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Friend of USA

last !

Now that's a first!

Justa Joe

So the leading lite of Liberal Talk Radio passes out drunk in the gutter. It just show the level of desperATION that Bush has driven America to.


Wow, Randi Rhodes?

I love that guy.

Fist of Etiquette

Isn't Fred Thompson New York's DA? Wow, the "Right-Wing Hate Machine" is so obvious you can see the smoke belching from its diesel-powered engine a kilometer away.


Randi Rhodes dog is a bitch.

Che Gaiavera

Does falling over drunk in a gutter make her qualified to be the senior senator from New York?


Well, she has to drive off a bridge with someone in the car with her. Preferable Al Franken.


In light of this, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.

The Exorcist

"Randi Rhodes dog is a bitch."

Lesbian couple, huh? No wonder they got bashed.

It's a good thing they weren't flaunting their canyon-yodelling skills in a red state or some neocon would've really given her a good lickin.

Kinky Bee

Man, I want some of what she was smoking or drinking, and both, if possible.


Talk Radio diva and guitar legend?

In addition to being a football coach, huh?

What talent...

Intellectual Conservative

On another subject, Putin warned us to not go into Iran .. oh I am so worried on that .. you know, when we do go into Iran, maybe the choppers going in should blast ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS at max volume to tick off the locals ..

Something like this but with better music :)


It’s about time that Bush’s Big Bull Pup AK-47 Butt Bashing Buddies be exposed for the Koranimals they are!

Thank Gaia progressives like Liberal Larry have the ovaries to google the crimes of Bush’s Big Bull Pup Buddies.

It’s well known that although guitar legend Randy Rhodes died in an aircraft accident his spiritual double, Ms. Randi Rhodes, of Air America lives on…

Even after the Rovian mind rays caused her dog to run circles around her feet with his leash leading to a brutal Bush Beating in the concrete - which was clearly Bush’s intent.

Further, Larry’s stupendous googling job exposed Robert Gaulin as killer and animal shelter pyromaniac. He got off with a slap on the wrist because of his mental condition and Big Legal Buddies in the Bar.

I am sure that lawyer Robert Gaulin is the exact same persyn.

He would just as soon set a good progressive story a blaze as the very same Robert Gaulin who burned all those animals alive for kicks and a pack Marlboro cigarettes.

Even though the names may not exactly match the men – it is the feelings that count and not the facts!

Clearly this is a fork in the thigh for Bush Limbaugh and beautiful butt plug for progressyv Randi Rhodes.

Son of the South

I think what ya'll are missing is that it could have happened that way, and is therefore truthiness, ergo, an absolute fact!

Have a nice day!



"She's going off the rails on this crazy train"

When Ozzy wrote that he didn't know it would cut so close to the bone....


What about a noose? Wasn't there a noose nearby?


Sounds like she got her ass kicked by John Barleycorn, Jack Daniels, and Jim beam.


I had a couple of conservative dogs that caused me to trip one day while on a run. Must be a conservative dog conspiracy.

Menstrual Rainbow

Let's be clear who is to blame for Randi Rhodes injuries, apart from Bush and Rush Limbaugh (who has anal cysts).

Rudy Guliani is the next in line, when he was fuhrer of New York his storm troopers drove away many of the people who made the city a safer place for womyn (please check) like Randi. Had she tumbled back in the early 1990s her fall would have been broken by a cushion of discarded crack pipes and syringes left by customers of an undocumented street pharmacist. She wouldn't have fallen in the dark either, a mob led by Al Sharpton would have lit up a Korean or Jewish owned business so she could see.

That New York is gone but we can bring it back and make sure that Randi will never fall down again.

The Exorcist

I got you beat on that clip of our initial invasion of Iran on our way to their nuke plants, I.C.

Nobody catches President Tattoo Ahmadinejad off-guard...

Dangerous Dave

Menstrual Rainbow:

Wow, I never could fathom that NYC had sunk into such an abyss. I'm glad that I don't live there.

Thanks to neocons like Giuliani, that town could soon resemble the fallen Roman Empire. Or, worse yet, Crawford.


And that paranoid assclown wringing his hands! Thank Gaia her lawyer was more sensible. One of the few times I can give the legal profession credit for having sense.

The Exorcist

Or worse yet, Tehran after we blow it to hell.

The Exorcist

Nobody will be able to sit through this, even though it's just over 1 minute. However, seeing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his earlier days is very telling about his future intentions.

The Exorcist


Wrong clip. That was Ahmadinejad when we first fly in to bomb his nuke plants. THIS is the earlier clip of him predicting his own death.

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