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I don't want to have to get used to using big words like "ambivalent."

Posted by: Pellucid

Whats the opposite of "ambivalent"?

Here is a Google reply. . .
Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus - Cite This Source
Main Entry: ambivalent
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: conflicting
Synonyms: clashing, contradictory, debatable, doubtful, equivocal, fluctuating, hesitant, inconclusive, irresolute, mixed, opposed, uncertain, undecided, unresolved, unsure, vacillating, warring, wavering
Antonyms: certain, concrete, definite, no two ways about it, resolved, settled, sure, unequivocal

Main Entry: borderline
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: inexact
Synonyms: ambiguous, ambivalent, doubtful, dubitable, equivocal, indecisive, indefinite, indeterminate, marginal, open, problematic, uncertain, unclear, undecided, unsettled
Antonyms: absolute, certain, decisive, definite, exact

Main Entry: equivocal
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: doubtful
Synonyms: ambiguous, ambivalent, amphibological, borderline, clouded*, disreputable, dubious, evasive, fishy*, hazy*, indefinite, indeterminate, indistinct, misleading, mixed feelings, oblique, obscure, open, problematic, puzzling, questionable, suspect, suspicious, tenebrous, uncertain, unclear, undecided, unexplicit, unintelligible, vague
Antonyms: certain, clear, definite, obvious, plain, unequivocal, unquestionable
Notes: ambiguous is vague by accident or intent; equivocal is vague by intent

Source: Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.3.1)
Copyright © 2007 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. All rights reserved.
* = informal or slang

I liked the Note about ambiguous and equivocal. Looks like BRUSH is a synonym.


Keep it simple...

Bush lies.

Bush lies.. People die. Bush tried to cry..don't know why..but it came out, A
LIE ! He looked at Barney..and muttered "C'mere Barney"..but Barney sighed..again it was a lie.

He called his daughter and asked her "How ya been ?" with a smirkety smirk on his chinny chin chin.. She replied "That's a lie!"

But only Larry knows why.. it's Bush's fault, this lie lie lie upon lie upon lie.. It's because of all the billions of big oil buddies, who live right next door to you and I.

I shudder to think of the gadzillions of lies that have been told by this man.
He feeds them to his puppets, right out of the can.'s simple alright.

Bush lied.


I'm sorry, but I just can't help but laugh.

YahooNews headline, right now:

"Republican bill challenges Bush Iraq policy." (video link: Bush defiant)

Who doesn't think that if this was a Dem sponsored bill they'd be calling it, "bi-partisan?"

Damn that defiant Bush! How dare he do what's right, instead of what benefits a handful of Republicans politically!


That Loon Peggy Noonan is carping about BushGod again.

" Bush Derangement Syndrome. That phrase suggested that to passionately dislike the president was to be somewhat unhinged. No one thinks that anymore"

That left-wing Harlot of the OverBite has finally tipped
the scales into full-blown Bolshevism. Imagine the temerity of her crock-filled epiphany.

Bush Derangement
is alive and well. In fact it's mutating and growing into a world-wide threat that rivals an alliance between Bird-Flu epidemic and Al Qaeda stumblebums
who can't find their ass with both hands. Bush has no
trouble finding his ass. In fact he regularly gives
speeches without help from any other part of his anatomy.

So don't say they're both incompetent double-digit intellects who blow gas from their holes when they are under pressure to explain their stupidity. It'd be a damn lie.


Exy is a black Republican?!!

Last night I was lectured by a Whyte Lyberal how "the black community" has no "sense of identity" because of slavery and stuff and that's why they can't succeed.

I proceeded to rattle off a list of successful black people including Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Condi Rice, Colin Powell Bill Cosby and assorted other black people with whom I work and who graduated college with us and went on to wildly successful careers. They didn't seem to be in the throws of an identity crises nor did any of them seem to belong to a monolith called the "black community" any more than I belong to a "white community".

My Whyte Lyberal friend informed me that this lack of "identity" was identified by "scholars" and is a widely known FACT. So, basically, this Dumbocrat is coming to fix your identity crisis for ya', Exy, undoubtedly by creating more dependency on the nanny state for poor blacks and putting obstacles in the way for success-oriented smart blacks. That's what Lyberals call progress!


Soooo blacks need an image consultant? I recommend sExy Exy. The poore downtrodden
can mold themselfs in his image.


Bush has no
trouble finding his ass. In fact he regularly gives
speeches without help from any other part of his anatomy.

Shut up, irish.

The Exorcist

"this Dumbocrat is coming to fix your identity crisis for ya', Exy,"

He/She/It won't be the first and won't be the last, they'll just be the next body lined up on the side of the rode in a great big, steaming pile of liberal. It doesn't matter if they're white, black, brown, yellow or rainbow-colored liberals, they're all just as dumb as the other.

It's kind of hard to complain when there's children starving to death at this very moment and that's defintely not what I'm getting at, but nobody takes more heat than black conservatives. Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder and our collective sensai, Thomas Sowell, are just a few examples. Black conservatives take more heat from black liberal idiots than we ever will from white liberal idiots. But at least we understand that an idiot is an idiot, regardless of pigmentation.

Again, I never lose sight of the fact that I was incredibly lucky enough to be born in the greatest country in the history of mankind. No liberal of any color quite comprehends that fact. But white liberal punks who come to my alter to preach nonsense are run out on their noses because they don't know shit from Shinola, yet use bullshit to try and make their case.

It often goes like this: "Don't you think that gay rights is comparable to the civil rights movement, bro?"

Me: Uh, no. I didn't decide to be black but you decided to run away with the circus and become a sword-swallower. Do you see the difference?

Harry Reid: No justice, no peace, homey! What did you just say? Duh, duh, no, I don't quite understand where you are coming from, bro!

Me: Oh! You don't? Well, I guess that's what happens when you've been hit on the chin with more balls than Mickey Mantle. Now get out of my face, you imbecile, I've got demons to exorcise and you're too dumb to talk to.

Cover that same base about 52,000 times and you end being ordained as The Exorcist and spend the rest of your life chasing demons. But, hey, children are starving so I'm hardly complaining. I'm just following my Calling.

May The Power Of Right Continue To Compel You!

Kanye Westorcist


Damn that Shockley was right!

You see what happens when you go back to watch the fire you started?

You imbecile! Where'd you ride it? To the circus? What did you do there? Swallow swords?

OK, you got me. You can't go calling an idiot an idiot if you're going to spell "road" incorrectly. Only a progressive could get that so wrong. I stand guilty as charged and hereby renounce my conservative leanings.

1. No justice, no peace.
2. If the glove don't fit, you must acquit.
3. Where's all the free shit the Constitution guarantees me, whitey?
4. What do we want? Reparations! When do we want it? Now!
5 Duh, I'm voting for a good plantation master. I'm voting for Massah Hillary?
6. She be taking good care of me. Duh!
7. Am that a Cadillac? Duh! I buy that, you am take credit? Duh!
8. I know she big fat and ugly, Cleotis, but she white! Duh!
9. Bush don't care about black people!
10. Give me an A+ for showing up in class or I'll sue you, cracker!

Dick Steele

Look at what this moron posted!!! Bush whacker!!
(a href="">Terrorism


"Bush has no trouble finding his ass. In fact he regularly gives speeches without help from any other part of his anatomy."

I should hope so! Considering anything else would be wasted on the knuckle-dragging Cretans in the MSM!


Amen, Exorcist! AMEN! More power to you!

I can't tell you how many times I have personally witnessed my black friends ostracized and abused by black liberals for their success. Apparently, the do-gooding white racists passing for civil rights activists and their shills, the black race hustlers, have convinced the a large portion of the "black community" that success is the domain of whites. What kind of screwed up logic is that? No wonder Bill Cosby was nearly stoned to death when he confronted people with common sense.

As a woman I get a tiny small taste of that. I should vote for women just because they're women, I should hire incompetents just because they're women, I should scream for higher wages even though where women receive lower wages those lower wages are fully economically justified, I need to demand that "society" pay for the upkeep of my children because of "social justice", etc., etc., etc....

And hideous, uneducated Dumbocrat hags like Kathy Griffin decide that they can speak for me and attack Condi Rice because she's not black or woman enough in their unqualified opinion! I nearly exploded when I heard that clip on Larry Elder a couple of weeks ago.


Thanks for the race hustling, poverty creating, dehumanizing Dumbocrat talking points on race, Kanye Westorcist! Ain't progressyves great?


Camo, if you are on graveyard, does this mean the cunning linguist is a working stiff?
Had to get the obligatory double entendre out of the way.
Proceed to blame Bush, people.
Posted by: aha | July 13, 2007 at 12:23 PM

I guess you could say fact, it would appear that you did. Bit of a "cunning linguist" yourself, eh? :-)

Dom Kinky Bee

"Black conservatives take more heat from black liberal idiots than we ever will from white liberal idiots"

You won't know heat until you take it from one hard-core, far right-wing, Ultra-conservative Dominatrix who has to listen one more time to your stupid excuse for showing up late for work. But...but...Mistress...I was just walking along on my way to work, and a gay man grabbed me and started sucking my cock. I didn't want him to. I even had on my black leather thong with the menacing spikes to avoid it this time, but it just happened. I'm, like, so innocent and helpless when this happens.(throws long, flowing hair back over shoulder) Yeah, like I haven't heard THAT one before. I expect you to be ontime tomorrow, or double lashing's for you!

Wakekfield Toolbert

What this lousy war needs is a woman's touch. Well, or as close as we can get at the moment.

Hillary is *gulp* just the transgendered semi-female progressyive to get the job done and show these sadly misguided men in Al Quaida (or whatever the name Bushkillers have concocted) the errors of their ways. It takes a Womyn to run the House, as mom always said, and I can't think of a better way than to have feminine grace and beauty (assuming these are not patriarchal values by now!) to kindly ask these guys to give up the Ghosts of Jihad and take their chavuanism elsewhere. And of course we could always just ask them nicely to learn how to fly planes better. We don't need a crash course (no pun intended--yuck yuck) in the horrors of so-called radical Islam, as Vagina Monolouge author Eve Ensler (I look so good in my new BURKA) said--we just need to understand their motives. And of course its OUR fault, for our secular Western society being so degrading to the sumptious virtues of Islam and us dissing them all the time by having Paris Hilton on TV so much! So lets here is for those long out of context quotations from the likes of Ayn Rand and Lord Chesterton (like to see those two in a room together--an ahteist and a Roman Catholic--ha!) and use the Force of Good and candlelight vigils and Elizabeth Edwards' "surprise" encounter on Hardball and yet more peace marches and yet more Progreyssiyve quotations about Bush trampling on the Constitution and throwing it out like yesterday's fish wrapper!

We need more contextless jibber jabber like that! Anything less and I'll have to rely on MSNBC!

Public Administration Dissertation

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