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Che Gaiavera

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask how you can do yourself for your country.



I saw her covering her war chest with her hand. It made me spit up in my mouth.


Folsom Street Fair Is Way Ahead Of Barack Obama

Family values indeed.

Hemp Flower

as a florida resident i wuz waiting 4 some1 2 blame the lack of hurricanes on global warming!!!!!


HempFlower, Global Warming is either causing hurricanse or killing them. As an endangered species of the water variety, hurricanes need protection. We need to ask
them what they want and then give it to them. I borrowed that from FTL.

Friend of USA

It is not the actual number of Hurricanes that counts but what Al Gore fabricates about them.


After you are done with your porn stuff it down Sandy Burger’s pants.

He has already so many genital paper cuts a few more will not matter.

I am sure he and Bill will know how to handle them... I mean re-use them... I mean recycle them.

Fist of Etiquette

The ladies will tell you, it's not the length of a dude's season but how intense he spins his winds.


Bonnie Fwank has called for an investigation into the lack of hurricanes as he was looking very much forward to flying into the ravaged areas and giving succor to some of the male victims.

Libby Gone™

Damdable BUSH!
It's obvious he is now attacking So Cal with wildfires in his perverse anti-truth campaign. Why else would he purposely start fire in the world capitol of porn? Can the neandrethal leave us enlightened alone? Maybe he could understand us better if he was educated by a feature length lesson on clever uses for the human anatomy.....


Well, for Bawney Fwank, is it more blessed to give or receive? And aren't hurricanes an ill wind that blows nobody good? Which would mean that Bawney sucks. Or Hillary does, since tornadoes are her stock in trade.

Fist of Etiquette

Perhaps Bush's weather machine can only produce one natural disaster at a time. Perhaps, gentlemen, we've just found a chink in his armor.

Dangerous Dave

Thanks to the Neocon backed Bushler and his ilk, another revered era has bitten the dust. I'll only be able to tell my grandchildren about the days when I strapped myself to a cement post while the hurricanes came to shore and tossed debris into my face, neck, head, and chest area at speeds of up to 120 miles an hour before I was forced to wait in the ER for 12 hours because of Bushler's tax cuts for the rich.

Well, that is, along as I actually meet a woman that will have sex with me and not practice her choice afterwards.


"I understand this might be difficult for those of you who didn't exercise your Right to Choose and now have children running around your house as punishment"




What was a Chinaman doing in Bush's armor anyway?

Son of the South

FoE is right - he just got done with the wildfires, started by Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter (who is a lesbian) - give the boy a break. He'll be back to hurricanes next year...


Son of the South,

I enjoy your posts. However, you forgot to mention that Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter is named "Mary." And also that she happens to be a lesbian.

Son of the South

Mary the Lesbian Firestarter - thanks, Arb! You are too kind...


Rove steered all the hurricanes away from amerKKKa with H.A.R.M. technology this year. The same technology he used to make Hurricane KKKtrina hit the big NO.

Che Gaiavera

Meteorologists predict that global warming will cause weather to become increasingly unpredictable, ...

I believe the scientific term is "increased entropy". And the fact that tropical storm prediction models were wrong again this year proves that the global warming models are 100% correct.

Che Gaiavera

End of discussion.

Fist of Etiquette

(Are we allowed to keep discussing?)

It's sad to think that the damage done by Bush's anti-environmental policies may never actually be known or felt.


If Sweet Hillary wins, I'm donating all my porn to Bill.

It's the least I can do.


Oh, and don't worry about the economy being in the crapper. If the dumbocrats win the presidential election, the very same economy will suddenly become a booming, shining example Dhimmicrat economic prowess.

On the other hand, when the Duncocrats jack up taxes to their previous 1974 levels, the resulting economic debacle will be attributed to the careless tax cutting of Reagan and Bush. That is after they first try to pass of the deep recession and loss of competitiveness off as a booming economy.

Hey, "booming" and "bombing" sound pretty close, right?

Forward toward our bright communist future, comrades!!!


eh, sorry for the garbled sentence. actually trying to write between work doesn't work so well.

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