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Global warming... or cooling... or just climate change... whatever fits. Maybe it is the war that caused it

Fist of Etiquette

Not only did it hit Jamaica but it hit the Yucatan and it's going to Mexico and it's going to Texas and it's going to take back Crawford Ranch! Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!


Dean, Dean, Dean. He was never as good as Frank. Get over it.!

I guess we'll know for sure when we get to Hurricane "H".

Oh, oh let me guess , Humberto, Hanna, Henri, Hillary. . .

Actually I cheated and used the official names for 2007, 2008 and 2009. Once Hillary is in office she can change or use any name she wants. I guess she will pick whatever name gives her the most political mileage. If she is in need of showing her power she will use her name, if she want to single out a subordinate their name, or an enemy's name like George.

Don't you know they will be pining (like a voodoo doll) him for years after he is gone. Kind of like poor old Joseph McCarthy. And he deserves it.

Howard Dean did all that? What an abusive man he is...of the white male hegemony too.


Has anyone in the Enlyghtened Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, media uncovered covert activity by the HitlerBurton MagnetoSpheric Atmosphere Machines?


What Hurricane Hillary!

Sweet Hillary?

It’s got to be fueled by the Rovianium!

What’s the carbon 12 foot print of Rovianium?

If you find that you will find Karl Rove.


I always knew Dean was a blowhard...


I was really hoping that it would hit the amerKKKa coastline and kill tons of people and destroy a huge amount of property. for every death it would mean more rightful votes for we progressives. We could use the footage of coast guard using machine guns to clear the poor off their rooftops while on their way to save white rich people in our campaign adds.

I have some Hurricane names to try out:
Hurricane Bu$h is responsible
Hurricane Cheney hates black people
Hurricane 9/11 was a inside job
Hurricane Juden Raus!
Hurricane Go ahead and drive that SUV, you fat ameriKKKan white male.
Hurricane US troops out now!
Hurricane "it's not our fault" (to be used only during democratic administrations)

Or Hugo.

"YYYYYEEEEEAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!" And we'll blow through Iowa, New Hampshire...


Hussein Obama?


those poor Mexicans..being hammered by Dean is all the more reason we should
incorporate the entire continent...Panamerada..Panamerada..
nice ring to it. And we get FOUR of the letters, too !!
How are all those people going to survive this onslaught ?? How will they be able
to find their way to the PEMA trailers ?? How ??
I've written a new Panamerada anthem..

Y Panamerada Y Panamerada..
es muy bonita !
De Groenlandia al sur de Perú,
El calentarse global te ha frito.

That's as far as I got..sry


I personally can't wait till Hurricane Hillary hikes her skirts and rushes ashore!

Che Gaiavera

Yeah, Hurricane Dean made a lot of noise and then fizzled, but Hurricane Edwards will blow like nobody's business, causing the ocean to surge, swell, and finally spew violently. It might even get some in its eye.


I personally can't wait till Hurricane Hillary hikes her skirts and rushes ashore!

Sweet Gaia, the sight would be horrendous.

I just hope Hillary doesn’t have vaginosis because the smell would be worse.


I just threw up in my mouth a WHOLE FREAKING LOT!

The Exorcist

Flooding out the Halliburton-manufactured Diebold Voting machines in Ohio in order to steal yet another election for the Republican Party. Rove will stop at nothing to prevent Hurricane He'llickme Clit-on from returning to the white house...

FINDLAY, Ohio (AP) - More than 1,000 people were flooded out of their homes Thursday after the heavy rain that swamped communities across the Midwest sent Ohio's rivers spilling over their banks, the governor said.

Dangerous Dave

Obviously a neocon reicht wing stunt to hijack the elections next year, since we're onto Diebold's games. If they can't hack the machines, they'll make more hurricanes and name them after Democratische candidates.

This conspiracy has Rove's handprints all over it.

Dangerous Dave

I just got my final unemployment check, so now i have to either find a job in the next week or face running out of incense.

Damn reicht winger Bushler cabal.

Intellectual Conservative

Vaginosis? Oof ... why am I getting visuals of 12 day old cottage cheese, and loaves of bread popping out from yonder yeast infection??

Gives new meaning to the Poppin' Fresh Pillsbury Doughgirl ... doesnt it?

Intellectual Conservative

Oh, and you can always count on me to bring 'culture' to any conversation :)

Webb Sloane

Hee hee! Um, I mean, Global Warming Hitler Judas Bush can run but he can't hide. Everyone except Bush knows that Dean can't be blamed for anything since he isn't mentally competent. Stupid Bush!

Kinky Bee

"Or Hugo."

It would have to be Hurricane Hugo Chavez. Plain old Hurricane Hugo was retired. Too bad we can't do the same for our glorious President Chavez in Venezuela. He looks like he could use a rest. Maybe we could send him, Ahmamanindrag and Osama Been Loafin' on a permanent vacation together.

Also, wouldn't Hurricane Hillary just put on high waters? I don't recall her having worn a skirt in years...fat, ugly calves and all.

Che Gaiavera

How about Hurricane Kb? It's long-winded, class 1 storm that thinks it's a class 5, repeatedly follows the same paths as previous storms, keeps getting diverted by Hurricane Janny, doesn't do any actual damage, but it seriously annoys everyone in its path.

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