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Intellectual Conservative

How very sad .. people like him who live in a fantasy world eventually have their bubbles popped. And the truth to expose him is there in his own words.


Sounds like he lives in NoCal, not Nippon.

Intellectual Conservative

If you look on one of his previous rants he does say 'Here in Japan ..'


I did when I first started coming here. He gives pagans and Wiccans a bad name. They do not as a rule, go around dissing other religions. Only the Satanists do that. To
do as he has done is to unleash one of the fundamental laws of the universe: Karma.
What goes around comes around. He is on another thread, hiding is the tasered thread. You have figured him out and answered him ably and well. I don't care to respond to his ugliness any longer. I am not a woman, but I detest his lifestyle, his posts and reading his rants makes me unclean. I believe the phrase is to let virtue garnish your thoughts?

After reading kb it is time to give my mind a bath. I have stooped to his level only because I could not stand his maligning of a religion and the people here who are having fun. Liberals have never liked this site once they figure it out because they
truly do see themselves in the satire and all of a sudden, they are being mocked because of their stupid ideas and need to control others. kb is the type to be a control freak along the lines of a dictator. His rants prove that time and again.
A couple of others besides you have pointed it out, but you did it best with the Nietzsche quote. Well done.

Intellectual Conservative

:bowing: You are welcome.

I think he figured out I read some Nietzsche and was comparing him to Nietzsche, which is why all he could do was reply 'Uhhh...Not really. Neither are you or Bush'

Sounds like a little boy on a playground, a bully, when he is bested by someone better, gives the reply of the loser 'Your momma'

Oh, and I once dated a White Witch who disliked almost every organized religion out there .. except the Mormons. I never knew why till she told me she grew up in a Mormon family, and she didn't diss other religions per se, just didn't think they were for her. She eventually chose a different spiritual path, and when she heard I became LDS she shared with me her past, and congratulated me for, in her words, 'finding God and finding some measure of truth'

Contrary to popular opinion, Mormons do recognize those of other faiths who follow the Creator and live worthy lives do actually have merit and velue.

Intellectual Conservative

Oops, that's 'value'. My bad. I am sure my misspelling is some evidence of KB's 'power'.


Well, most pagans and Wiccans I know dislike organized religion because of the intensity of salvation and someone else determining your worthiness for same, rather that working it out between you and your Maker.

'Faith without works is dead.' I have always kept that in my mind, thinking about how we have to not only know there is a God but to practice His two laws: Love Him and love your neighbor.

The Exorcist

Is Dodger is jail?

The Exorcist

4 words and I couldn't get it right. Fricken Bush!

Is Dodger IN jail?


No, well, not right now. I got dragged off to some evil NRA shooting event for about a week.
Damn rethugliKKKans and their guns.


"No, well, not right now. I got dragged off to some evil NRA shooting event for about a week."

Quit forcing your guns on me!!!


It was terrible. There were guns everywhere.

The Exorcist

Dodger, you shooting shooter who shoots!

I'll bet you were shooting at cans on your way to the event. MexiCans, AfriCans and liberal AmeriCans. I knew to duck down into the bushes when I saw your 69 Dodger with the KKKonfederate Flag painted on the roof. The horn was a dead give-away to.


Your best piece yet.

The Exorcist

"Quit forcing your guns on me!!!"

..........I'm going to have to resort to drastic measures—like maybe pinning them down to the cement floor of the loading dock with my powerful forearms and working my c*@% all the way up their b*&# so they understand loud and clear just how much I disapprove of their unwelcome advances. I mean, you can't get much more direct than that.

The Exorcist

HOLY SHIT! John Edwards just promised he's going to kill all black Americans if he's elected president.

Read all about it on my blog....


"John Edwards just promised he's going to kill all black Americans if he's elected president"

When did John Edwards become an evil hateful spiteful angry evil angry shrieking screaming shouting evil unhinged KKKonservative KKKhristian who is enslaved to the RePugnantKKKan "Party"?

The Exorcist

He appears determined to bring back the Dixiecrat Party. He's already got Senator Barbaric on his side.

Justa Joe

I question the timing.


I googled Joseph Smith's wives. According to Mormon doctrine, all but two were married to him after his death, by proxy. So the idiot lie of 14 year old brides and his being a child molester is untrue. Another known tactic of satanists is to repeat
a lie as if it was the truth. kb is a master at this; repeating the dogma of socialism
as if it had succeeded; it hasn't and never will. I understand your conference is this weekend; I just may catch it online.

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