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Progressive Pauline


Excellent post, Just one thing... BUSH CAN'T READ!

Oh, yes the progressive double standard. Anything to bring the country down.(SCRATCH THAT) I mean anything to encourage diversity. And if we don't there well be hell to pay. Remember it's Satan's Bush's fault for making the muslims feel not welcomed.

PS If Stanislav had torn all of the plagiarized and misquoted Bible references it would have flushed down just fine. We could be working on getting the thought police after someone important like Rove, Chaney . . .


anonymous wrote: PS If Stanislav had torn all of the plagiarized and misquoted Bible references

Oh puh-lease, the Holy Quran was written thousands of years before that revisionist, hate-filled wad of bound tissue paper called the Bible which, as we all know, slandered the Sodomites and Gomorrahns, the Romans, and just about every other free-love society that ever existed.

Allah, on the other hand, just loves hippies.


Kinda makes me wanna go out and buy some Korans...or however you spell it.

Allah, on the other hand, just loves hippies.

No Allah, the moon god is a stone and love is beyond the function of matter at that level. Mohammad paid jews for scripture to include in his book to make it look religious. However he could neither read nor write so he had to have them rewritten to suit his POV.


Allah doesn't love hippies. Hippies are about free love. Allah's followers hate for their women to have free love; Allah demands honor killings. I thought the Koran in the toilet was a re enactment of the Gitmo Atrocity That Never Was. Then I heard it was rejected by the NEA for 'offensive content' and the 'artist' was turned in.

Nancy Pelosi

"So Pace University officials ask that in the future, students wishing to exercise their First Amendment right Free Speech confine themselves to burning U.S. flags or smearing feces on the Virgin Mary."

Larry, while I certainly have no qualm with the burning of U.S. flags or the smearing of feces on the Virgin Mary, I do think it would have been prudent of you to warn students that such activities be done in a safe manner. For example, students should be advised that the burning of US flags should only be done outdoors, away from flammable objects and under proper adult supervision. Likewise, students should also be aware that when coming into contact with feces there is a distinct possibility of contracting a deadly bacterial disease. Therefore, it is imperative that students first don a pair of latex gloves before engaging in feces smearing activities. 'Freedom of expression', flag burning and the smearing of feces on the Virgin Mary are all beautiful concepts, as long as you don't burn yourself or fall ill while partaking in these noble activities.
Wishing you all the best,
Progressively yours,
House Speaker - Nancy Pelosi

Fist of Etiquette

Ugh, New York is so Jewish.

Obviously, the best tactic to take with the Muslim community is to just sit quietly and do nothing in the hope that they won't notice us. Mr. Shmulevich has, of course, now invalidated that course of action, so Pace University and the NYPD have taken the next best step: appeasement.

Now if we can only somehow keep the ACLU from defending the schlub's "Right to Free Speech", the only towers to come down as a result of this incident will be Christian Right's ivory ones.


Okay, so it's a hate kkkrime to try and flush the whole book of The Blessed Quran down the toilet all at once. Does that also mean that it's a hate kkkrime if you use individual pages to wipe up after you do Number Two? I hope not because my LyefPartner used up the Hateful Spiteful Hate-Filled EVIL version of The "Bible" we had so I really had no other choice.

ali ali ali

my fav bumpersticker (next to the war on terrorism, that is)

know muslims, no peace


I saw someone who had a magnetic bumpersticker that had that hateful evil spiteful angry hate-filled shrieking screaming evil unhinged saying by Herr MiKKKael Savage: Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder. When he parked his car, he took it off and put it in his trunk.
Why wouldn't he just leave it on his car?


I see the dark hand of zionism behind this.

Menstrual Rainbow

It takes a lot to get Muslims upset as we all know, so their justifiable rage and alienation is quite understandable. I can only hope that no more Koreans are flushed down the toilet.


Connect the dots: There will be people blowing themselves up over this.

The Exorcist

It's a good thing this Joooo didn't draw a cartoon on the bathroom wall of Mohammad blowing Benjamin Nutandyahoo or there'd be hell to pay.



OK, I'm better now. I've been converted to the religion of pieces. Hey, I'm on Cloud 9 so where's the chicks? OH MY ALLAH! IT'S HELEN THOMAS AND HER 71 TWINS! KILL ME AGAIN! KILL ME AGAIN! CUT MY HEAD OFF THIS TIME! SEND ME TO HELL! SEND ME INTO HILLARY'S ARMS! ANYTHING BUT THIS!


Just remember before burning the U.S. flag, be sure to purchase carbon offset credits from Al Gore, our true savior.

All praise be upon him.

ali ali ali

mmmm... helen thomas... i would leave my camel in a semtex second for that infidel

Kinky Bee

Crap! It's those crappy, low-flow crappers that cause all the problems in the world, and since the gubmint mandated them, we all know who is to blame...BUSH!!

I have a question, are those Korans the same as the Koreshans at Camp David in Waco, or are they distantly related?

The Exorcist

"It's those crappy, low-flow crappers"

Excellent point, your hind-nuss Kinky.

When the dumbocraps passed the dopey 1.6 gal flush legislation, they didn't exactly confer with professional plumbers, who know that shit inside and out. For some crazy reason, Bush's Big Plumber Buddies all got together about 100 years ago and determined that it takes over 2 gallons to flush all the floating democrat down a toilet. In fact, in the good old days, you could probably flush at least 2 Quran's smothered in horseshit right down the democrapper in one flush.

But then the real experts on fecal matter, especially as it pertains to wiping their asses with the American Flag, jumped into the funky fray and turned the whole project into shit. Now you have to flush John Kerry 52 times to rid the bowl of floating liberals. That's called eco-friendly and that's how they roll.


Yeah, plumbers really know their crap. Of course, would you rather have a) an outdoor composting toilet, b) an indoor composting toiled, c) an indoor flush toilet.
The outdoor composting toilet is able to 'work' properly as long as you pour lime
down the hole, as well as the occasional bag of enzymes and charcoal, baking soda and potpourri to absorb odor. The indoor composting toilet combusts the crap and then you have harmless ash. We should all know what flush toilets do. It takes about three gallons to flush properly, if you catch my drift, and if you are conserving water,
you have to clean them more often, which entails more flushing.

Oh, and outdoor composting toilets are banned.


"There will be people blowing themselves up over this."

My LyfePartner got SO excited about this until s/he saw the word "up"...


[I]n the good old days, you could probably flush at least 2 Quran's smothered in horseshit right down the democrapper in one flush.

Actually, I find that smothering the Q'u'r'an in pig feces improves its flushability dramatically. Horse feces is too dry and it tends to soak up much of the 1.7 available gallons.

If pig feces isn't available, try the feces of a Jooo. Or better yet, flush a Joo down with the Qu'ran'.

The Exorcist

Yes, of course, pig feces. How could I have missed the chance for a double-whammy insult against radical Islam? I guess I got caught up in that whole "horseshit" and "bullshit" being somewhat interchangable when it comes to crap. Plus, and I'm just guessing here, I have to believe a horse craps a whole lot more than a pig does, but I'll have to check that for myself tonight in the barn

In fact, now that you mention it, that Jooo should've drawn a cartoon on the bathroom wall of Mohammad blowing a red, white & blue pig's little curly-Q weenie.

Walter Palmer


Webb Sloane

Stop the Hate!

Last week was really busy. I started out visiting an art exhibit in my town sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts. I was moved by the stunning and awe inspiring art. Fabulous works such as a crucifix in a jar of urine, elephant feces on a painting of the Virgin Mary, and a Bush mannequin dressed like Hitler thrilled all of us Progressives and free thinkers. Those exhibits hit the nail on the head. On top of that, I finished reading the latest Harry Potter book. Of all the villains, the ones I despise the most are the Muggles. Those "things" remind me of Republicans and Christians as they are all a bunch of bigots and bullies.

The next day, I participated in the weekly ritual of celebrating our freedom of speech by publicly burning three flags - an American flag, a Christian flag, and another American flag. We all know that right wing Christians are the new KKK so it was really a thrill burning that Christan flag.

Next on the agenda was a planning session for the yearly "Beads for Peace" campaign against Christmas. We are fighting to purge any mention of Christianity or Jesus from Christmas celebrations. All of this is due to the Christian so called "Culture of Life" that really means bombing abortion clinics, bashing gays, and calling for the wholesale persecution and harassment of people who don't share their religious views. Then, we all recited Al Gore's revelation that right wing Christians have an extra chromosome and after a small celebration, we got down to business. First on the agenda was a review of our success to make sure that "God" wasn't mentioned in any of the local school commencement ceremonies. We also had a lot of success last year in removing Christmas related decoration from public property and also intimidating several large department stores into not allowing the words "Merry Christmas" inside their stores. We are striving to do better this year as we also protested so much that a lot of places are now planning "Peace trees" and "Friendship trees" instead of those insulting Christmas trees. We were also busy planning our huge mailing of "Hemp on Earth" cards this December too. The goal is to remove "God" from "God bless America". We finished up the meeting by watching the 'South Park' episode entitled "Bloody Mary". Great stuff!

Finally, I ended the week by participating in a local protest against Israel's oppression of Palestinians. The chants of "Death to Israel!" and "Death to America!" were inspiring. The Freedom of Speech amendment sure does come in handy when we progressives want to get our point across. There is nothing like being given the freedom to display disgust with the very country that protects those same freedoms. There is just something so invigorating about people like Ward Churchill and their crazy eyed justifications for 9-11-01.

After such a fabulous Progressive week I thought nothing could get me down. I was wrong. As I was reading through the weekly newsletters that I get from free speech and peace promoting organizations, I was horrified to learn that someone put a Quran in a toilet at Pace University. What kind of country would allow such a thing? How many thousands of right wing Republicans are involved in this hate crime? What in the world are they trying to say and what do they think gives them the right to speak their mind without the approval of the DNC? How can a university that prides itself in the free exchange of information and ideas allow anyone on campus who holds a view that is not politically correct? The very thought is sickening.

Fortunately, the perpetrator of this speech crime has been arrested. We don't need his kind spouting off about what he believes. Those people can shut up and keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves. Just like talk radio, we really need to close these people down. I think we have finally found the right crowd to send to Gitmo. Speech that is offensive to Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, and non-Christians must be stopped. If they want to flush something down a toilet why not flush a bible? That would be art and free speech joining together in synergy since the bible itself is hate speech. Besides, in that case, the ACLU would make sure that their speech rights are protected. Hopefully, the world will learn from Rosie before it's too late.

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