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Intellectual Conservative


Intellectual Conservative

The funny thing is I remember back in the first days of Bill Clinton the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) did this study on revenues gained for taxing what they called 'the wealthy' and they took it out to 100% of all income being taxed. They actually projected year after year how much the Feds would get from taking 100% of someone's income. As if .. common sense would not kick in and anyone who has 100% of their income taken would not a> hide it or b> leave the country?

Heck, even KB or Yrysh would start hiding money if the tax man came by and didn't even leave them money for food or shelter ..

Intellectual Conservative

Let me elaborate a bit .. the study actually was taken out to a 100% tax rate. Not just taxing every dollar ... TAKING every dollar.

Fist of Etiquette

Barack Obama doesn't care about black gold.!

Nice try but Obama is offering change that beats free because you can go and by a Coke or something afterward.

Looks like it worked because the MSM has given Obama the state. One of the many things he gets from them for free.

Did any hear Rush (sorry for cursing)today. He reported that the right Rev. Wright stole his wife from one of his members. Damn, talk about marriage counciling with a different outcome. I am looking for the scripture to OK this. Probably something to do with 2 Samuel 12:1-9


In light of this, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.

mandible claw


As Chomstein correctly pointed out, the truthiness of progressive philosophy outweighs any number of meaningless "facts" or "figures" Reichwing ekkkonomists could pull out of their asses using "analysis" and "calculations."

Thankfully our dedicated progressive journalists are taking shifts around the clock staking out downtown pawn shops and interview customers (while perusing third hand brush cutters and broken drum kits), they will inform us of the precise instant at which the U.S. plunges into economic ruin and we all have to move to KKKanada and build igloos on top of mass graveyards where the Catholics slaughtered helpless Indonesians.

mandible claw

With all the attention on Hillary's inevitable presidency, we have lost sight of what is really at stake for America..

and that is..

that Mary Cheney, the daughter Vice President Richard Milhouse "Dick" Cheney, is a homosexual lesbian who is attracted to other lesbian homosexual lesbians. She enjoys long walks at twilight and is more concerned with inner beauty than outer appearances when choosing a homosexual lesbian to be her lesbian homosexual partner.


The polls are probably closed, so that means there's still plenty of time to get out there and vote in the more Democratic areas. –Liberal Larry

Exactly, those electronic voting machines will still register your vote. You would be surprised how far data programming has come – especially if you know the right people.

It’s not too late – Hillary in 08!

mandible claw

Free Gas for North Carolinans!

... Hillary made fajitas for dinner and is going to have Bill fart in North Carolina's general direction.

Say, this is fun! Wonder when the trolls are going to pop out from under the bridge (that Shrub didn't manage to destroy yet by diverting the national guard to Texas to keep watch over his oil)

mandible claw

Chomstein what's going to happen to this blog when Hillary wins? You're going to be fucked man, you'd have to change it to BlameBillOReilly or ReamRushWhereHisCystsAre or something to keep that neat alliteration going.

mandible claw

seventh to twelth are all me, baby. is that some kind of record? oh wait that englebert sock puppet thing did like 35 consecutive posts in the last thread. there goes my record then, crap.


Lower gas prices by taxing Big Oil? BRILLIANT!! Maybe we should tax Big Wal-Mart and Big SuperMarkets at a higher rate so they'll be forced to lower their prices too!

Che Gaiavera

I thought this guy's idea was good, but FREE?! That's brilliant! Hillary should totally put governmental caps on gas prices. That's the only way our KKKountry will wean itself of the teat of foreign oil.


"oh wait that englebert sock puppet thing did like 35 consecutive posts in the last thread."

That was you. You wrote a bloody novella. (What was your job again? The one you find so boring?)

"there goes my record then, crap."

Lordy ... it takes little to amuse some folks ... By the way, Mandy, if you think anyone is going to climb through your interminable screed on the previous thread, I think you'll be waiting. But some of my mates may reply. Who knows ...

"That's the only way our KKKountry will wean itself of the teat of foreign oil."

It's OIL you need to wean yourself off, Che, foreign or otherwise. But I'm glad that you recognise that most of it IS foreign, and not yours for the taking. Nice one.

Fist of Etiquette

I don't know if I agree that all oil is automatically bad just because most of it comes from Arab soil. That seems a bit racist.

Anyway, it looks like some dirty tricks in North Carolina cost Senator Clinton the nomination, this week. Tim Russert may be calling the race, but last time I checked Hillary's ankles weren't broken yet. She's in it to win it.


Your optimism is admirable, FoE.

Fist of Etiquette

Hey, if I can will an economic downturn simply by continuously saying one is coming, then I can get Hillary into the nomination.

Typical White Niggra

Well, it appears that not enough people took Chomstiens advice and that means no free gas for them Nordic Carolinians.



"In North Carolina, Obama was ahead 56-42. His popular vote advantage was more than 230,000.

"In Indiana, Clinton squeezed out a 50.5 to 49.5 win. Her popular vote advantage was barely 20,000.

"Bottom Line No. 1: Obama has come out of a night that was supposed to be a mixed one for him with a solid boost in his delegate total. He now leads Clinton by almost 150 pledged delegates and the gap is widening.

"Bottom Line No. 2: Barack Obama has finished the night with a tremendous improvement in his popular vote total -- a boost so significant that it now seems all but certain that he will finish the primary competition with an overall popular-vote advantage."

That's what I'm reading ...

The Exorcist

"Especially for Black males between the ages of 18 and 35"


I make too much money to get the free shit from the government and now the USofKKKa is using age discrimination to deprive me of free gas.


The Exorcist

"a boost so significant that it now seems all but certain that he (Osama) will finish the primary competition with an overall popular-vote advantage."

Yet he's still going to get his narrow ass handed to him by a hobbled old man come November.

Che Gaiavera

When Hillary is President, the US will start actually paying for the oil it uses instead of just taking it, which will make our largest oil importer (Canadia) happy. Higher oil prices will, of course, increase our production of biofuels, which unfortunately means peasants don't get to eat this month because of the high price of grain. Also, non-OPEC countries like Brazil will continue clear-cutting rain forests to plant biofuel crops. And raping Gaia while mining and smelting Nickel will increase to meet demand for the growing number of idiots greenies buying hybrids. Not everyone drives hybrids, of course. Some people plug their electric cars into the wall, where clean electricity magically appears without the need for polluting powerplants or fish-killing dams.

Why does OPEC hate poor people?


Turlough Hill doesn't kill fish.


Because it's not a dam.
Now, if the USA had spent the last 40 years building Turlough Hill equivalents all over America ...

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