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Fist of Etiquette

Hat trick!

It seems the memory John Kerry's inspiring words isn't the only thing seared into that young go-getter!

Fist of Etiquette

Bush censored my preposition.

Mike fucking Hill

You stupid cunts! It Must be nice to have Mummy and Dada buy your college time! Oh and darn it all I forgot Your PELL grant! I'm so sorry that Your hippy LOSER parents were able to reproduce! Look You stupid shits, Dont like what a combat Vet has to say. Here is My address 362 7th St. Heyburn, ID. 83336. Slag me if I am wrong. By the way shithead(s) come near Me And I WILL shoot to kill so "Game On" cunt boy Please be so dumb as to actually come near me!

The Exorcist

"The very first student to take the microphone immediately pulled down his pants and whistled out of his sphincter until he was tackled to the ground by Bush's brownshirts.

"Please, let him finish," Kerry begged the jackbooted thugs, perhaps seeing a bit of himself in this brash young progressive. Indeed, the student's oratory, albeit a little rough around the edges,"

I bow to the master!

Che Fucking Gaiavera

Dear Mike F. Hill,

Thank you for your insightful and well-thought-out comment on BlameBush. All our representatives are huddled under the sink right now and are unable to return your compliments in person.

You are certainly the only person who has ever worn a uniform, and obviously the only person on this board who has done so. And you're clearly a tough guy to boot. Wow. I think I peed a little bit.

As a sign of gratitude, we've taken the liberty of signing you up for several magazines, music services, homosexual erotica, and the new NAMBLA Mastercard (The sound of a young boy squealing like a pig, priceless) sent directly to your home address.

Thank you again for your participation.

Che F. Gaiavera


We are living in a zambionian police state when students who paid to interrupt a speaker can't interrupt a speaker. What kind of world did chimpymcbushitler create when people can't scream like raving idiots about the skull and cross bones and the repuglascums repressing the negro vote! It was clear by the film that the police were hitting this fine progressive youth with sledgehammers and injecting him with all sorts of dangerous mind altering drugs (not the good Vermont approved kind)

If someone can't scream at the top of their lungs at any time for whatever the reason what has happened to free speech?


I checked your address Mr. Hill, and it's a "gay bath house." I'll be there by noon and I'll be bringing my pet/lover/partner baboon Mohammad (piece of luv upon his cute red rashy ass)

Intellectual Conservative

Hey Mikey .... did you take one too many rounds to the head, or what??!!?? Giving your addy .. now there's the mark of someone who makes Forrest Gump seem intelligent. You must be a Democrat .. lol .. want to give us your social security number and credit card numbers while yer at it? :)

Oh, and thank you for your service .. I was an Air Force O-3 myself in the 80s .. although I must say I find your post suspect ..


Lar- You really need some Shrillary or Obamamama TShirts. John F'ing Kerry is so lart year.


Damn that W!!! He made me type lart when I meant LAST!

Dangerous Dave

In all reality, a left wing media outlet has already gone out and blamed this on Bush. Here's's Joe Conason:

"The problem we have had for the last several years is that from the very top we've had a disrespect for people's, uh, rights of free speech. It's been very clear from the... almost from Inauguration Day, and as a result, you have cops doing things like they did to that kid the other day."

I wish it were satire, but it's true.

For satire to be funny, it needs to have an element of reality in it. There's your reality.

Dangerous Dave

This climate of intolerance must end! Kill Bush for trampling on our free speech rights!


"You stupid cunts!"

We Enlyghtened Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, are NOT stupid and whatnot.

The Exorcist

Dear Code Pink Sisters,

I found the guy whose been throwing rocks at you while you exercise your Constitutional Right to take the enemy's side in the war against terror. I think he might also be the guy that stole all those pink tutus and princess crowns from your storage bin as well.

His name is Mike Hill and he lives at 362 7th St. Heyburn, ID. 83336.

Oh, and wear your bullet-proof vests when you charge the place with your OJ Commando Sting Operation because this cat is armed and dangerous.

In Dennis Khristcinich's name,
Lankester Merrin

Dangerous Dave

hey, I heard Idaho is going to seceed if our fair maiden Hillary Rodham is elected. Good riddance you freedom coddling, gun toting Amerikkkans! What is it about that old piece of parchment signed by a bunch of dead white guys that makes you love it so much? Repukkkes all! Just let everyone from Blaine County escape first before the secession is finalized so they can join the rest of us progressives instead of indoctrinating them in your Jesusland re education camps.

Dangerous Dave

Oops, I meant JosephSmithland.

The Exorcist

"I meant JosephSmithland."--Double D

Don't go there, Peter! I mean, Dave!

We have some fine upstanding members of the LDS here and they all vote Republican. We will not tolerate anyone who speaks negatively about their faith, especially that prick, The Exorcist.

Our tent covers Christians of all flavors, even chocolate and Joo-Joo Bean. So take it from me, you'd be kind to pay a little more respect to Mr. Smith because his followers reliably vote Republican just like the Armed Forces.

In Moroni's name,


"Don't tase me, Bro" will become the mantra of another great generation, in a fashion reminiscent of "Whutchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"


As usual the comments here are neither clever or funny. The guy was branishing a Greg Palast book, which, as usual, if full of information detrimental to anyone wishing to subvert the truth. The guy basically just wanted Kerry to answer the question as to why he wussed out and didn't challenge the right when they began their usual stroll down Lie and Deceit Lane. The cops who used the stun gun should be sued for several million dollars and be required to a take a course in freedom of speech, as well as having their tasers rammed up their ass for 30 seconds while being dunked into a trough of water while confessing that their actions really were inspired by Bush, which, of course, IS the logical conclusion of where the Bushite logic would lead. Once again, the democrats demonstrate their wussiness by allowing this to happen. Kerry should have demanded that the police take a hike and go have taser practice on folks who really needed it, say, David Horowitz and his ignorant-ass group of liars and propagandists who drool around campuses warning of the "liberal takeover". Now THAT would be a good use of energy consumption. Kerry's a wuss. I'm surprised he had the strength to throw his medals over the fence. But then again he DID sort of throw the swift boat pants-pooping liars over the fence without much effort so I guess he's not all bad.

Dangerous Dave

Exorcist, why would I not harp on anyone that would willingly (at least without Bushler's shotgun at their back) vote for a repukkkiKlan? I don't really care what their "religion" is. Idaho is full of intolerant mullet headed gun toting retardikkkans that drink domestic beer. From cans even. Screw'em. Regardless of which "friend in the sky" they worship. Repukkkes! Bush won that state by a margin of 2/1. They don't deserve to breath the same air as us enlightened Progressives!

Dangerous Dave

You get'em, KB. We all know that the entire incident can be traced back to Bushler. It's his fault! When will the season of hate end? He created it!

Dangerous Dave

That fuckin Bush let my dog out of the yard last week and now she's knocked up by the neighbor's mutt! Fucking asshole!

Dangerous Dave

I hope you're reading this Georgie Boy! I hope you're getting your jollies off, you riecht wing Christian prick! Fuck you!

Fist of Etiquette

Could someone please explain this to me: A progressive function, with a progressive guest speaker, is interrupted by the progressively aggressive progressive questions from a progressive student, and the progressive university's law enforcement taser the progressive student into submission. How in the hell can anyone not recognize that this is a direct result of George W. Bush?

Anyone that accuses the people who are connecting this situation to the Bush Administration of bordering on unintentional self-parody of Kos-Kids proportions is just plain stupid. DON'T BE STUPID, BRO!!!

The Exorcist

"But then again he DID sort of throw the swift boat pants-pooping liars over the fence without much effort"--Mr. Happy Face

Yeah, except for that part where the Swift Boat Veterans completely derailed his presidential hopes and sent the worthless traitor back to his wife's mansion.

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