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It was Dick Cheney wearing a Bush mask.


Intellectual Conservative

How will the Media/Democrat complex react as things keep improving in Iraq?

Hmm ... will they wise up and stop bashing Bush with a thousand little daily zingers, or will the smarter ones bail on that strategy before it's too late?

Interesting .. :)

Intellectual Conservative

Oh God .. sometimes life just gives you material ..

"Crossdressers lay siege to Memphis McDonalds"

Now WHERE OH WHERE can we go with this?? :)

Could have been worse all things considered, I guess .. although after reading this story I think I will pass on lunch at Wienerschnitzel :)

Menstrual Rainbow

"Even more so when you realize that he set his very own father - an elderly man of eighty-some years and Bill Clinton's fishing buddy - up to take the fall."

Bill Clinton: Oh I've got her hooked, my tackle is in her mouth and I just have give it a tug to finish the job.

George H.W. Bush: What's up Bill are you fishing again?

Bill Clinton: Er Yeah... fishing, that's what I was doing.


Too bad the killer didn't just start (and end) with himself, I always say...!
I'm fully aware of the well-documented link between violent crime and airports named after Republicans,

Got me thinking of all of the airports I need to avoid named after Republicans.

John Wayne Airport
Dulles Airport

Can't think of any Democrat airports? What would the dangers be at those airports. Maybe that is why none have been name! Or if they were they have be flip/floped changed.

One wonders at all the ways to Blame Bush


I knew that the Hatahz would be all over this poor man who was simply exercising his First & Second Amendment Rights!


Don't forget Ronald Reagan International Airport. Kennedy was named after JFK, although the way Kerry acts you'd think it was named for him. Now, back to airports named after Republicans and Democrats; one has to do a crime stat analysis of the type of crime, and include profiling by race/ethnicity, political party and religion.
We will see who truly represents progressyves!


Dang the Shrub! He made me hit the post key before I was finished. Anyway, this demographic needs to be done within the same radius of an airport named for a political figger. I think it is clever the way the press expressed their outrage
that a crime of this stature occured on Bush's watch. It makes 9-11 pale, I tell you.
No Eichmans for underwear!


>The AP should either print an immediate retraction or correct the article by noting the distance between the scene of the crime and Dumbya's ranch in Crawford


Funny stuff Larry =)


No Moonbutt is safe from the Rovian mind rays!

Protect yourself. Get aluminum butt plugs.

Or, at least wear aluminum condoms.

Sweet Hillary please wear your rectal/genital aluminum plug - Before some carpet muncher exposes you.

Che Gaiavera

Interesting... They neglected to mention that the crime occurred a mere 1427 miles from Reagan Washington National Airport. How long will the media remain a tool of the Reich?


I think the report completely missed the point. It should have mentioned the distance from the airport to Iraq, Afghanistan and Gitmo.


“It's a loser's emblem (swastika), because the Nazis lost the war. It's ridiculous to suggest we are involved with fascists. All my best friends are black, gay, Irish or criminals.”

Johnny Rotten


We all know Johnny Rotten speaks truth to power, along with Bono regarding Ireland.
Irish and criminals in the same sentence. But then he shows his racist homophobia
bias by lumping gays and blacks in with the irish and crooks. What the hell is that supposed to mean? What a fucktard. Sounds like a friend of megatwat's. Or one of her tricks.

Dangerous Dave

I think you're going to have a hard time convincing people that Bush was actually involved in this shooting.

Dangerous Dave

Just kidding. Bush did it!


I know Bush did it because Larry connected the dots for us. He isn't too stupid.
Even when he spends most of Thanksgiving Day under the sink stabbing himself with a
fork, sniffing cleaning compounds and weakened from loss of blood, he can still
figure it all out.


Just watch, Faux News will try and blame this on the peaceful, loving, tolerant, friendly, amiable Mooselums...

Butter Head ™

Jocklynn Keville? Thee Jocklynn Keville? I always wondered where that bitch ran off too!!

Ciao for now, I'm off to Houston! And believe you me, it will all be the Schrubs fault for what I am about to do!!


I live pretty close to Greenspoint Mall. Except around here, it's known as "Gunspoint".

Fist of Etiquette

I don't care for airports. They allow stupid ugly Americans to fly all over the world and spread their stupid ugly hate on the peaceful peoples of the world. Plus, airports create noise pollution as well as actual pollution.

Until they finally approve my design for environmentally friendly wind-powered airliners (and restrict US air travel to nil for those that don't have planet-saving PowerPoint slideshows to offer), the Republicans can continue to slap their names on those hubs of death. It suits them.


Like I've always said, the traffic in Houston is well behaved because all the drivers know that the car you are flipping the bird to could be occupied by 2 or 3 drunk, off-duty Houston policemen. Those guys will absolutely jerk you out of your car, whoop your ass, then shoot you to death for giving them the finger.

Here in Austin we have so many transplanted Californians that everyone here thinks that the middle finger is used as a turn signal.

Dangerous Dave

Because Bush stayed home instead of going to Vietnam like John Kerry, Bush is also responsible for the "four dead in Ohio" that Neil Young sang about. Notice he's also a "Southern Man". Coincidence?

Dangerous Dave

Donnie: Thanks for the heads up. I was going to apply for a job in Austin since I'm trying to get away from all of the Czechoslafornians here in the Northwest.

Most of those Californians are racist as they are trying to escape the multicultural utopia that California holds promise to be.

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