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"...their congressional leaders are a bunch of limp-wristed surrender monkeys"

What wrong message?!


In light of this, I feel we should, well, what Larry and Harry said.

Hey, that kinda rhymed.


I want to make the following proposition:

We outlaw any words using the following letters:


These letters, while individually harmless, are pure evil when put together. Think of other words spelled with them:


The list goes on and on. Vote is clearly an evil word, since communist utopias DON'T HAVE VOTES. Therefore, votes must be evil.

In light of this recognition of conservativeness (aka evil) lurking withing seemingly harmless words, I reccommend refraining from using the offending letters

In Addi--in, I'd lik- -o s-a-- h-w much I L--- Lib-ral Larry. C-ncurr-d?


The slave-holding dead white males who are dead and also founded our fascist, jack-booted "country" defined the roles for its government. The executive branch is just that - the branch which executes the laws handed to it by the nation's elected leaders. Given that Chimp and Shotgun Dick were never elected, it's their moral duty to charter a few planes, as they did on 9/11/01, and fly our warmongering baby-killers home. Be sure to tell them to drop off the State Department's montly stipend to Hamas and Hezbollah on the way back too.


Dam that swaggering Cowboy!

If this keeps up we will not be able to surrender in time of winning this war!

This is no way to run a Harry Reid Hollywood Rail Road!

Before you know it, campaign funds to Progressives will dry-up from Abu Ayyub Al-Masri and his gang faster than Nancy Pelosi can blink an eye (well maybe two blinks of an eye).


Damn that illegal and immoral VETO slinging Bush !!

Listen MMM'Billy I waited for a whole hour and a half for my TIVO so we have to at least use the 'T' and the 'V' and sometimes the 'O' so I can go along with the 'E' removal..BUT how else will I be able to record the finest moments of the limp-wristed surrender monkeys?? I concur, W- r-ally lov- LL !!

BUSH just maks m sick!

Fist of Etiquette

We have a tie. So what do you do when you have a tie? You have a tie breaker. Obviously, we need to get the U.S. Supreme Court to declare the war unconstitutional.

Okay, I know what your objections to this are going to be, that 'unconstitutional' won't fit with 'illegal' and 'immoral' on a bumper sticker and still be large enough print to change the mind of the guy tailgating you. Well, use two stickers if you have to, dammit. This is for our desperate fighting men and women over there in the Capital Building.


If Ryghtful Presydent Jean Francois Kerry was in the White House, our baby-killing, -raping, -torturing, low-IQ, drooling redneck thugs (BUT I SUPPORT THE TROOPS) would have all been home in 3 months, been awarded 3 purple hearts and would be on their way to a lifetime of Gubmint employment. There would be no need to spend money on them and this "bill" would never have been written.


Do you know who else abused his veto? Reagan.. And Hitler.

Who does this Booshisimo think he is, disregarding the will of the American people by rejecting a bill passed by a landslide-elected, mid-term Congress? His move could single-handedly destroy the very living, breathing foundations upon which this democracy were based.

And on a side note, every bong hit I take reminds me that Nancy's last name means "Hairy" and that Harry Reid is a nancy. That's creepy, man. (Deep toke.) No more Mitch Hedberg today.


The troops need to know that us progyssives respect and support them as long as they are home and not doing any mean stuff.



Yet another psycho cowboy the Repugnicans foisted on the sheeple.


So this is what liberals do with their spare time (which I'm sure is plentiful). Stop complaining and think of solutions! It's easy to sit back and ridicule everything a person does.


As a brave,street-fighting,tough and two fisted progressive, I'm often lumped in with he-men like Tom Daschle, Ted Rall, Paul Begala, and "Stangers with candy's" Geoffrey Jellineck.

A tough guy I know once said "The fastest way to end a war is to lose it". So let's go ahead and lose this illegal,immoral,unconstitutional war for oil and empire. The people of America have spoken and said with a clear voice that they want us to lose this war, surrender to our islamic overlords, and to start a series of five-year economic justice/anti-global warming plans in order to bring us closer to the worker's paradise we all want and clearly voted for.

(Notice that I wrote "America" instead of "amerKKKa".I did this because I like America when it agrees with me)

Besides I support the troops. I want them home. We are going to need them to disarm the people,suppress food riots,round up zionists, and crush opposition to democratic thinking.

Fist of Etiquette

It's easy to sit back and ridicule everything a person does.

Fun, too.


Well I for one think MSSSS. Crow was right. If we would limit our brave SSsoldiers to one square a day, the peace loving moooooslims would demand our SSsoldiers (some of whom are lesbians)leave their peaceful countries and bathe. BuSShilter can veto my azz..... Also as soon as our all knowing benevolent leaders get this hate crime bill passed we can use it against herrBushhhler as this illegal war is all about hating peaceful religious mooooslims.


"So this is what liberals do with their spare time (which I'm sure is plentiful). Stop complaining and think of solutions! It's easy to sit back and ridicule everything a person does."

"GOP" (Great oppressive party)

"Quit running your cock-holster and get in the box-car!"



Everyone knows that the military is made up by very stupid people who are so poor they can't afford to do anything else but go off and fight blood for oil in chimpymcbushitlerhalliburtonchaney's illegal and immoral war on peaceful islam.

By bringing them home it shows them how caring progressyves are to them and that the government can take care of their every need. The military will not offer them food, shelter, money and an education for their work, only progessyve values can do that.


Since "illegals" can march and dead people can vote, can't we have the illegals and dead people vote to over ride Bush's veto?


What we need is an immediate grand-jury investigation into any criminal wrongdoing by the Shrub, followed by impeachment and removal from office of course. I'd like to know where in the Constitution this so-called "Veto Power" is granted to the Executive Branch.

Short of grand-jury/impeachment, there should at least be a show trial performed in the media headlines. I seem to remember reading something in the Bill of Rights about a right to a "speedy trial". I ask you, what could possibly be more speedy than having this peeResident tried, convicted and sentenced by the media, since there can be no argument that he is guilty of whatever we decide to charge him with?


Washington, D.C. – May 4th, 2007 – Italian-Americans Demand Apology from President Bush for use of Veto – Angry Italian-Americans rushed the Presidential motorcade earlier today demanding that the President deliver reparations for his degrading use of “the Veto”, something that most Italians find very offensive. Bush invoked the veto zealously yesterday to an angry Congress – a Congress that has now expressed an interest in ‘rubbing out’ the President, headed by the Speaker of their west coast syndicate, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi’s constant grimacing after hearing of the veto late last night, has prompted the nation’s top plastic surgeon to conjecture that she will need four face lifts this weekend to return her face to abnormal. This is twice the amount of tax-payer funded face lifts that Pelosi usually receives on a monthly basis. “The threat on the President’s life is real” commented Attorney General Alberto Jesus de la Renta Gonzalez to the Whitehouse press corps, “we have armed guards surrounding the rotting head of Barbaro and every other famous horse in the country.” Former World Boxing Association middleweight champion Vito Autofermo was especially outraged at the President’s veto abuse – unfortunately this staff writer was unable to get his comment, as Autofermo was busy shylocking for vigs. The Reverends Jackson and Sharpton are planning a lunch with Bush to discuss the President’s latest offense. Bush is dreading the occasion as his wallet is always near empty after dining with the niggardly Jackson and Sharpton.


I thought only the Corleone family had the "Vito" power...


DAMNI-! D-N'- us- -h- L----rs -,-,-, -r -!!!!!!!!!! -h-s- l----rs ar- il!!!!!!!!!!!!

P--pl-, w- n--d -- r-aliz- -h- damag- w- caus- -- -h- -ar-h wh-n w- us- -h-s- --il l----rs!!!!!!!!!!!

Wha- w-uld Al G-r- d-?


B- a g--d pr-gr-ssi-- and s--p using -h-s- l----rs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Algore would blame us for global warming.

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