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Menstrual Rainbow

As someone who's a big supporter of the Poles, I visit their dancing clubs regularly, this appals and outrages me.

The Exorcist

"sausages of mass destruction"

At least they're Kosher.

Cze Gaiavera

I thought Auschwitz was a mythical place that existed only in the minds of Zionists. Does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad know about this place?

The Exorcist

"Does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad know about this place?"

No, there's not enough virgins there.

ratty one

Auschwitz is Ahmadimbulb's phantasy island.

Intellectual Conservative

OK this is off topic ... but it's freakin hilarious ..

It's a parody site, for the record. I especially loved the flash at the top where it talked about 'well hes better than Al Sharpton ... he could win if all the other Dems caught SARS' .. etc :)



I think they got a few of those trains on strafing runs.

Too bad Ahmadimbulb was not driving one of those trains, high on cocaine, when it got popped. Those boilers made a heck of an explosion when hit.!

Larry, I think you did good! Taken out of context an all. Just like the MSM. We should see it plagiarized in all forms of media. To speed it along, why not send it unsolicited to the NY Times, if they publish it everyone will follow, even Drudge.

With Bush spending $illons in the middle east he could fly the confederate air force's last B17's and B24's to bomb the place. Kind of nostalgic!

I can hear it now, standing out in the middle of a snow covered field with concrete poles and rusted barb wire all around (FREEZING) . You rear a faint deep throated drone of radial engines. Looking around then up, you see two planes moving slowly with straight wings and funny tails across the clouded sky. You hear a whistles of something dropping through the air. Them, boom boOM BOOM BOom, as they march across the field toward you.

Then you wipe away the tears, because the bong smoke is stinging your eyes.


Don't be such a dupa...

Kinky Bee

"sausages of mass destruction."

Have you smelled a Bush fart after eating those with mustard? Talk about a bomb, mustard gas and Weapon of mAss Destruction. Obomba Been Loafin' had better watch his back as the '08 elections approach. Who knows what the BusHitler will have up his sleeve(or arse) in order to steal the election and remain Dicktator in Briefs.

Kinky Bee

Welcome Home, Perpetual Menstrual One.


He is trying to steal Hillary's thunder. Crying is very in these days.

Fist of Etiquette

Anyone that knows me knows that I don't have any problem with the Jews.

However, it seems to me that now that we gave them "The Bomb", they're all tough and confrontational. But back during World War II, you didn't hear jack squat from Isreal! It was all left up to the Americans to spend our money stopping Hitler's Wehrmacht.

And it wasn't until years later that the Isrealis started talking up this idea of so-called Nazi death camps. I know that the word "propaganda" is thrown around a lot these days, but really, isn't this the very definition?

Cze Gaiavera

I think they got a few of those trains on strafing runs.

Leave it to the Poles to do strafing runs with trains.


As a progressive, I feel that the word "holocaust" is just a tool in the toolbox of the hatefilled- corporate-zionist-capitalist-warmongering-warmachine to use in their daily war against peaceloving palestinians.

Just like Bu$h to fall for Zionist proaganda and then to follow his puppetmaster's orders from Tel Aiv to bomb Poland.

The Exorcist

"Have you smelled a Bush fart after eating those with mustard?"--StinkyBee

Apparently you haven't gotten the memo from MegaPig.

Bush's shit don't stink. And anyone whose eaten as many of Bush's shit-sandwiches as McShitForBrains has ought to know.


How a Republican can talk about OTHERS swallowing Bush's shit-sandwiches is WAYYYY beyond me. But it takes all kinds. I know, I know!


Bush farts out the opposite end from the rest of us. I always knew there was something odd about him, and it's not that he's afraid of horses. But that too.

The Exorcist

"How a Republican can talk about OTHERS swallowing Bush's shit-sandwiches is WAYYYY beyond me."

There's a whole lot that's WAYYYY beyond you, McAirHead. Beginning with American policy and ending with our vastly superior standard of living. But when you're so full of shit it's coming out of your eyes, it's probably hard to see that.

The Exorcist

It looks like the chickens are coming home to roost for the Democrat Party's race-baiting of the past several decades. The DailyKos morons are attempting to get Michigan voters to go for Romney because they think it will damage the GOP's chances to have all the internal fighting. As usual, dumbocrats haven't figured out that Romney's checkbook would be very appreciative of such a misguided strategy. But they don't call them dumbocrats for nothin.

Meanwhile, Fragillary's lame Hattie McDaniel impersonation won't be enough to overcome the anger in the liberal dumbocrat black community, that white liberals like Clinton help to create in the first place.

Advantage: GOP

Clinton camp hits Obama | Attacks 'painful' for black voters

Many in state offended by criticism of Obama, remarks about King
By WAYNE WASHINGTON - [email protected]

Sharp criticism of Barack Obama and other comments about Martin Luther King Jr. — all from people associated with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — have generated resentment among some black S.C. voters.

The furor comes just two weeks before those voters will have a significant say in who wins the Jan. 26 primary here.

The Clinton-Obama battle has the potential to become a wrenching divide for black voters. Historically those voters have been strong backers of Bill and Hillary Clinton. But many black voters now are drawn to the prospect of a black man winning the presidency.

Those on both sides say watching the battle unfold in the Palmetto State, where black voters could cast half of the votes in the Democratic primary, won’t be pretty.

“To some of us, it is painful,” said state Sen. Darrell Jackson, a Clinton supporter.

U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., had pledged to remain neutral as Democrats competed for votes in the state’s primary.

But the state’s only African-American congressman was quoted in The New York Times Friday saying he is reconsidering that stance in light of comments from Clinton.

The Exorcist

Oh my Gaia! The ass-ass-ination attempts have already started!

ABC News' Lisa Stark and Sunlen Miller report: The plane carrying Sen. Barack Obama struck another plane while taxiing at Midway Airport in Chicago early Saturday morning.

The Exorcist


TWINS who unwittingly got married after they were separated at birth were victims of a quirk of fate “cruel beyond belief,” it emerged last night.

The smitten brother and sister — adopted by different families — discovered the shattering truth only after tying the knot.

Against all odds they had met and fallen for each other — neither even knowing they had a twin.


Exorcist, are you trying to tell us that meatpix is the product of such a mesalliance?

The Exorcist

Actually, R1, mesalliance is more to the tune of a Republican who marries someone who is vastly inferior to them. And, as far as I know, an American didn't marry MegaPig.

Inbreeding, on the other, perfectly explains hyr Bush Derangement Disorder.

Cze Gaiavera

Actually, R1, mesalliance is more to the tune of a Republican who marries someone who is vastly inferior to them.

Like Mary Matalin, John Heinz III, or Michael Huffington.

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