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The Exorcist



I can't tell if you are serious, but I do know funny when I read it!

Spinning Olive

I had an anal cyst once and it was a son of a bitch. I can understand why that guy is so cranky. Seriously, one anal cyst and you'd turn into a conservative talk show icon too.

The Exorcist

"Seriously, one anal cyst and you'd turn into a conservative talk show icon too."

Two anal cysts and you'd turn into a Democratic Ticket.


Three anal cysts and you'd not have sex with that woman.

Intellectuial Conservative

Doesn't Harry Reid's head remind you of an infrected anal cyst?

Or was that Howard Dean? Michael Moore? Babs Boxer? They're all so .. interchangable


Anal cysts...or analysts?


So while I'm a strong believer in a First Amendment right to Free Speech tempered with a Democrat-crafted Doctrine of Fairness –Liberal Larry

So am I – until the Repugs cross the line by letting Rush Limbaugh on the air.

That’s when we have to fairly apply the doctrine of suppression of speech.

Further, we should not let any person who has imbibed alcohol or taken drugs to be speaking or writing in public.

Finally, I want to know when the government is going to start providing free Thai sticks, bongs, coke, and hypodermic needles to the less fortunate – like me.

Sweet Hillary please do something!

Hemp Flower

I agree with with T1, the first amendment was never intended for any hate speech or views to the right of Stalin, it was clearly designed to inform people about abortion, and crimes about our troops.


Is Dodger going to say it or should I?


Is Dodger going to say it or should I?

Oh no you don't! That phrase is Dodger's trademark, and unless you want to be on the receiving end (am I the only one who gets HAWT when I read those two words?) of a frivolous but totally justified MoveOn-esque lawsuit, you won't mention anything relating to "Iraq," "surrender," or "light."

Dangerous Dave

Rush Limbaugh's behavior has been unacceptable for years now. Did you know he gives free subscriptions of his newsletter to our murdurous thug troops? What kind of idiot supports those who murder babies, and, in the words of Jesse Macbeth, a patriotic soldier who actually answered the calling and went to fight for his country, unlike pill popper high as a kite Rush, hang innocent civilian Muslims from the rafters of their mosques? This is unbelievble. Rush needs to denounce the murdering thug troops NOW or face the fairness doctrine. If he won't, he should be taken off the air.


Rush Limbaugh has killed more people with his anal cysts than Ted Kennedy has killed with his car.

(or is it the other way around?)


Rush Limbaugh's anal cysts don't care about black people.

The Exorcist

Coincidentally, black people don't care about Rush Limbaugh's anal cysts either.

Justa Joe

Rush Limbaugh or Rush Betraugh...

Hold on. Let me work on this some more.


Well, I WAS thinking it last night.

In light of these cysts, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.


I must say I agree with everything Lib Lar has to say about Rush's analcysts. However, since I am not a repuke I cannot claim to be lib lar's ditto head.

Dangerous Dave

Jesse Macbeth: Hero. Rush Limbaugh: Zero. Fuck you Rush!


"Aww don’t feel noways tired. I’ve come too faarrr from where I started frum…Aww culd have listened all day luung"

-President Pre-Elect Hillary Clinton

Rush Limbaugh has a phony conservative accent!!!!!

I think I know one of the words but I be damned if I can think of the other one.

OH!!! OH!!!

"Bush's Fault"


And I think they should take Rush of Arm Forces Radio.

I think they are...(not sarcasm)

Fist of Etiquette

The "phony soldiers" are really the ones that are too cowardly to stand up to Bush by ignoring orders to participate in this illegal and immoral war for oil. They are the ones that mindlessly go to Iraq with the sole purpose of killing as many civilians as their leaders will let them (which, if Reuters is any indication, is a whole bunch).

I don't care which Democrat gets elected in ought-eight, but if whomever it is doesn't make her first official act to appoint Lieutenant Hakuna Watada as Secretary of Defense, I will personally throw a hissy-fit the likes of which the world has never seen.

Seattle Greenie Left of You

Tazer this - F*CK BU$H

Or some such thing like that.

I can't understand why people demand that we read what people actually did or said. I know the facts when I hear what I want to hear.


Well if Dodger won't say it I'll say it anyway for him and let the legal cards lie where they fall...\

In light of Rush Limbaugh's Anal Cysts I think we should surrender in Iraq!!



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