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Fist of Etiquette

I see a facefull of buckshot in McClelland's future.

Chomstein, don't you think it's high time you set down the "Living, Breathing 9/11 Commission Report" and scoop up a copy of Scott's tell-all?




The Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, revenge is that (I know that this is news) he has a daughter, Mary, who is a Lesbian who likes other Lesbians.


Valerie Plame worked for the CIA?!?
Who spilled those beans?

Fist of Etiquette

Mary Cheney isn't even an American citizen? I bet she's just as mad as her fellow islanders that the gays have stolen that name.


Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) vowed to leave no taxpayer dollar unspent to find out what else Scott McClellan doesn't know and, if necessary, launch impeachment proceedings against Dick Cheney...” –Larry

Who needs facts when feelings will suffice?

With Scott McClaims testimony and my suspicious feeling about Cheney we should start impeachment hearings immediately – and let no tax dollar go unspent!

In addition, Sweet Hillary, with her 16 years of experience in the White House should signal Obama to surrender his delegates and money to Hillary and gracefully exit his fruitless and blunder filled campaign.

Hillary with her vast war chest and huge following could become the first Independent Woman to occupy the White House (Warchest is just a figure of speech but don’t get too close and poke your eye out on it).

Sure, there could be some political healing…

Obama could be the Secretary of the Shoe Shine Department or the Small Change Department.

Remember: “It’s not too late! Hillary in 08!”


When is MandyBoy going to explain how he spends tax dollars for detainees in Guantanamo and Bagram?


Somehow, I just KNOW Cheney was driving Ted Kennedy's car. Karl Rove told me. Ms. Plame had to make sure that no one was going to call her or take her pictures after her secret decoder ring fell into the wrong hands.

Oh, and it is Bush's fault.!

. . .he doubts PeeResident Shrubya ordered . . .

. . .the total lack of evidence . . .

. . .McClellan doesn't know . . .

Wishful thinking, make believe, never never land, the magic kindom . . .

They all run together. I see a new ride at Disney Land or one of the other theme parks in the making.

You would ride a chair in front of a table. In a wood paneled wall and richly appointed large room you would pass by a number of old men, some sleeping, others talking to an aid, some listing and asking leading inane questions. Stopping in front of one of these congressmen persons a question of no meaning or relevance would be directed to you. Your answer should be the most fanciful, imaginative or controversial lie you could think of. If you didn't you would not move to the next question. You could reply with a leading question on the same subject as the question asked or you could just Blame Bush.

When you got through the ride they would give you your fare back but you would need to sign your book for them.

If you are interested in my idea I am taking investment contribution and will provide my PayPal account as soon as I have a commitment of $1,000,000 in startup capital.


Dammit Chomstein,

You are way behind. Bush is obviously behind the levee breaches in Obama's home state of Illinois, he caused my neighbor's lawnmower to break down for no apparent reason, and of course there is this little gem that was overlooked in the mainstream media that I thought YOU would catch it....

he is up to no good again. But what?

As we all know George Bush's grandfather was named Prescott.

Ironically, KSM's military counsel is also named Prescott.

Navy Cpt. Prescott Prince, chief military counsel to Khalid Sheik Mohammed told TIME

Larry, that Dammned George Bush is up to no good again, but what?

Also he is responsible for an internet crime as well. this link is supposed to redirect to a photo of janet jackson's tit from the superbowl halftime show....

Instead that damned george bush,

He misdirects the link....but why?

All this is going on and you are writing about Mclellan. WTF? Yesterday Morning, I turn on CNN and the first thing I see our congress doing is debating Horse was a great segway to the afternoon's dealing with the Horses Ass Mclellan!

Get on the ball chomstein, get back to things that matter!

TJ's Anti-Contrarian Blog

It's so obvious...there is no proof so it must be a cover up. There is no other rational explanation.

Funny things happen in the Chocolate City


When is MandyBoy going to explain how he spends tax dollars for detainees in Guantanamo and Bagram?

Posted by: q_banned_from_57_varieties_4 | June 21, 2008 at 05:27 AM

I'm looking forward to that explanation too. After all, he did refer to 'our' tax dollar. But he's an Australian living in Asia - he says. I had no idea the Ozzies were funding Gitmo.

Fist of Etiquette

Former President Bill Clinton and his band Parliament invented the term Chocolate City back in the 70's and I, for one, hope that he sues Spikely and Nagin and TJ for plagiarism.

On the other hand, chocolate is heart smart these days (I think), so have at it.


Yup, chocolate's healthy.

In small quantities.


21 Jun 2008

The UN atomic watchdog chief warned on Saturday that an attack on Iran over its controversial nuclear programme would turn the region into a fireball, as Tehran rejected any Israeli strike as "impossible." Mohamed ElBaradei also warned that he would not be able to continue in his role as International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director general if the Islamic republic were attacked.

"A military strike would spark the launch of an emergency programme to make atomic weapons, with the support of all Iranians, including those living abroad," he said.


Sounds more like a conflict of interest. Moving on: How is Ireland doing in their assimilation of the Roma?

TJ's Anti-Contrarian Blog



Friend of USA

All good things come to those who wait,

( From UNwatch )

9/11 Conspiracy Theorist Begins Post As UN Expert On Palestine

Finally, in light of the concerns expressed by the President of this Council -- in the newspaper Le Temps and elsewhere -- about the credibility of this council on the Middle Eats[sic], could you tell us what credibility you expect your reports to have when leading newspapers such as The Times of London are commenting on your support for the 9/11 conspiracy theories of David Ray Griffin, who argues, and I quote from the Times article of April 15th, “that no plane hit the Pentagon,” and that “the World Trade Center was brought down by a controlled demolition”?

Thank you, Mr. President.

... ... ...

Finally sane people at the UN!!!111!1!!

Friend of USA

We all know Israel shoots those Kasam rockets at itself.

Friend of USA

( from Yahoo news )

BRUSSELS, Belgium - European Union leaders want their nations to fingerprint all foreign visitors and take other new steps to keep out illegal immigrants as part of a sweeping security overhaul proposed Friday.

... ... ...

I expect a 42 pages long comment condemning this EU human right crime from our resident leftist any minute now...

but I will not hold my breath...


Or that totalitarian governments are not leftist, but won't provide examples of same, then denies it's substandard boot got kicked.
Booty being ebonic for 'ass.'


"it's substandard boot got kicked"

The poor thing is confused. Again.


So's FoUSA. He thinks people making a "proposal" is a human rights abuse. Clever. Not to mention that "EU leaders" don't always get what they 'want'. As Ireland's referendum showed ...

Sergeant Russ

ALL RIGHT! I've had enough of you panty-waisted red-diaper commie-ass-sniffing America-hating sympathizers!

Either drop down and give me fifty like a real red blooded American male military recruit or I'm gonna have to break out the fire equipment and hose you hippies down like we did in the 60's you pathetic waste of human skin!



LOLOLOL @ "Sergeant Russ"!!

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