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Intellectual Conservative


Menstrual Rainbow

Yet New Jersey has still never given an apology for giving the world Bon Jovi.

The Exorcist

"Eliza Moore, Negro, died Wednesday at the home of Charlie Brown, Jr.,"

AHA, Chomstein!

It turns out that Franklin was just as much a part of the family as Strom Thurmond's litte girl, Essie Mae, was.

Well, isn't that convenient?

Maybe you'd like to pull the football out from under my foot now, just for old times sake!

annoying five year old

That'll show Rev. Sharpton! Better that NJ resign from the Union in disgrace.

annoying five year old

When will New Hampshire apologize for giving 'the nod' to Hillary?

Fist of Etiquette

I ask you, where is former President Clinton's forty acres and a mule? Yeah.


When will Larry straighten out the order of the posts?
(And apologise for causing confusion.)

annoying five year old

Larry isn't going to do that, you troll. When are you going to apologize for trolling on his blog?


Actually, no, Larry has no control over his blog.

It's been HACKED!! by the Irish posters (who also have Fanny's house bugged, and her car, and her phone and her computer.) The Irish posters have juggled Larry's posts. Isn't it obvious????? Deadly deeds by the Irish!!


Why are they doing this??? I asked irish and he said he hadn't a clue. Devious, huh?

annoying five year old

'I asked irish and he said he hadn't a clue.' First truthful thing you've said, Odious.

When are you going to apologize for trolling on this blog?!

Thats funny because I thought just the opposite. Leave the humgasly long thread at the top for all the trolls and flames to be posted in, while we have a decent conversation blaming Bush for the rest of the year.

Then we start a Blame (fill in the candidate you will be voting for) blog. And continue on our marry constructive way.


OH, I forgot, don't tell the trolls the new name of the site.



Oh, but you're forgetting that we have developed this sophisticated software, *much* more classy than anything the FBI or CIA have, and we can FOLLOW YOU ALL OVER THE WEB AND KNOW EVERY PAGE YOU VISIT.

Didn't you know all this, Mad as Hell? Everyone here knows. It's how we FOLLOWED FANNY ALL OVER THE WEB. See?!

I think I do! And did you make the order of the threads change as well? No dought you have been reading Bush and the Right Wings books on how to do such things after Gore invented the NET.


Careful He (Bush) could be listening now!!!

Liberal Larry

"Yet New Jersey has still never given an apology for giving the world Bon Jovi."

Or for that matter, Joe Piscopo.

Sorry about the order of the posts. It's just more proof that global warming is real. Fortunately, I was able to fix the glitch using some of the Carbon Credits® I've saved up by not wiping my ass.

The Exorcist

Thanks for the visual, Chomstein.

annoying five year old

I hope you were able to get the dingleberries this time.

Libby Gone™

Like faith without works, apologies without reparations are meaningless......


Ah shit, Larry, you spoiled my line!


New Jersey should apologize for Newark!


New Jersey should apologize for Newark!

annoying five year old

I call for New Jersey to resign for taking this long to apologize.

Fist of Etiquette

What did Bush know about slavery, and when did he know it? Does Condi even know that she can leave the Bush Administration? Bush inherited Colin Powell (I believe he no longer answers to this name) from his father, but then eventually gave him his freedom. I just can't figure that man out.


Does this mean that there will be no more minstrel shows in Atlantic City?

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