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Intellectual Conservive


Intellectual Conservative

Dambit .... thats CONSERVATIVE :)!

With 1181 posts on the previous thread should have figured that is where you were. How was the food? Did you see all you old friends? You did not mention if your fellow protesters followed you to free room and board.

You got out just in time to hear the Dem. debate, good for you.

Oh, progressive have forgot about the war. So your protest and jail time was a waste, but your heart was in it.

Intellectual Conservative

Hey Irish .. KB ..

Here ya go ..


Ever notice that the mainstream media is now making Iraq a back burner issue now that we're winning?

The Exorcist

"Ted is a recovering heroin addict with a Masters in Greco-Roman Jello Wrestling and Paleolithic Phlegm Prognostication from UC Berkeley, so I would've been a fool to simply reject his idea outright."

Ted sounds a bit familiar to me.....Hmmmm.....Don't give me any hints here....Hmmm.....Let me guess.

Oh, now I remember!

That's the guy who blew me in the alley behind a Tokyo sushi bar while kneeling on a stack of Noam Chomsky books after I had bitch-slapped him 8 seconds earlier!



I can always count on you, Exy, to take the high road and open up a new post here with a sophisticated, urbane comment. ;-)


In light of this, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.

Intellectual Conservative


Actually I had visuals of the Pillbury Dough Boy .. Poppin Fresh after Exorcist's yeast sucking comment

sound and light


Check your Star Position email plskthx.


"...freedom of speech no longer exists in this country."

Aw, shut up!!!

Intellectual Conservative

I did earlier, and if this is who I think it is I replied but havent heard back from you.

Intellectual Conservative

If you've replied .. resend .. thanks :)

sound and light


No email from you yet. This was my first attempt to contact you, so I don't think it's who you referred to earlier.

Intellectual Conservative

OK .. resend please

Intellectual Conservative

Youre sending to (email address) @

sound and light


Same msg resent. I'm using the contact link on your web page.

Intellectual Conservative

Click on my link, go to SUPPORT/TECH ASSISTANCE and click on the link there

Intellectual Conservative

replied sir .... no worries

Intellectual Conservative

I replied ... got a chuckle out of the previous posting

Intellectual Conservative

Unlike Mega etc .. I have a sense of humor :)

Speaking of sense of humor, Mega and KB (and Irish, and Mariana etc) are proof that Heavenly Father has a truly bent sense of humor some days.

sound and light

Hell, He puts up with me...shows He also has patience. A virtue I strive to emulate...and an endeavor at which I regularly fail miserably. Just gotta remind myself, our resident nut-cases are a challenge, not a trial.

Well, okay. They're a bit of a trial. Still, what doesn't kill us, eh?

Intellectual Conservative

That which does not kill us merely delays the inevitable

sound and light

That which does not kill me immediately merely stimulates my sadomasochistic proclivities. :)

megapox, the smelly pirate hooker

PEEEPLE!!! Larry just did jail time for one of our most cherished causes. He is a sensytyve, caring induhvidual who needs us to stroke his ego. That degree in Paleo
Phlegm Prognostication would have come in handy when the KKKKristian governator of Georgia FORCED people to hear the fact that he thinks the Almighty is greater than government. I had to cover my ears at such blasphemy. If only we had had a Loogie Prophet the Free Thinkers in Georgia would not have had to whimper about invoking
God to end the drought. The Spit Seer would have done it all.


If Ted McDermott really wanted to stop the militarizing of the port of Seattle he would have least called Sweet Hillary for some “1968” ideas. Here are some ideas:

1. Throw Deuce Bag bags full of used bong water on the police officers. The powerful Cannabinol will knock them out.

2. Collect and configure used hypodermic needles into "Narcotic Darts" to keep the Mil-Ticket-Maids from slapping tickets on the wind shield of Larry’s Segway.

No more militarization of Cheney's Amerikia & compete "Nirvana" for those who engage in it.

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