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Of course the rightwingers will try to claim that it was the illegal and immoral rush to war in 2003 that scared off Iran, but that was brilliantly refuted already by the currently topranked DailyKos "diary":

in which he cleverly manages to avoid giving any actual basis for his refutation (to actually present an argument would stoop to the level of the mouthbreathing rethugs) but in sparkling progressyve prose makes that whole theory go away by simply wishing it away, like a wonderful magical fairy wish! Yay!


Well, I think it was when Kerry 'reported for duty,' with that limp-wristed salute
that Ahmadinejad got nervous. I know I was.


I'm not sure how I feel about Larry cribbing notes from irish and kb for new material...


cricket are you using neoKKKon logic? "reporting for doody" was in 2004. Not only that, the great erotically charged defier of Bush (Ahmadinejad) came to power only in 2005. of course maybe that became retroactive to the 2003 halt in nuclear weapons construction by means of magical progressyve fairies?


Aurelius, I sit corrected. But I prefer calling it 'fuzzy logic,' or the 'generally indeterminate feeling that was being thought of.' NeoKKKon sounds so harsh and
mean spirited here on a progressyve blog where compassion, feelings and glaucoma meds
make the reality easier to bear, not to mention a lot easier to understand.

The Exorcist

"2003 was the year that a certain political figure decided to do a certain something that a majority of Americans were strongly against"

This is why we pay the Professym the big bucks.


Maybe, if they shut down their weapons program, it was because they no longer had to worry about Saddam aprés 2003.

There's a bit of historical precedent there...

Nancy Pelosi

Larry, you've raised an excellent point! And I believe that the only reason Ahmadinejad did not resume his nuclear weapons program - even after Kerry lost the election - is because he was afraid to face the wrath of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John Edwards should any of them become the next US President. You could bet your bottom dollar Ahmadinejad's praying for a Republican candidate to win in'08.
But we won't let that happen, Larry! Right?
Wishing you and all like-minded Liberals the very best.
Progressively yours,
House Speaker,
Nancy Pelosi


President John F. Kerry: “I was for the mission before I called it off.”

[Swarms of aircraft circling Iran as they run out of fuel; dropping like confused flies.]

Che Guerera

Ahmedinejad gave up his country's nucyuler program in 2003 because, unlike his retarded colleague in Washington, he does not feel the need to compensate for anything. That's why countries get nukes, you know; To compensate for phallic shortcomings.

It's the same reason people drive SUVs, own guns, eat meat, drive motorcycles over 50cc, worship a cross, join the military, play baseball, fly fighter jets, ride horses, or write RW blogs. These people are obsessed with penises. Everywhere they look, big throbbing bones. It's to the point that I can't walk down the street without seeing a dozen men and women trying to compensate. They're all obsessed. Every one of them.

Andrea Dworkin

And then the oppression of women begins. You can't walk down a street without feeling

Andrea Dworkin

Unless you are a Jewish lesbian who could be turned to the dark side..


i heard one of the centrifuges for irans' peaceful nuclear research was inadvertentley named 'muhammud' (may piece be upon his nappy ho' head) and the lab workers destroyed it trying to cut off its' non-existent head.

Andrea Dworkin

wouldn't be the first time they shot themselves in the foot. But then, Badmood Ahmadinnerjacket is a consummate bully without a conscience. And people say GeorgeBoosh is arrogant.

Libby Gone™

Thank the mercy of the random events that accidently resulted in the cancer of humans upon the Holy Earth! MacMudd should now be elevated to Supreme Diety in charge of the Key Atomic Benefit Organisation Of Mankind!

Cheney W. Halliburton

cricket are you using neoKKKon logic? "reporting for doody" was in 2004.

Causality is an outdated, racist concept perpetrated by the white patriarchy.

Ooglay Hussein

Liberal Larrytard is making fun of Iran, using playonwords to call Iran a pussy.
My late father (I am the third Hussein son by my late father's run in with a camel)
couldn't kick Iranian booty, so the US needs to know that sanctions will not stop Iran because then they would have to sanction the former Soviet Union (like all good communists, they side with extreme jihadists to make America go away) and China, North Korea and Libya.

Thanks be to Allah (pbuh) and AQ Khan, nuclear proliferation got started here.
We will win, peoples!

Fist of Etiquette

That Mike Wallace interview suddenly makes sense. No wonder he treated President Ahmadinejad with the kid gloves he reserves for presidents that don't start pointless and illegal wars for oil. The senior newsman knew then that Iran didn't want WMD, hence all the questions about whether the Iranian leader preferred diamonds or pearls.

I am just waiting for the Zionists to start crawling out of the woodwork just to bring up out-of-context and completely benign comments about that paradise that is a world without an Israel.


As a true blue Progressyve, I'm willing to gamble the lives of every single Jooooo man, woman and child in Israel that Iran is a peaceful nation who needs harmless nuclear power to use because their gigantic oil reserves are clearly not enough.


Arbs, your logic has defeated me.



As I sit in my Section 8 Housing sipping a Starbucks soy latte, typing on my brand new qvc laptop, smoking a Virginia Slims cigarette, with satelite tv playing in the background, admiring my full grown medical marijuana plant in my living room (I'm a chronic sufferer of hemmorhoids) an uncashed welfare check sitting on my IKEA table, food stamps scattered on the floor, t-bone steaks broiling in the oven (paid for by the food stamps), my ipod cranking out Dixie Chicks I downloaded for free on LimeWire, all the while texting on my cell phone, I can only feel anger resentment for the tremendous letdown my government has done to me.

Bush and his cronies has been keeping me down feelthelove. If not for their war for oil, I would be looking for work and maybe get my old job back at the Berkeley record store, if only a living wage of say $97 an hour would be implemented. Instead, we're sending terrorists over there (like my stoopid Marine Corp brother) to kill innocent Mooselums who want nothing more than defend their beliefs that infidels and joooooos should be killed without mercy.

We have no free healthcare (my Medi-Cal card covers everything at 100% but not my transgender surgery!) I personally get attacked every time I use my gaia given right to spit on soldiers returning home and at the veteran hospitals. One lunatic Marine even forced me to eat my own feces I was planning on smearing on the American Flag at their stoopid base!!

In closing, I really appreciate your response, but my pet/lover/lyfe partner baboon Mohammad (piece of luv upon his cute red rashy ass) and I don't know what the hell happened to this once great country of ours.

The Exorcist

"No wonder he treated President Ahmadinejad with the kid gloves"

Old Mikey thought he was interviewing Gnome Chumpsky.

"Iran is a peaceful nation who needs harmless nuclear power to use because their gigantic oil reserves are clearly not enough."

It takes a lot of power to properly light up those stadiums so the public can see those beheadings and beatings for women who get gang-raped for calling down a taxi.

Friend of USA

Sorry to be off topic but...

here is one more reason to trust and respect the main stream media

... ... ...

Dec 5 2007,

BBC 'took terrorist trainers paintballing'

The BBC funded a paintballing trip for men later accused of Islamic terrorism and failed to pass on information about the 21/7 bombers to police, a court was told yesterday.

Mohammed Hamid, who is charged with overseeing a two-year radicalisation programme to prepare London-based Muslim youths for jihad, was described as a “cockney comic” by a BBC producer.

The BBC paid for Mr Hamid and fellow defendants Muhammad al-Figari and Mousa Brown to go on a paintballing trip at the Delta Force centre in Tonbridge, Kent, in February 2005. The men, accused of terrorism training, were filmed for a BBC programme called Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic, screened in June 2005. The BBC paid Mr Hamid, an Islamic preacher who denies recruiting and grooming the men behind the failed July 2005 attack, a £300 fee to take part in the programme, Woolwich Crown Court was told.

It was alleged that Mr Hamid told a BBC reporter that he would use the corporation’s money to pay a fine imposed by magistrates for a public order offence.

Nasreen Suleaman, a researcher on the programme, told the court that Mr Hamid, 50, contacted her after the July 2005 attack and told her of his association with the bombers. But she said that she felt no obligation to contact the police with this information. Ms Suleaman said that she informed senior BBC managers but was not told to contact the police...


can we say egg on our face?

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