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TJ's Anti-Contrarian Blog

People pay big money for those spa treatments in Hanoi hotels, and McLame got them for free!!!

You see what kind of advantages the rich have?!?! Damn rich white devils!


Not just free, but he gets a monthly payment for getting them, instead of giving it back to a Purpel Heart Hero like Jean Fraude.


Don't discount the bad streets of HI. Just ask Dog.

mandible claw

That would be Mandy who claims to be an Australian??
But who calls himself "patriotic" about America on another thread? Very very odd ...

Posted by: xxxxliberal | June 13, 2008 at 06:18 AM

It's nice to see that you still haven't gotten over your obsession with me.. although more than a little creepy.

No matter. As a certified practitioner of holistic medicine, I prescribe you a three week intensive "back to nature" course at our retreat near Enumclaw, followed by a solid week of physical training that consists of me choking yo' bitch ass out and then bitch slapping your lifeless body til it turns purple.

This will cleanse your chakras of their unhealthy fascination with what I write on the internet.

It's touch and go whether it will assist with purging teh ghey from your body, however.
Exy, update your fricking blog dude, you're letting the team down.




BTW, I thought that I should point out that ObaMessiah did NOT go to VietNam so he never learned to kill innocent people in a fashion reminiscent of JenJis Khan which is why he will bring peace to the world once he is elected.
As usual, my logic is unassailable and impeccable.

The Exorcist

"Exy, update your fricking blog dude, you're letting the team down."---HandyManny

Can a brother just get through a mourning period for an overweight workaholic first? No, not Hillary, I'm talking about the guy who ended up on the business end of Cheney's hunting rifle, Mr. Russert.

Besides, there's so few things I do in life as well as let the team down that I'm reluctant to tamper with the formula.

Fist of Etiquette

With the Supreme Court closing Gitmo, I expect we will he hearing from the following people very soon:

Dangerous Dave
Menstrual Rainbow
Talking Toaster
Rocky Mtn. Lioness
UN Doctor
Mr. Baldo
Speaks Truth to Chimps
Kinky Bee


Hey, what about me!

I am a prison guard at club Gitmo!

Err… Personal white glove Koran handler.

And believe me those things are slippery


Why won’t that toilet flush? Is it clogged?


I need a bath. My turban is slipping.


I'm hurt.


"I am a prison guard at club Gitmo!
Err… Personal white glove Koran handler.
And believe me those things are slippery
Why won’t that toilet flush? Is it clogged?"

Posted by: T1 | June 16, 2008 at 10:09 PM

All the jokes in the world won't make it either legal or moral. You do realise that, don't you.
But when did America worry about "illegal" or "immoral" when it came to doing what it wants to citizens of other countries? (and nowadays, even its own.)

Fist of Etiquette

Dodger, you poseur! While I acknowledge that you may indeed be in Cuba, you're not at Guantanamo Bay. Bush doesn't allow prisoners basic human rights like free Internet access, and I've seen you yapping at BlameBush! pretty nonstop since I emigrated here from DailyKos.

T1, have fun at Nuremberg. Newsweek says you're going down.

Fist of Etiquette

PTPFP, ah-fucking-ha! I suspected some on that list were not actually being detained by the Great Satan, but either trolling around here making comments under different names or, worse yet, not commenting at all. Each according to his abilities, motherfuckers!


"but either trolling around here making comments under different names"

Oh indeed. Lots of THAT going on. Like where did big fuck-off lock-jaw come from? The clear blue sky? Little Mandy has been around the block many times.


And learned nothing. LOL

mandible claw

Little Mandy has been around the block many times.

Posted by: xxxxliberal | June 17, 2008 at 01:13 AM

Funny, each time around I noticed you on the same street corner. Business a bit slow these days then?

mandible claw

A Special Message of Hope from Barack Obama

Dear Friend

He comes from a family with a tradition of service to our nation which stretches back over generations, he is an American hero who has given more for his country than most of us could ever imagine, a man of conviction and passion who has never been afraid to do what he thought was right, a man of character, experience and imagination who can be counted on to defend this country to the full in a dangerous world.

Yes, there are many reasons for us progressives to hate John McCain but there’s one more, a big one, and that’s what I want to share with you today. Did you know that John McCain is QUITE OLD?

It’s true! He’s really OLD – he’s 71. That’s a full twenty five years OLDER than the youthful energy and vigor which I so unremittingly personify. Just imagine how OLD Senator McCain would be if we counted in dog years!

Now, I’m not disrespecting my opponent simply because he is OLD, bent, doddering, riddled with Alzheimer’s and needs to be fed by hand –not at all. The politics of personal attack have never been my way. After all, I understand only too well what it means to be “different”; it’s a lesson I learned on the mean streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

When my white friends and I would get out of class over at the Law School we’d head down to the Casablanca or the Harvest and everyone would order Coors or Michelob or whatever and be served without demur – just like it promises in the Constitution.

But there was one day, though, when America finally showed me her true, ugly, racist, hateful, fear-ridden face. We were in the Casablanca when the bartender turned to me and said, in that innuendo-laden way white people have, “What will it be , sir?” and I said “Lowenbrau” and there was a little pause and everyone stopped talking and that white bartender looked away, unable to meet my eyes, and muttered something about “Sorry, Barry. All out of Lowy. How about a Beck’s?”

I drank it, of course. What choice did I have? But inside me a fire was lit that day which no beer, foreign or domestic, could quench. From that day I knew then that I’d give the rest of my life to building an America where no citizen of any color, even the really interesting shades, would ever have to settle for a Beck’s when what he really wanted was a Lowenbrau.

But enough of my story of victimization; I’m sure you all have your own tales to tell about how America let you down, otherwise why would you be so sullen and fearful, clinging to your guns and believing in your “God”? Lucky for you I came along to galvanize you with my message of hope!

I respect Senator McCain as a friend and a colleague - I could no more disown him than I could disown my white grandmother, whom I love all the way from the thin, white hair on her twitching, senescent head down to the Depends undergarments swaddling her unpredictable bowels and who reminds me in so many ways of my opponent, who like my Nana, is also QUITE OLD.

Our friends in the media, which means all of them, are already onboard with this “McCain = Too OLD” thing and they’re doing a great job for us but I just want to take this opportunity to remind all of us in the progressive community how vitally important it is to communicate a positive message of hope and change to save our Recession-haunted, Bush-ridden, deeply racist and ignorant country from falling into the palsied, liver-spotted hands of an OLD man who would probably sleep right through that 3 a.m. phone call even though he went to bed right after dinner but whom I nevertheless deeply respect and admire for his two centuries of service to this country, no matter how wrongheaded or indeed criminal that service may have been and who is also now QUITE OLD.

Have a great day (if you can somehow bear to go on living in this flawed country)

Your pal



Funny, each time around I noticed you on the same street corner. Business a bit slow these days then?

Posted by: mandible claw | June 17, 2008 at 01:31 AM

Sad that you can't get it any other way, Mandy. It must be humiliating driving around like that.

Oh by the way, you seem to have "missed" all the stuff I posted on the previous thread -- the stuff you can't answer. Like, you know? But don't worry about it. I know composing credible answers to me is hard work.

The Exorcist



Exorcist doth protest too much.

The Exorcist



Exorcist doth protest too much, again.

The Exorcist


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