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Oh oh oh oh oh .. great ansver!!!


So are you.


feelmydingleberries said:

"kb is a douchebag."

What's wrong with being a douchebag, stinky?


Here I defended you on the other thread with being intelligent and you don't know when you have been insulted?


He doesn't need anyone to tell him he's intelligent. Neither do I.


Hey, then, I am out of here. Seems like you got this all sewed up.


alibwithnoname said:

"Here I defended you on the other thread with being intelligent and you don't know when you have been insulted?"

I usually don't pay attention to when I've been insulted as it usually doesn't have much to do with reality. Thanks anyway. Uhhh....Where, if you don't mind my asking? And did I say something to offend you? Are you a Mormon or something? I mean, you know, like if I say 2+2=4, and someone calls me a dumbass for saying that it just deosn't really bother me at all. And, to be honest, I don't really pay much attention to praise from others who also know that 2+2=4 either simply because it's not really all that much to be praised about. Now, if some right-wingnut here, by some miracle of god, Zeus, or whoever, actually read a book or two of Chomsky's due to my having suggested them to, learned what his actual positions were instead of the ignorant lies which are usually spewed here and elsewhere, changed their perception of what he was all about, and remember, this is NOT saying agreeing with everything or even anything, but rather simply knowing what he has actually written, then I would proudly accpet the praise as I probably should. I mean, trying to get an anti-Chomskyite right-wing buffoon to read much of anything is already tantamount to pushing a 10 ton rock to the top of Everest. Trying to get them to read Chomsky is like aiming for the moon. This WOULD be a triumph worthy of praise.

He doesn't need anyone to tell him he's intelligent. Neither do I.

Posted by: megapix | October 22, 2007 at 12:28 PM

Hey, then, I am out of here. Seems like you got this all sewed up.

Posted by: Alibwithnoname | October 23, 2007 at 05:41 AM

Sono Porci Questi Romani

...changed their perception of what he was all about

We guarantee your perception change, otherwise - your money back! Or your time back. Whatever...


sonofapornqueen said:

"We guarantee your perception change, otherwise - your money back! Or your time back. Whatever..."

Uhh..You're missing the point, as well as STILL getting opinion confused with fact. I don't guarentee anything regarding whether or not someones perception is correct or not. And if you're implying that mystatement has one iota to do with agreeing with his ideas or not is also nowhere near the radar. It simply has to do with even knowing what his ideas are. You seem to STILL be assuming that the anti-Chomsky droolers here actually know something about him, they don't like his ides, and have made a conscious decision that they don't like him based on their "informed" ideas. I'm saying that this is a VERY big mistake in that they do NOT even know his ideas at all, and are theefore in no position to know whther or not they agree. This is VERY different. I've said it a thousand times, I don't care if they disagree with every word which leaves his lips, but they should at least be honest enough to make some sort of attempt to find out what they ever are. They don't. AFTER they have demonstrated that they KNOW his ideas THEN they can rip all they want. I think it would be great as a matter of fact. They simply don't. Their perceptions are inaccurate. Period. This is NOT an opinion any more than it would be an opinion were I to say that 2+2=4 when they've asserted it was 54. You folks really DO have difficulty with distinguishing between fact and opinion, don't you? This is scary. For the 100th time, it's THIS simple;

Chomsky: I think X,Y,Z.
droolers: Chomsky thinks A,B,C
kb: No, Chomsky thinks X,Y,Z.
droolers: That's just your opinion. I have my opinion, you have yours. They're both equal.
kb: No, they are NOT equal. He says X,Y,Z. Sorry, but your perception has been thrown off base for some reason.((This is what interests me most))Look! Here's Chomsky says he thinks X,Y,Z.
drooler: Well, look here! (Shows "apparent evidence from Frontpage Magazine) Here's another illiterate dumbass like myself, Horowitz, who is saying that Chomsky says this, and I believe him because that's what I want to believe. Also, I don't have to actually read this anyway because rather than being honestly interested in knowing the truth and taking the necessary steps which would lead there, you know, like reading for myself, I'm more into cheerleading.((Not theat the droolers are EVER this honest.))
kb: Uhhh...Okay.


keepinghisheaduphisassdrinkingthediarrhea, you are a lousy liar and keep trying to have the last word. You are wrong because communism hasn't worked and it doesn't matter who is in charge; it isn't gonna happen, kool-aid drinker.


Everyone should be censured that has a different opinion than you. What a joke of a blog. Nothing but hate. Come up with some solutions and stop blaming your problems on others.

Reality Rules

Ha ha! This site is something else. And it obviously cannot be spoonsored by progressive democrats. It's just too ugly and too bizaare.

This site has got to be owned by ultra right-wing blowhards posing as really nasty left-wingers. In the spirit of Watergate (and who knows how many other dirty underhanded deeds sponsored by the Republican right) this site is just another low-down attempt at disinformation engineered by right wing dingalings and designed to confuse a targeted market of gullible Americans (most of whom are already conservatives).

Come on now, fess up. You're not for real! And you're definitely not a voice from the left. You people are transparently pathetic right-wing phonies. Ha ha . . . . but you're still good for a laugh, you sorry twits!

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You MIGHT also have some algae to deal with, since your plants might not be able to outcompete the algae for nutrients.


Relax guys, I'm sure you will get rid of this smart beautifull but sadlly with anal cysts Bush,pretty soon. I;m curious how the next one will be?


Rush??? Again!?? nooo !


I think all of you are a bunch of fucken idiots and a bunch of punks. We went to war because of what happened here in our homeland and I will pay an increase of taxes just to keep fighting those sons of bitches. The babies and what ever the fuck ya'll are accusing our good troops of doing are casualties of war. Where were you fucks when the towers got hit. I don't see any of you pussies giving any intelligent solutions.


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