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Menstrual Rainbow

Free Mumia!


In light of this, I feel we should just surrender in Iraq.


Isn't Scooter white and Tookie black? What's the problem? It's not an election year so we Lyberals, I mean, Progressyves, don't have to be nice to black people.

Fist of Etiquette

Scooter Libby is a middle-aged man??? This whole time I thought he was an eleven-year-old boy. I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. Anyway, I'm sure President Bush thinks he's going to get credit for not pardoning Libby outright.

I. Don't. Think. So.


Scooter lied.

Tookie died.

Whitey justice again and again.

Kinky Bee

Isn't Scooter Libby one of those dangerous toys that have been outlawed by The Governmental Ones Who Want To Protect Children From Anything And Everything Except Sex And Perverts, because too many kids skinned their knees riding them? Well, actually falling off of them, but that's their own stupid fault. Those kids should have had better balance and learned to stay on the Scooter Libby's.


Wait......WHAT?! Tookie is STILL DEAD??!?!? When did this happen? Didn't he rise up from the dead, cast off the shackles of the white man and get a bite to eat with his 12 disciples/civil rights leaders? I coulda swore he did.......

Rocky Mtn. Lionessss

"Scooter Libby Walks; Tookie Williams Still Dead"

Nothing more than a Shrub perpetrated plot & ploy to line the pockets of his Big Good Feet™ & Graveyard Buddies. What else is new....?

Just this last week The Shrubinator declared Viral Warfare on me!!! Meaning the fascist cowboy basically forced me to line the pockets of his Big Braggs™ Apple Cider Vinegar; Cayenne Pepper; Organic Honey; Hot water & Throat Lozenge & Kleenex™ Buddies!

If he thinks I'll be party to lining the pockets of his Big Barbecue Grill & Fireworks Buddies, or his Big Adult Diaper Buddies on In-Depends™-Dunce day, he's more of a stoopid evil genius than we credited him for.

(Yeah, I know...not suppose to end a sentence in a propositi..err...preposition. So sue me for harshing your fascist grammatical mellow...)


After taking several bong hits, Scooter Libby's punishment doesn’t fit his crime. He should be made to write a Children’s Book or bandage Sandy’s balls.

Nothing less will do!

As some great legal scholar said, "If you can’t do the time then let the President commute your time."

Or, as William Jefferson Clinton said: “If you brother has got that loot… Then kick that cocaine charge with a boot.”

I am not sure that applies to Scooter but, Bill Clinton would agree.

And, free Tookie!


When did Scooter 'Big Mouth Badass' learn to walk? I read about his being unleashed on two years probation for lying, when Paris Hilton had to serve three weeks for getting drunk and getting in her car.
Be very afraid. Lies are horrid.


You can add Scooter's name to all those Nazis that got off at the Numemburg trials.

This day shouldn't be celebrated. We should be covered in sackcloth and ashes Hoping that Gaia and France forgives us for our many sins.

these guys are right-thinking progressives:


Poor George has been standing in the shadow of his disappointed Dad since he gradiated Hah School.

But he is resolute in not doing nothin' his old man
would do. Like be smart.

The way he handled this whole Libby matter is just another example.

When his Daddy found a nest of Arms and Coke Dealers gone kissy-poo with the Ayatollah, he just waved
his hamster-hand and released all those good americans
like Weinberger and Poindexter. He didn't want the american people subjected to all the nasty details of the criminals Reagan hired to go around that pesky constitution, so he pardoned those persecuted 'Rule of Law' patrons BEFORE it went to trial.

But Sonny has to be his own man/child. He had to let all the facts become public knowledge before he let
Scooty out of jail free. Just plain dumb. Now all the GOP candidates have to answer untidy questions about their stand on the 'Rule of Law'. Pity.


In a world run by Barack Hussein Obama, Tookie will walk and Scooter will hang.

What a wonderful world it will be for progressyves around the globe.

The Exorcist

"He had to let all the facts become public knowledge before he let
Scooty out of jail free."--SemenLickLeo

Of course he had to wait. There was no crime so there was a chance there'd be no conviction or sentence. But Scooterbug ended up with a Dumbocrat jury, judge and prosecutor.

Bush did exactly the right thing at exactly the right time. Just like Iraq. Just like tax-cuts. Just like Katrina.

I should have posted this on the previous essay about SUV-driving doctors, but this is so GREAT an opinion that I couldn't resist going off (back) topic.

When we achieve our dream of universal health care, like the UK, we can shut down our expensive medical schools and import those highly competent and qualified doctors from the mideast by the tens of thousands. Also like the UK does. The news reports said they have imported 20,000 doctors from the mideast in the last few years. No doubt to do the jobs Brit doctors won't do, at least for the paltry sums they are paid.

I can't wait to have my prostate checked by a pissed-off Lebanese doctor.


Especially now that there is individual jihad...nothing personal.


"I can't wait to have my prostate checked by a pissed-off Lebanese doctor."

Well, yeah. That is, after you wait 2 1/2 years to see the doctor in the first place because of rationing. But don't worry. By the time you actually get in to see the doctor, your prostate will probably be riddled with cancer and you're going to die soon after anyway. The five year survival rate for prostate cancer in most European countries is HALF what it is in the United States

Oh happy times with socialized medical "care"!


The issue with the Lebanese doc is that they might be KKKristian. As a progressyve, we detest those kinds of people. Only members of the religion of peace can fully understand pain.


I must be color blind. I thought that those waters were pinkish.

TJ's Anti-contrarian Blog

I BLAME BUSH for AL Gore's son using marijuana, and Xanax...and Valium....and Vicodin.....and.....

The Exorcist

"I BLAME BUSH for AL Gore's son using marijuana, and Xanax...and Valium....and Vicodin.....and....."

I'm guessing the marijuana and Prius account for some kind of carbon offsets while doing 100-plus. This appears to be his 3rd DUI and he's only 24. That means he was about 9 through 17 while his father was VPing. Then his daddy had the election stolen from him and went on to make an award-winning schlockumentary

"No amount of success outside the home compensates for failing inside it."


Not only is Tookie dead, Rachel Corrie is still dead, too!

LFC you know who said that about success and failure in the home?

Your thoughts were exactly on the same lines I was thinking, but here is the kicker: Will he do the time? If Paris Hilton could do it, so can he. I rather hope the book is thrown at him.

But then, the resulting mess would need a bigger offset.

The Exorcist

"do you know who said that about success and failure in the home?"

I don't know who said it orginally. But I heard an ex-golfer named Johnny Miller say it in an interview regarding why he retired relatively young to spend more time with his family.

Maybe if Gore weren't such a self-absorbed charlatan, he'd have learned this lesson a long time ago. Instead he's proven to be a failure as a candidate, a man and a father. But, hey, he's got an Oscar just like (D) Paul Newman. So if his kid OD's before he's 30, we should still give a rat's ass about what he has to say. I mean, c'mon! What's more important than Hollywood?


Tookie died- Bush lied.

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