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Looks like she had one too many thermometer cocktails. Ah, yes. I remember 'Mama Murray.' Oh...FIRST!


John Edward will become the world's first metrosexual presidential canidate.


I think Patty's hair is better than Edwards. But then, I'm a girl and I would vote for a girl for president. I just don't want to be in the same room when he seess mama Murray's hair. There might be a catfight.


WHAT??? Nothing on Rove quiting Larry? WEll I know he didn't really quit but I figured you would have some ideas to what is really going on.


My thinking really hard in the general direction of Seattle appears to have awakened Larry!

All hail the Professym!

Yep, Murray is definintely one of us, I mean, "brainy," progressyves!

All hail Patty Murray! Crusader, "for the chyldren!"

I love her tennis shoes. She is soooo kewl, especially when she makes deadpan speeches.


Thank Gaia we have staunch supporters like her to lead the way in crushing things that are bad for you. Hopefully she'll find time to combat one of the largest threats to working American familys that exists today. You know what I'm talking about. The campaign for stopping Americans from sticking butterknives in toasters. The people have a right to know!!

AWOL Civilization

Let us not forget the horror caused by second-hand asbestos. This is when people who have been regularly eating asbestos begin to exhale it. It is invisible but deadly. Of course Bush silenced a group of doctors who were about to go public with it. He had them drafted into the army and sent to Iraq, never to be heard from again. Hopefully Patty will save us on this issue as well. She better hurry, though. 60,000 people die every day from second-hand asbestos.

Kinky Bee

"I think Patty's hair is better than Edwards."

WHAT??!! Nobody's hair is prettier than Pres. Silky Pretty Hair's. I wonder if he uses asbestos to hold it in place. Maybe that's really why Patty wants to ban asbestos(isn't it already banned?). She doesn't want any competition in regards to hair or her Presidential campaign.


What does you like bestus, Donkey Dick?

Why, I likes ass bestus.


Oh, this really gets under my skin. If Murray weren't one of the Enlightened Ones, I might have some serious reservations about doing away with asbestos... I mean, some of my fondest memories were of Sunday drives after Wicca conclaves through Ballard on our way to Bothell for a hearty lunch of asbesto-McNuggets.

But, I'm a simple guy and prefer to focus on one issue at a time, to the exclusion of all else. So, I need to I fill out my picketing placards with "DOWN WIHT ABSESTSO!!1" or "Sotp Glowble Warmign!!1" ???


In light of this, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.


Is that a picture of a 12-year-old boy?

Bawney Fwank

Oooh, if it is, can I get one of the congressional pages to get hys number?

As a progressive, I think that asbestos should be legalized. The War on Asbestos is not working!


I love this site. It kills. The humor stops short when we realize how completely troubling it is that so many similar elected officials in our government are so liberally challenged. The fact that so many Americans vote these assclowns into office is an utter disgrace to those who are conservatively principled.


Well, ScottWayne (any relation to Bruce, at Wayne Manor? Or to a certain 'ward'?)
that's yer problem right there. You have conservative principles. Which means
Mama Murray is gunning for you. To the Bat Cave!
*vintage theme music ensues*



What humor? We're liberals progressyves. We don't know feel humor.


That's it Larry, you owe my company a new keyboard. No one warned me to not read your blog while drinking coffee!!

It is totally your fault not mine as I am a progressyve!!


Not having followed any of the links and only having read the title about "Asbestos Ain't No Good For People Food" or some such, I feel it my duty to do the Progryssive thing and weigh in on the subject in order to demonstrate my vastly superior knowlege of this topic.

Having said all that let me just say...what was the topic?

Fist of Etiquette

The residents of Murray's hometown brothel??? Did I read that right?

Also, I've been able to pick out five things different in those three pictures. How many do I have to find to win?


Let me break this down for you:
1.) The Bu$Hitler KKKriminal Regime started an Illegal, Immoral & Fattening War using Blood For Oil For Sunshine (when oil runs out, we'll have to go solar and where does the sun shine the most?)
2.) DicKKK Cheney's Big Oil Buddies are now raking in huge profits
3.) Enlyghtened Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, Persyns are using the InterWeb to expose it all BUT...where are those Persyns forced to live because of Tax Cuts for the Top 1%?

In asbestos-laced apartments built by DicKKK Cheney's Big Asbestos Buddies!!

Connect. The. Dots.

And I'm not the only who can connect those dots...

Connect the Dots: Karl Rove's Politics Uber Alles Strategy and the Utah Mine Disaster

The Exorcist

Excuse me! Is the line for Reparations Check Disbursement?

I heard the government was handing out free shit and, as a liberal Democrat, I demand that you people pay me for things your ancestors may or may not have done to my ancestors.

If you don't have any money for me to extort from you then I'll have to settle for free cheese. If you don't even free cheese then I'll have to burn your city down to the ground.

Thompson/Giuliani '08!!!

The Exorcist


Typo: "Is the line for Reparations Check Disbursement?"
Should have read: "Is THIS the line for Reparations Check Disbursement?"

Clearly a typo brought about by the Demoklan Party's oppression of my peoples. Add another 10% to that reparations check or at least another slice of swiss on that Dagwood.


Read her story. Educate yourselves. But she's still a moron.

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