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Thought you could sneak one by us, Lar?

I gotta say, this photo is a great testament to her universal health care initiative--women in public performing their own mammograms? You go, girl!

Kinky Bee

*falls at Hil's feet*

Oh to look like thee, how much more better I would be.

I know, my poetry is almost as beautiful as sHillary. Makes you weep with the beauty and grandeur of it all, or gag a little. Either one is ok, nobody's judging here.

Libby Gone™

He is so striking, I wish I were a gay male! Powerful thighs, Masculine flat chest, and just enough facial hair to give me goose bumps of desire. I'd vote for him anyday. Mr. Hilliary you go guy!

Martin Edward

As she taps her breast pocket, she is thinking, "How do I convert this Chinese currency; he must have slipped me about 45 or 50 thousand dollars worth."

baby injurer

what class!!!! hill is so modest she's hiding her seventh purple heart medal. eat your heart out "6 purple hearts kerry"!

Notice the acute angle and out of square the frame is. This could be caused by two things happening.

One, the mad rush of paparazzi pushing and crawling at one another to get the (Big Bucks) picture. Photoshoped, to remove the blur as the jerk and his camera are driven into the ground by the hordes. Causing such a stir that the band playing the national anthem misses a quarter beat.

Two, an innocent admirer getting throttled with the butt of an Uzi by a black boot secret service agent as curses are yelled into his ear piece by former Pres. Bill in the security van.

You know its all about image. I downloaded the image and painted a mustash and it looks pretty good!

Cheney W. Halliburton

Reminds me of the tilted view we always got of the villains' hideout on the 1960s "Batman" TV show.

I always knew she was a villain.


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Aaawww...that just looks...weird. Like she's doing a self exam.



You ideas interest me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Fist of Etiquette

What. The. Hell????

How long has this been here? You may have successfully hidden this post from me for the past week, but I doubt you fooled the CIA spooks for that long (which I assume is your angle). They're on to you.

Anyway, you're right about one thing, that flag is sooooo gauche! Who puts primary colors together like that anyway? Why can't we be less like the English and more like the French?


That "ghastly thing behind her" remark was brilliant Larry, as usual.


You think she staged that to look like George C. Scott? Can we hear his monologue from Patton roll forth?


Looks like she's gently squeezing her tittie just for the rush.


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