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mandible bore

Bask in the glory of the one hundredth commment.

Posted by: Fist of Etiquette | June 21, 2008 at 06:59 AM

Don't you mean 100th commandment? When it was revealed that the mysterious "God" character the text was supposedly inspired by, was actually B. Hussein Obama, the whole thing was re-written in the spirit of liberalism. Thusly, about 15,000 new commandments were added, to ensure that anything not forbidden is mandatory.

Commandment 100 outlines how it is a sin to emit carbon and to keep the furnace at 73 degrees.


Did anybody see that the Chimperor murdered George Carlin this weekend? He went to the hospital with chest pains and died from heart failure. If we had Obama's Universal Health Care, Carlin would still be alive in the waiting room today!


I didn't know Universal Health Care can defy death itself.

mandible bore

^^ It defies economics, why shouldn't it cheat death too?


Bwahahahahahaha! Good one, MC!


It is?


Lunatics are beginning to blame Hillary Clinton for the death of Tim Russert.
There's your red flag. When lunatics begin to blame sudden death, heart failure on the "Clintonistas" the fix is in -is truth the casualty of this unprecedented, hostile mess?

Why didn't they give us the cause of George Carlin's death -heart failure is a generic term -it describes the "cause" of every death -even the deaths of murder victims.

Carlin's death is suspicious because he was under the assault of the the likes of right wing lunatics like O'reilly, who violently blasted Carlin for suggesting that the United States is responsible for 9/11. (in fact, Carlin merely said 'you reap what you sow') God Help Carlin if he dared to expres his own opinion.

After Carlin died, self absorbed O'Reilly dug up an old clip from an interview in 2001 showing him confronting Carlin about using "the F word". Then to make it even more inflammatory to his faithful viewers, he left in a part where Carlin is critical of the church, a red flag of disapproval for "the folks".

He included no tribute to Carlin's long and trailblazing career. The best he could muster was condolences to his family and a comment that he was a "witty guy."

Is this hostility the climate which is responsible for Carlin's "heart failure"? -just in time to deny George Carlin the spotlight as the recipient of the Mark Twain award.

In the final analysis even if Carlin and Russert were not murdered, it does not matter.

The hostility which leads people to consider the possibility of murder is in itself, NOT ACCEPTABLE !


Your satire is wicked. I think Carlin would have gotten a Nobel Prize if he hadn't kicked the bucket.


queerbert, you are a dicktard. It is known that dicktards like to feel morally erect and superior to others, even though they have a history of deflating rapidly when faced with rebuttals and will grasp at any excuse, however lame, to show that 'they' are above the same limpness.


Wah wah dicktard blah blah leftard rightard blah shit fuckwit blah wah wah "erect" blah dicktard bladdy bladdy wah wah evidence and wah wah and blah blah.

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