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Che Gaiavera

Did the CSC provide guidance on who pays the dowry?


Che has a personal interest.

Che Gaiavera

Of course I have a personal interest. I'm a liberal. I'm just biding my time until myn-horse matrimony is recognized.

Fist of Etiquette



Will yrysh/Mack/Forest Hump move to CA to realize hyr dream?

Friend of USA

A heterosexual man in California had to chose between selling his grand mother's tea pot for 6 dollars or marrying another man so they could share the high cost of living in the worst US recession in history!

That is why this whole gay thing is happening now, the Democrats are trying to save the US economy through gay marriage.

Friend of USA

Imagine what they could achieve by legalizing polygamy!


If Jodie Foster had only known of the Court's decisio...

mandible claw

Our resident friends of Dorothy from across the pond might rethink their views of the US of KKKA given this news


The divorce proceedings might be entertaining...

mandible claw

The Jews ain't got nothing on the gheys, man.

All the gheys ever tried to do was make everyone's lives a little more fabulous, and what does Bushitler do but ban bum-sex and have his Gestapo march them all into death camps for enjoying a natural and beautiful rectal reaming.

On the other hand the fricking zionists have started basically every war that has ever occurred including all the ones that other people started, and are always trying to take over the world with their evil plots.

Dr Ron Paul told me in the previous thread that they are planning not only to invade Myanmar, but also move it from South Asia to the Middle East - can you imagine the cheek?

Intellectual Conservative


What SANE man would ** WANT ** to deal with more than one woman's crap??

lol lol ..


There goes IC, laughing at himself again ...


IC seems to have been putting it pretty good to megatwat and her sockpuppets...

*beep beep!*

Libby Gone™

Ah California where the men are gay and the sheep are safe.


Is gay divorce legal yet?

Intellectual Conservative

I'd STILL like to meet the salesman who sold Mega on being at a job you have to PAY to be at (her NGO). God in Heaven, if I had a dozen of those kind of salesmen, I'd own the freakin' planet within a week .. :)

That's even better than the world's greatest T-shirt salesman, Che Guevara (Not to be confused with Che Gaiavera here)


Oh you double-posted it here IC$$? In case your brilliance was missed? I've answered you on the previous thread.


I'm sure all of you will be glad to see that I've eliminated those pesky 'line breaks'.
I'm not the computer whiz that Mega is.


"I'd own the freakin' planet within a week .."

And why the hell would anyone want to do that?
You just can't stop bragging, IC$$, no matter how ridiculous you sound. And believe me, you do.


xxxxlaxlibtard is just jealous because all he owns is a gravesite.


Hm. Any time you seek to put down IC, you bring up his alleged spamming which was NEVER PROVEN, but when
you get your nose rubbed in your shite, like banning Janny, you want to dismiss it. As you projected about me earlier, you are a liar and a hypocrite.


Priceless, ftl, just priceless.

Intellectual Conservative

Not only am I not bragging, I am in complete awe and admiration of that salesman who got you to do that. I'd bow bwfore THAT man in person, in awe of their superior sales skills :)


"I am in complete awe and admiration of that salesman who got you to do that."-IC$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Got her to do what?
And how many more friggin idiotic remarks are you going to make?

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