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As usual a dollar short and a day late.

This is old news. Don't you want to rail against
Bush for commuting Scooters jail time? We should all
be disappointed that we can't witness the body-cavity
search on that venal fascist. YouTube would have had
braking news when Libby was found enjoying the attention he receives from cell block D. He's always fantasized about having 'Bubba' to the hilt but he never dreamed he would be pulling a train at Federal
expense. This was Cheney's doing. He has been jealous of the attention Scooter has received as a convicted, perjuring prevaricator. There was no way
he was gonna let Scooter go down Bung Highway without him. His lesbo daughter has been introducing him to
suave gay types but they don't do nothin' for him.
He wants the gladiator type. If he can't get it, there's no way he's gonna let a subordinate be master fudge-packer.

Fist of Etiquette

As gas prices rise with no end in sight, who among us hasn't considering stockpiling our own reserves of fuel before the cost gets to equal that of orange juice??? And if you did buy extra, wouldn't it make sense to carry it with you in your auto, where it's needed?

And who among us hasn't been late for a flight and searched desperately for parking space close to the ticket counter? Are we to make a federal case out of every driver that gets a little overzealous?

And who among us hasn't, at the very least, considered going jihad on our government by blowing up innocent civilians? People need to vent sometimes.

We all need to sit back, take a breath, and let things settle down before we start pointing fingers. Nothing positive can be gained by stopping every car we come across that just happens to be driven by a muslim and just happens to be packed with propane tanks.

The Exorcist

"Nothing positive can be gained by stopping every car we come across that just happens to be driven by a muslim"

Especially if jihad is to succeed.

But the most troubling part of these courageous Doctors Without Borders journey is that Jeep's aren't nearly as rugged as they used to be. What happened to the off-road capabilities of these vehicles? They should've been able to make it up the escalators, past the baggage check-in, security checkpoints, tarmac and all the way to their assigned seat on the plane. That's the only place a jihadist can really cure an infidel, isn't it?

Damn that Bush and his clemency for criminals while profiling Doctors Of Death!


Who attacked The BritLanders? It was white IRA males who used shoe polish to color their skin just like The Timothy McVeigh Army flew the planes on 9/11 after darkening their skin with shoe polish and learning to say: Dirka, dirka, Muhammad Jihad.

Case closed.

Komrade Karl

Did you see all of the air pollution that burning SUV was causing? Couldn't the terrorists have used something more environmentally friendly like a yugo or a prius? It is one thing to kill people but destroying the environment is going too freaking far.


This could re-characterize the term “Flaming A**hole.”

I don't think it was a Jeep that slammed into the airport, I think it was a missile.


Two doctors in Britain are terrorists?

Well, what can we expect from the operators of the fine socialist National Healthcare System in the UK?


If we just surrendered to our Islamic overlords, and gave them what they want, Bu$h wouldn't have any reason to plan and put into action these false flag operations and then blame them on the peaceful religion of Islam.

You know I'm right......


Poor Tony Snow. He looks terrible. I'm sure it's his battle with cancer (coupled with the battle against rabid totalitarian communists that constitutes 90% of the Dumbocrat party).

I'm watching the press conference right now. The left is APOPLECTIC!!! It's hysterical!!! Sandy Berger didn't go to jail, Clinton avoided the slammer, but Scooter needs to be sent to the gulags.

The Exorcist

"Sandy Berger didn't go to jail, Clinton avoided the slammer, but Scooter needs to be sent to the gulags."--MeThought

The most enjoyable part of Scooterbug's commutation is watching the grimmacing pain the lefties are in. Keith Olberwoman looked like he was going to blow a vein out of his empty head last night. Maybe a few of them will jump, Jump, JUMP!!

President Krueger is likely to take it to a full pardon when he takes over. What a monster!


I question the timing. Mooselums are getting blamed for this too!? For all we know they're Amish.

Doesn't Dick Cheney (whose daughter Mary is a hot lesbian) own a Mercedes?

The Exorcist

"Doesn't Dick Cheney (whose daughter Mary is a hot lesbian) own a Mercedes?"

Yes, it's a rugged (M)ary (L)icks model.


"I question the timing. Mooselums are getting blamed for this too!? For all we know they're Amish." - Arbiter

Puh-lease! Those bitches were totally the Moosad!!

Menstrual Rainbow

The damage that these SUVs could have caused even when they where just parked demonstrates that as Ralph Nader once told us, they are unsafe at any speed.


Menstrual Rainbow,

Once again your logic has defeated me.

The Exorcist

"unsafe at any speed"--Psychodelic Period

Yes, the Corvair. It was billed as the American Porsche, only nobody knew what the hell a Porsche was back then. Or at least, not enough people knew. Additionally, other than a brief blip in the early 60s, small cars didn't sell well in the 60s. People wanted huge land yachts bedazzled in chrome, not a rear-engine rear-drive small car that got good mileage when gas was 25-cents a gallon.

And who the hell knew about oversteer when every other car understeered like Rosie O'Dumbell in her wine cellar? Even fewer people than those who knew what a Porsche was, that's who.

And then along came Ralph to crush the American Porsche and put people out of work. Oh I hope he jumps into the race.

Ali Ali Ali

bungling, incompetent fools... if only my 7 year old was driving- he would have made those infidels pay!

If only the Mooslims had used flaming camels to attack London we'd have PETA on our side.

By the way, I LOVED my Corvair. I know Mr. Nader is right about everything else, but in this case he's full of shit.

Ralphie N. almost made me give up my Progressyve leanings for a while. But when he mentioned "redistribution of wealth" I relented. I could use some.


I dislike Mr. Nader because if we are talking about the redistribution of wealth, why haven't Porsches been banned? We had Corvairs...the only Chevy I will EVER like. My teen years were spent driving
them...helped my brother work on a couple of them. We had a station wagon, van, coupe and car.
They were banned because they were awesome affordable cars.


And no, they did NOT become airborne or flip because of the trunk being in the front. Were that the case, VW Beetles should have been banned long before. Exy, I KNOW about this...we owned a total of 12 Corvairs.

The Exorcist

12! If Ralph knew that he'd send you all to Gitmo.

Corvairs, especially Monza's, were great cars. I'm not sure I'd want to be in one when everything else on the road was a Country Squire Stationwagon with chrome spears at just about head-level for a Corvair driver. But for sheer cool-factor, I'd take a Monza over a Beetle anyday.

Besides, the only reason VW's didn't oversteer is they didn't have enough power to get out of their own way. I had one and I couldn't drive it into the ground fast enough.


I'm been using a lot of pot for my medical condition (I'm a chronic sufferer of hemmorhoids) and I've come to the conclusion that it's evil to kill plants too. People talk to their plants all the time. So no meat or plants.

Can anyone help me out to as what I can eat. I'm getting the munchies.

Ted Kennedy

I've managed to kill more people with my car than these clowns have.

Kinky Bee

If only the Jeep would have taken after certain feminine hygiene products, and had Wings. Then, all would have been accomplished with ease by our beloved Camel and Goat Loving Brethren, whose religion remains nameless.

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