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Fist of Etiquette

Isn't Chomstein a Jewish name?

Dangerous Dave

Forgetaboutit. You'll never see the Jesusland hicks come around. THey're too set in their ways. Now, if you had gotten up on stage and burned a cross or two, or maybe beat up a "fag", they would have given you a standing ovation. Christians are to blame for everything bad in Amerikkka, and they are the ones that are not worth fighting for even though they continuously dupe the military into doing it. It's sickening. there is nobody on this earth more intolerant than the worthless CHristian fascist neocon pigs. Burn'em all! And Bushler too!

Spinning Olive

I find this particular article especially offensive. Some of my dearest friends are midgets and they are warm, sensitive, caring little farts. And, they make fabulous footstools.

Spinning Olive

And by the way, I keep 2 on my payroll as living lawn jockeys.



Thanks for the satire Larry. I just wish they would have run you out of town or tarred and feathered you. To put a fine point on it. We are asleep when it comes to the Muslims and Islam.

The Exorcist

"We are asleep when it comes to the Muslims and Islam."--Don I'mMadasHell

Oui are asleep when it comes to the Muslims and Islam.

But it won't be the Phrench who stop Iran in their glowing tracks.

Intellectual Conservative

I'm just wondering what spin our resident shriekers ... aka KB / Irish / whatever names they want to use will come up for on this post.

Remember, one of the leading luminaries of the Left said 'Religion is the opiate of the masses'

Gee now .. what was his name again .. hmm .. :)

Fist of Etiquette

The National Association for the Advancement of-

Ugh. I can't even bring myself to say it. When are they finally going to change that outdated and offensive name? It's got that word in it, which is nothing more than an ugly reminder of a backward time in our history. It should be the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Vertically-Challenged People.

Fist of Etiquette

Come to think of it, "advancement" is a tad ignorant of the facts, as well...


Belittling religion is always in bad taste. The peaceful demonstrations of Islam have shown us that only one religion stands supreme. That God hates non believers. This theme is present in how believers and practitioners of a belief behave. By the way, do practitioners of religion have licenses to do so? If not, one more thing for Hitlery to regulate. And where is my bong?


Here on the East Coast, we have the NAAAA-OE, The National Association for the Advancement of African-Americans-Or Else and they seem to be doing just fine. A lot of them go to those hated "church" buildings to "pray" to their "imaginary friend" who must be telling them it's okay to have kids without being married, use drugs and shoot each other because they do a lot of that here.


Well, if their imaginary friend is telling them that, imagine what Hitlery's imaginary friends tell her! That we must subsidize it because they are victims.

Dangerous Dave

Actually, Hitlery feels for those African Americans that go to church. She will be going to church with them this campaign season.


Larry, I'm so sorry for the intolerance. I would have shown up, but alas, I'm blind and a wonderful Mooselum man told me I could not ride in his ultra clean cab because of my seeing eye dog. You see, dogs are unclean in Islam. I felt so terrible for the poor cabbie that I paid him his fare anyway. When I got home, my lyfe partner told me that the cabbie accidently took all of my large bills and left me with singles.

Room 237

Did you get tased when you left?


If Hitlery is attending church with the A-As, then I forsee a spirited campaign, hon.



Waht else would you expect from KKKonservative KKKhristian Jack-Booted Propagandist "films"?



Waht else would you expect from KKKonservative KKKhristian Jack-Booted Propagandist "films"?


Bu$Hitler made me post twice!!! WHEN will Chimpeachment remove this blight from our midst?

Fist of Etiquette

The picture quality of youtube videos is poor, so I can't tell if those were actual African-Americans who just happened to be Uncle Toms, or if it was white Republicans in blackface.


This whole topic has me feeling a little.... well, you know.


"Isn't Chomstein a Jewish name?"

Yeah, it is. It appears to be a sort of racist anti-Semitic slur against Chomsky. And, well, everyone knows he's anti-Semitic because, well, he's never written a word demonstrating he is anything of the sort. Sort of like he's anti-American though he's never written a word even hinting at such ignorance. Regarding Christianity being a religion of hate, I'm sure that the millions killed by it were actually just being loved to death, but were too dumb to realize it. After all, they were being loved for their own good, even if it DID entail killing them. What's a minor slaughter when their all being saved? Anyway:

"Is Christianity only a religion of Peace and Love? I do not think that anyone can honestly and objectively examine American or European history and answer "yes" to that question. Christianity can encourage Peace and Love - but it certainly need not, and it quite often has done just the opposite. Although the people responsible for violence might have found a way to express their hatred without Christianity, it cannot be ignored that Christianity offers a convenient divine mandate for hatred and violent acts against a wide range of people.

As a reference for those who find that it is sometimes necessary to education others about the history of violence associated with Christianity, below is a list of links to various eras and incidents. In each case, religion has served as a principle catalyst for the violence or has, at the very least, assisted in justifying and perpetuating that violence.

Early Christianity
Violent inclinations in Christianity are apparent right from the beginning. Although it is often argued that violence during Christian history is simply an aberration which results from people who twisted the original Christian message, that may not be entirely true. Violent inclinations in Christianity are apparent right from the beginning.

• Early History
• Crusades
• Inquisition

Modern Christianity
Although one might imagine that the violence of Christianity would be relegated to the distant past, that hasn't been the case. The course of modernity has been one strewn with blood, bones, and bodies - much of which can be attributed to Christianity.

• Reformation
• Witches
• Holocaust


Must Christianity Be Violent? Reflections on History, Practice, and Theology
Christian Century, Dec 28, 2004 by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
Must Christianity Be Violent? Reflections on History, Practice, and Theology. Edited by Kenneth B. Chase and Alan Jacobs. Brazos, 256 pp., $19.99 paperback.

"RELIGION MAY be killing us. The good news is that in our post-9/11 world there is a widespread concern about religion and violence. A December 2003 Minnesota poll, for example, showed that 77 percent of respondents attributed a fair amount of the cause of the world's wars and conflicts to religion. The bad news is that religious violence is almost always seen as a problem for other traditions, not one's own.

In the poll just cited, for example, 34 percent of the mostly Christian respondents said that Islam is more likely than Christianity to encourage its believers to be violent. Though our "Christian nation" was waging wars in Afghanistan and Iraq at the time, few Christians saw a relationship between Christianity and violence. How could a country in which 84 percent of adults claim to follow Jesus, who taught love of enemies and embodied nonviolence, be the most militarized nation in the history of the world--a nation whose military, spending exceeds that of all other countries combined?


Violence: Christianity & Islam
Dr. Ahmad Shafaat, 1983

Hateful & Violent Islam! Peaceful Christianity! True? False?

Leaving Christianity
Site last updated 23rd May 2007
What's new

Over the years I have come to know and know of many ex-Christians most of whom were well-churched, their numbers including former ministers, apologists, missionaries, theologians etc. Why should such people leave Christianity? These people are the best versed in Christianity and yet they leave despite so much personal and professional investment in their religion, enjoyment of their time as believing Christians and social pressures to stay. How can this happen if the evidence for Christianity is so good? If supernatural Christianity is true, shouldn't they have known better?

But what if the history and philosophical and moral implications of the various branches of Christianity are very different from that which is traditionally taught? The painful fact for many Christians is that through research and thinking this is the conclusion to which they often come. Why else should all these people leave, contrary to their world-view, culture, professions, and heavy investment in Christianity? Why would God go to the trouble of incarnation and crucifixion only to allow genuine seekers to find Christianity untenable, or give "spurious" experiences and "incorrect" interpretation to those who spend so many years trying to be Christians? From our research and testimonies it is apparent that Christianity is not what we once thought it was.

I hope that these collected stories and resources will be of comfort to new deconverts. There is no "exit counselling" from the church and usually our Christian friends just want to find out "where we went wrong" rather than really listen and explore with us. It can be a great thrill to find fellow travellers in what is usually a very lonely journey with often few or no sympathetic people to turn to. I thought I was the first to deconvert from a genuine heartfelt Christianity until I discovered a few hints in books, some friends with similar stories and then the voluminous accounts on the Internet!

I hope to keep these pages fresh as I am still in the process of collecting stories and links and discussing this subject with various interested parties. Discussing religion can of course be very contentious and although primarily a resource for ex-Christians it is inevitable that some believing Christians, or others with different opinions, will surf here and wish to criticise this site. I have tried to avoid too much scornful material, although sometimes emotions rise in some of the reported on-line discussions - I am not from Vulcan! But if you think I have not been fair or really have missed something then I'd like to know. All criticism is welcome as long as it is not a knee-jerk at just reading a little of what I have to offer as such criticism is less interesting and causes too much repetition.


Actually, the Professym doesn't racially slur anyone. It is an homage to the verbose
and eloquent Chomsky. Consider this: Writing a satire blog poking fun at the Left.
Chomsky is a leading light in that area...Larry is sort of mocking the fact that the intelligentsia of the left is lionised by those who have that mind-set.

So we sort of play along here.

Your mileage may vary.

Fist of Etiquette

Anyone that knows me knows that I am the farthest - furthest - no, farthest thing from an anti-semite.

Having said - well, typed - that, I have to admit that if President Carter is right about anything, he's dead right on two points. First, there is no way in heck that Iran is going to actually attack Israel, so we shouldn't even bother worrying about that. Secondly, would it be such a bad thing for Middle Eastern cultural dynamics if the Jews were wiped out?

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