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Fist of Etiquette

I guess it's good then that the DNC saved all that money on not counting those Florida and Michigan primary votes.




Just got out from working in the crawlspace. Seems the previous owner was growing shrooms under there. And he had these cute little frogs too. I always wondered why he kept miniature cows.

Who is Balack Diorama and why is he running for president. Last thing I remember before going under the house was George Dukakis driving a tank. Wow.



Fist of Etiquette

So maybe Senator Obama still takes a taste of some of that luscious lobby booty. So what if a brutha gets a lil sumpin sumpin on the side, you know what I'm sayin? It's like I say, what my baby's momma don't know...!

Sense Obama is getting free MSM air time he does need money? Also as I understand it he will borrow the money and have congress pay off the debt after he is elected or not.

Of course with gas at $4.50+ who do you think is financing the election after the hearing a week or so ago?

I also heard that even if he is not a member of that church. Most black churches are passing the plate two or three time at all services to get their boy MAN in.


Mo' money, mo' money!!!





Why won’t Obama Big Daddy Big Bucks send some of that cash to Hillary so she can run as an independent!

It’s only fair that we progressives have alternative choice.

And, some Change... in the rules of the game.

Sure, Obama speaks in tongues and is a Typical Black Lawyer but, can’t he at least trickle down on Hillary…

I mean golden shower on Hillary…

Err, shower her with some money?

What does he want?

The entire United States under his dumb tong… I mean dumb thumb.


larry, i wish u would reconsider the messiah, there iz a utube video of him banging his fists with his wife if this doesnt say he should be ruler 4 life i dont know what wood.


If you rearrange the letters in "Barack Obama", you get "Arab Back Mao"



Friend of USA

Our future Vice President, Barack Obama, has declared that neither he nor the Democrat Party will accept any more contributions from federal lobbyists or political action committees.It's a bold and risky move...

You know what would be an even riskier and bolder move?

If Obama and the democrat party were to win over McCain in november and they were to refuse to be in charge of the most murderous evil nation in the world!

Now that would be change I can believe in.

The Exorcist

"Obama speaks in tongues and is a Typical Black Lawyer"

White lawyers don't speak in tongues?

Perhaps you've never been in attendance for one of Mr. Edwards' seances.

Justa Joe

Soros is funding B. Hussein, and Soros is hardly a special interest.

Judge Janice Rogers Brown:
Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on Far Right Nominee Brown

Libby Gone™

Much like his father sent us into the quagmire of Somolia, days before he left office, giving William the Great a headache right off the bat, this undergrowth Bush has another guarranteed failure lined up to hurt his successor....


YES! Exorcist nails it! Not only do white lawyers speak in tongues, I have it on good authority that most lawyers of the reptilian ilk shed their skins and sell them for suits to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ted Kennedy and Jean-Fraude Kerry.

Fist of Etiquette

As much as I love Hillary Clinton, I will admit it's enticing to see an outsider working to bring some of that smalltown, common sense, man-of-the-people sensibility that Chicago politicians are known for. Washington could use the breath of fresh air.

Typical White Idiot

I'd rather have a RAC in front of me than a PAC behind me.

Son of the South

I agree with Fist. The Clintons are humble people. Not overly ambitious. Probably don't make a lot of money. Just like normal folks.

Quick questions: Chelsea (sp?) just started working, right? At a hedge fund, right? Do hedge funds give first-year employees about twenty weeks or so of vacation? Just wondering...

Have a nice day,

Son of the South

Oh, and hedge funds are like community outreach firms, right? I mean, they're not capitalists or anything like that, are they? No Democrat would let their only child go to work in some cesspool of profit-making would they?

The Exorcist

"No Democrat would let their only child go to work in some cesspool of profit-making would they?"

Of course, not!

Just like no child of a Demoncrat would let their only mother go to work for Treetop or any other WalMart supplier.


And no child of a Democrat would ever go see a Clint Eastwood movie because he and Spike Lee disagree about film making.

Hillary has a sharkskin suit. She will don it when the time comes.


"I'd rather have a RAC in front of me than a PAC behind me."

That depends on the persyns involved...BREEDER!!!


When Hillary was fishing coins out of the urinal, was she standing or sitting the time?


When Hillary was fishing coins out of the urinal, was she standing or sitting at the time?

Mookie Da Paducah

Obama don't want no mo cheddah
Cud he know dat he beddah
Den da Ole White Slave Owner McCain
Obama gots a big brain

All dat fee edakayshun fum Merkin skooz dun me reel gud.

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