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thecrackinmybuttisgettingdeeper said:

"First of all, dickhead, when a man or woman takes public office, the first thing we see is the home life."

Not one damn bit important, nor anyones business. In more civilized countries ones personal life is almost completely irrelevant. Sorry, my taking a dump habots are also not awfully important.

"As to whether or not it is none of my business"

It's not any of your business, there's no "as to whether or not" anything.

"as a taxpayer I pay his salary so how he behaves in private is my business"

It is not one damn bit your business anymore than it is the business of any company's business what the employees do in their private life. They are haired to do A job. Period.

"especially when he gets his rocks off to a woman to whom he is not married on the people's dime."

Not one damn bit of your business. The only crime was that she was a pig. He could have gotten much better, but that's none of my business either.

"After all, isn't that what you leftard assholes are screaming about regarding Bush in regard to accountability and the law? Hmmmm?"

Yes, it is. And there's not one damn thing to compare here. Were Bush screwing around it wouldn't bother me or probably anyone from the left at all, and the only people who would probably try and make a deal of it are some of the dumbass democrats doing it primarily as revenge for the Republicans who are always preaching morality, and then turning around and getting caught with their pants down. I have a noce long list of Republican and right-wing sex criminals if you like. And most of these weren't simple affairs. They were things like having sex with grade school children. Trying to compare Clinton's NOT illegal affair and personal life with Bush's VASTLY more criminal law breaking cannot be compared. There's noting TO compare.

"Tit for tat between Reagan and Clinton."

It'S exactly what you were doing.

"Nope, no comparison because Reagan is the better of the two."

Reagan was probably the worst president the nation has ever had, but now Bush has probably transcended even this pathetic honor. You would say that Reagan the war crimial was better. The worse they are, the more you like them.

"Clinton helped to accelerate the GWOT by letting OBL go in the Sudan when they had him...he was too busy getting a blow job."

Yeah, right! That's funny. Don't even talk about Clinton you idiot. You haven't the foggiest idea what his real crimes were. These have already been listed in the links I've left and that you obviously not read. Are you folks like allergic to reading or something? I've probably left 50 links since I've been here and I don't recall a single one having been responded to. You aren't interested in getting into the facts. It's quite apparent. You MUCH prefer staying here floating around in the world of opinions with notning to support them, but perhaps some other inbreds similar opinions, which you mistakenly assume to be "evidence" when it's nothning of the sort. Now, were you going to respond to ANY of the MANY links I've left regarding these MANY topics which I'VE raised, or just troll around like a drunk at the fair?

"Learn to read"


On the contrary. You have just demonstrated again that you have NOT read. There's nothing remotely resembling projection here. I HAVE read. I've read all of the links I've sent, plus hundreds more, plus many more books. When I say "Learn to read" projection is not involved in any way, shape, or form. But thanks again for demonstrating that you're clueless as to what this concept is or how it works. Read any Chomsky lately? Read any of the links, recently? Read ANYTHING by ANYONE in the past 20 years? Or do you just sort of "know" things"?

And we rebuilt Nicaragua's infrastructure. Ho hum. Yes it worked because the Sandanistas got their butts kicked.


"And we rebuilt Nicaragua's infrastructure. Ho hum."

Well, THAT'S all the proof I needed. You said so. Thanks! I like being a right-wing buffoon. It's so much easier. No evidence needed. Just whatever pops out of your ass first IS the evidence.

"Yes it worked because the Sandanistas got their butts kicked."

Sorry, but it didn't work after, as can easily be seen by Ortega's comeback. And it most sure as hell hadn't worked for many generations before this. Butt what I guess you mean is that even though the terrorist Contras win, which they didn't, then the terrorism is okay. So, like, if al Qaeda wins and kicks the U.S.'s butt, then it's okay. This IS your logic, you know? Youhave just made an apologetic for terrorism and bin Laden. Perhaps you'll wish to think, for once, before saying such a dumbass thing next time. Read any Chomsky lately?

Posted by: | August 20, 2007 at 07:57 AM


Oh, by the way, drooler, it would appear that U.S. support for the criminals who we decided to take over where Somoza left off just aren't persuaded by the majority of the population. Sorry. And if even the VERY conservative TIME magazine can mention the basics, why can't you? I guess you really are a part of that lunatic fringe which has been obvious from most of the empty comments you make here:

"Few places on earth deserve a break more than Nicaragua does. For most of the last century, it was devastated by natural disasters like the massive 1972 Managua earthquake, brutalized by the Somoza family dictatorship and then betrayed by the venal incompetents of the Sandinista Front even as it was scarred by the U.S.-backed Contra war of the 1980s. But as the Western hemisphere's third poorest nation goes to the polls this Sunday to elect a new president, it looks set to prolong if not worsen its misery — thanks, in part, to Washington's failure to give Nicaragua's voters enough incentive to look to the future for leadership instead of reaching into the past.",8599,1554355,00.html

And THIS article is about as conservative as you can get. If you'd like me to demonstrate exactly how just ask. But given your allergic reactions to reading, I won't hold my breath. Also, read and Chomsky lately?

Ortega wins Nicaraguan election

"This is Mr Ortega's fourth attempt at the presidency
Nicaragua's former leader, Daniel Ortega, has won the country's presidential election."

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