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Fist of Etiquette

Well, Dodger's nowhere to be found, and if no one else is going to step up and say it, I suppose I will...

In light of [whatever we's discussing] I feel we should surrender in Iraq.



We are talking about Rush Again!


Friend of USA

Some people don't understand the meaning of free speech,

Let me help,

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can say what he wants, when he wants and where he wants.

Rush Limbaugh can not.

Glad I could help.

Oh and I think Dodger is invisible from certain angles.

The Exorcist

Yet another valid reason to elect Fred Thompson as our next president is that it would mark the first time in history that a First Lady was hotter than hell. And this takes nothing away from that hottie Eleanor Roosevelt either.

I mean, let's face it. The fact that he married a broad....I mean, lady 24 years younger than him is the kind of leadership qualities we all look for in a president.

Friend of USA

What is the psychological or medical term for when you are strongly sexually attracted to someone you hate ?

Just asking...


FoUSA?!? Is...izzat you? I mean, the real you and not some imposter or unholy Bushified cyborg? Man-oh-man it's good to see you! I sure hope things are going well for you up in the Great White North!

If you happen to run across a somewhat scruffy nekkid guy wandering about up there, would you be so kind as to let him know that in light of Limbaugh's fascist comments, I'm fairly certain we'll be surrendering in Iraq any day now, so it's safe to come back home. Do not, however, attempt to separate him from his baboon. You've been warned.




We all knew it was just a matter of time until our brave Dodger was scooped up by the black helicopters. His outspoken nature marked him as an enemy of all the little fascist Amerikkkunts.

A moment of silence, please, for our brave, fallen comrade...

Fly free, Dodger, wherever you are...the jackbooted brownshirts can't hurt you any more. I sure hope you don't mind if I go through your stuff and salvage the weed you left behind.

Intellectual Conservative

Back in the days when I was more of a sinner than I am now .. I would have said that Jeri Thompson is on my 'would do sober' list ..


Hmm. This is quite suspicious. Dodger disappears at the same time Cheney W. Halliburton appears back on Lar's blog?

I question the timing.

And FOUSA is back?

I double question the timing.

Where's the rest of the BlameBush Babes?


Intellectual Conservative

Oh, and I forgot .. Ann Coulter is, oops, would have been on that list as well ..

Dom Kinky Bee

"unless you want to be on the receiving end (am I the only one who gets HAWT when I read those two words?)"

I find that it is much better to give than to receive. But, far be it from me to judge those that prefer to receive.


Has Bonnie Fwank offered to check Rush for anal cysts yet or would that make Rush's boyfriend J-E-A-L-O-U-S?

Friend of USA

Thanks Stoorat for the warm welcome and yes this is the real FoUSA!

JannyMae could probably ask me a question to which only the real me would know the answer.

Yes I'm back but I will not have as much time to devote to spreading liberal hatred of the evil right because I have a new job
( I am not working from my home anymore ) and I have a new girlfriend...and my health is better.

back to the topic at hand,

Our eyes are open wide and try as we might, we can not see ONE once of goodness in Rush Limbaugh


our eyes are open wide and try as we might, we can not see ONE post from Dodger.



Are you serious? I swear I cant tell your either a briliant writer or a frickin' lunatic. Ill be back for more.


Uh, hello? (tap, tap, tap) Is this thing on?

Dangerous Dave

Jeri Thompson would still be on my list. I'll admit I'm a sinner. Although I'd also admit that the woman isn't the same since crawling into bed with Fred08.


I just shit in my pants and I can't figure out how to blame Rush Limbaugh, can you help me with a lame ass, limp dick excuse? I'm so glad I found this website. Should be called "Excuses Are Us".

The Exorcist

"Where's the rest of the BlameBush Babes?"

They're rehearsing, JannyMae. Perhaps you didn't get the memo, but me and Arbiter are putting the band back together. We're on a mission from Dodger Stadium and you're late for practice. Here's what you've been missing.


Exorcist, I love that song!

My sequined dress needed to be altered a bit, though. My ample bosom needed more room. See ya next week, after DisneyLand!


I'm very upset by Dodger's disappearance. Stoo, pass that bong over here, willya? I need stress relief!

Kinky, check the pantry for Doritos, please.

Side note to Arbiter: The sequined gown you ordered for Muhammed has been back-ordered. Seems they have to lengthen the sleeves.

Intellectual Conservative

What I found to be too perfect is when Fred Thompson was commenting on their child being born .. you could just tell two things straight off when he was talking about the little one ..

1. He's a proud dad
2. He's like 'Yeah, Im the mac daddy ... I still got it going on .. I impregnated THAT hottie and heres the proof IM DA STUUUUD!!' lol

He also glowers rather well when someone mashes down on the stupid button in his presence .. if Romney isnt the candidate I'd vote for Thompson

The Exorcist

I probably like Romney the best too. But as we've seen from the Mormon-bashers who paint all Mormons with the same brush as the worst possible examples they can think of through history, it's going to be an uphill climb for him on that issue.

Not a concern in the least for me. Granted, I've got some concerns about what might have actually taken place in Joseph Smith's backyard, but whose to say it didn't go down just as Smith says it did?

I'll tell you who; hard-core Christian fundamentalists of other denominations at the nomination-level and every liberal Christophobe in the country at the general election-level, that's who. Not that the secular-progressives will vote for any Republican at all, but I can just see them making unreasonable comparisons to Warren Jeffs and similar mutants.

Mittey has the money but I don't think enough of the GOP base is quite ready for a Mormon president. The good news, though, is that America isn't ready for a bristling bitch like Hillary either. So it looks like Ghouliani or Fred Bombsome and his hotter-than-hell trophy-wife when it's all said and done.

Intellectual Conservative

Watch it Exey .... youll get KidBeeotch starting to come down on you claiming that Mormons are racist and how could you say anything nice about them etc etc etc ... Not that it's actually TRUE in the here and now, but facts are irrelevant to some

My own feeling is that Giuliani would probably appeal to the center .. Romney to the right .. but man oh man Bombsome has the scowl down to a tee doesnt he? LOL


Yeah. I'm awful sorry, but I just can't see anyone supporting Thompson after the totally unjustified verbal thrashing he gave to cuddly-wuddly Michael Moore. I mean, push Moore's bellybutton and he giggles like the Pillsbury doughboy. Push Thompson's bellybutton and you're likely to get a jaw-breaking right hook. Who could vote for such a violent man?!?

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