could not have solved...


Damn. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Barack Henry Obama?!

mandible claw

Is Obama trying to queer the progressive vote completely?

He might as well have improperly punched a bunch of chads for McCain himself.

Talk about letting the team down.


A Special Message of Hope from Barack Obama

Dear Friend

You may feel this is a time for celebration, you may feel that finally, at long last, our crippled and divided nation, where the scars of racism and oppression are branded deep into the mean, shrivelled souls of the 450 million unhappy people who shamefacedly call themselves “Americans”, we are at last on the long road to becoming the country that our college professors, our rock musicians, our Hollywood megastars and George Soros have long believed we could be – and I am not saying you are wrong.

No, that’s not what I’m saying. That kind of confrontation is not my way. For too long our anguished and Bush-ridden nation has taken the path of confrontation, has put on its Angry Face, when all along there was another way, a way of reasonable negotiation and an honest search for understanding

Imagine, if President Roosevelt had shown the courage to sit down with Adolf Hitler and seek for a common ground, had FDR just come right out and said “Mein Fuhrer, what is it exactly that I can do for you and how soon may I do it?”, instead of rushing blindly into an illegal and unprovoked war, maybe millions of young Germans would be alive today and our country would not have tasted the bitter ashes of defeat. It’s this other way, a non-threatening and non-confrontational way, which I’ll bring to my frank personal negotiations with the Iranians when I fly to Iranistania with the surrender documents under my sinewy arm.

Where was I? Oh yeah – party time. Anyway, sure you can celebrate now. I mean, look at Michelle. If I’d known that this is what it would take to finally put a smile on that sour little face of hers, I’d have started running as soon as I was legal. You think Hillary’s bad tempered? Hillary’s like Gidget compared to Michelle, believe you me. But I digress. My point is, hey, let’s not go nuts with the victory celebrations, that’s all I’m saying.

Let’s remember how much work still needs to be done. While I honor my opponent’s service to this country, no matter how misguided, morally dubious or, indeed, criminal that service may have been, I still feel that I, not a white-haired, doddering, drooling, half-senile old man who has God only knows how many things medically wrong with him but whom I respect profoundly as a friend and colleague, since the politics of personal attack have never been my way, is able to deliver the sort of change our bitter, angry and confused people want and deserve.

The only person who can deliver that change, whether you want it or not, is me. As long as our laziest and most stupid citizens are denied the fruits of the American Dream, as long as we continue to refuse to accept our deserved defeat and humiliation in Iraq, as long as we continue to think of ourselves as “something special”, instead of as the sullen collection of planet-raping, minority-oppressing, gun-hugging and sexually inadequate nobodies that you all are, well, the need for change will be there and so will I.

So, to sum up: America bad, Barack good. Enjoy the fruits of my victory now but remember to vote in November and, once that formality is out of the way, we can really get down to the serious business of making this a country Michelle and I can finally be proud of.
Have a nice day

Your pal


mandible claw

Posted by: artboyusa | June 19, 2008 at 03:34 AM

I am in awe.... *prostrates self*

Ever thought of starting a blog yourself? I'd read it

mandible claw

Righteo boyos!! Eye'm off for a pint then!11!!!

See you sorry bastids next toime!!!11!!!

Fist of Etiquette

Reading the senator's speech doesn't give me the same quality erection as listening to him deliver it himself. In fact, it sort of comes across a little backhanded in places.


Given the chance, they would have killed Bin Laden in complete defiance of Barack Obama - Larry

Wooha, let’s backup, without squishing Hillary, and take a bong hit.

Now, was not Hillary the last person to go under the Bus?


But, what does that mean?

Bus wheels are killers?

Can Hillary pry her cold dead fingers from Obama’s bus wheel?

Hardly, you know Osama will appear in all his celluloid glory!

Then, Obama will take him out with his bus in front of CNNN.

It is the same old trick he did on Hillary.

It’s a win-win spin situation…

Unless you’re Hillary who is still orbiting the left rear wheel of Obama’s bus.

I say free Free Tokie! Free Hillary!

Big bus wheel keep on turning… and Proud Hillary should keep on burning!

Oh, to heck with the Big bus wheels and Obama.

Pass the bong!

Vote for Hillary – as an Independent!

Or, you will be next one under the Bus!


So, is he going to hook up with Gore as running mate?

Friend of USA

Meet two Obama supporters
( complete story at Gatewaypundit)

Hebba Aref, was an official of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), in charge of proselytizing. The Chicago Tribune identified the MSA as part of the American manifestation of the Sunni terrorist group, Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen--The Muslim Brotherhood. Aref served on the executive board of the University of Michigan-Dearborn's MSA, which demanded and obtained tax-funded Muslim foot bats at that university, a story [Gatewaypundit] broke on this site last year.

And Shimaa Abdelfadeel, the other woman allegedly excluded by the Obama campaign, was chair of SAFE, a University of Michigan-Ann Arbor group that hosted the 2002 Divestment Conference against Israel at which "Annihilate the Jews!" was chanted and Islamic Jihad founder Sami Al-Arian was keynote speaker. She's the author of vehement anti-Israel vitriol and propaganda.

... ... ...

Decades ago there were water fountains "for whites only" in the USA and now there are foot bats for Muslims only,

now that is what I call change!

Friend of USA

In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, enough to power 232 average American households for a month.

In the year since Al Gore took steps to make his home more energy-efficient, the former Vice President’s home energy use surged more than 10%, according to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.

... ... ...

Democrats are all about change,

a 10% increase in energy used is change.

change for the worse is still change.


and this time he doesn't even bother with a source ...


We all know that some demographics are more equal than others. This doesn't surprise me.

Friend of USA

and this time he doesn't even bother with a source ...


As long as I am the source of your soreness, I'm happy!

Friend of USA

No x3 I do not have a source of Al Gore's hypocrisy,

Is it the way he was raised?

Is it in his genes?

Maybe Tipper does not give him enough sex?!

Boy oh Boy, that Obama should be a regular commenter on BB.

Did you hear his campaign is not going to take any federal money.

I guess he has more than he needs since the MSM is not charging him for all of the free stories they do night and day and day and night. Or maybe he has something to hide? You know if you let the government in with its money it wants to know way more than it should about the other money and where it comes from. It gets complicated and embarrassing to explain. Also in the age of the internet and all, they want everything filled out in triplicates with carbon paper. Oh, they will allow that new stuff that does not look like carbon paper, but is.

And with a final note on who maybe investing in Obama's war chest. Here is were it's all at!


The Saudi Family is channeling? Wow. Didn't know they could buy up their clerics to pollute Religion of Pieces.


Fook ye!! All ye Bloody Americans who think yer better than all'a'us!! Fook ye!! Oy'm off ta have pint'a Guiness.
With mah boyfriend.

Eileen Shamrock

Well, I never. Anyone thet thinks we say "fook" is madder'n the snake thet married the garden hose. And we don't never say "mah" neither Bubba! Y'all need a lotta practice at this here "brogue" stuff.


Hundreds of Detainees Died in U.S. Custody - at Least 25 Murdered

At yesterday's House Judiciary 'Subcommittee on Civil Rights' hearing on torture, Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, told Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) that over 100 detainees have died in U.S. custody, with up to 27 of these declared homicides.

We're so JEALOUS we're not Americans.
No wonder we're green ...


Shame on the United States. Goddamn America.

Fist of Etiquette

In the year since Al Gore took steps to make his home more energy-efficient, the former Vice President’s home energy use surged more than 10%, according to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.

Finally, a surge that's working. It's so sad to watch the proletariat try to wrap its limited mind around demands placed on the big thinkers of the Party. Take away former Vice President Gore's extra piece of the pie and you risk everyone forgetting that they're killing the planet with their runaway consumption.


It took Congress long enough to uncover Bush's gas chambers. (Hopefully Congressional Democrats don't dig too deep. I would hate to find out that detainees were killing each other!)

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