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csason, I don't know that we will ever get along, but we can agree to disagree. I have made a couple of grave misjudgments in the past, like trying to be nice to the troll from ireland, only to have him just dump all over everybody here, as well as a couple of other conservatives who really didn't get what we were doing humor impaired can one be?

We are a pretty tight bunch, so FWIW, welcome and stick around. You might enjoy playing in our sandbox.
Just remember that Sheryl doesn't want us to use any TP to clean up the mess.



I just like listening..and I guess I got carried away and tried a little myself//

I am about as 'progreesive' as one might get.. I REALLY got an education in
Jimmah's military.. I joined the Air Force in 1974, before I even got out of High School (DEP)...I was TOLD I would see the world..yay !! Eighteen months in Anchorage is NOT what this southern gentleman had in mind...I mean how much ping pong and pool and poker can one take ??

Latley I just fool around with my guitars and liberals..

Wakefield Tolbert

Liebmeister--Rosie is right. (Only RUSH is REICH!)

Fire cannot melt steel of any grade. Just ask any blacksmith who anxiously goes through piles and piles of coal in a vain attempt to even get a spindly piece of metal to twist around to make ornaments for Curious George's Monkey Suit types who like barrister iron railing in their gated community homes.

This was an inside job. No doubt.

Carefully placed explosives, however, CAN give the appearance of melted metal when the cheap plastic coating of the kind they make kids Big Wheels out of is used by the local Department of Transportation to fix roadway---now that the Republicunts are cutting funding for not only hospitals, but now the freakin' roads we drive on too. So they had to use plastic in all upgrades in the last 6 years of El Cheapo's presidency.

Bush, like metal-colored plastic, is phony.

This is May Day, gang. The wake up call for the People to Take back the Power.

Harry Reid was just the hit on the shoulder, and Rosie and Eat Crow were the jab to the stomach. A fight is being picked against Monkey Bush and all his other Alfred E. Neuman look alikes in this phony war on terror and the Religion of Peace and the persistant attacks on everyone who wears different headgear while trying desperately to board planes to see loved ones at Ramadan. And then----his Haliburton explosive experts destroying plastic roadways and felling towers and making throw rugs out of cute polar bears.

I'm tired of it. Hope you are too.

Kinky Bee

I have been gone, and I can see I have missed out on much. Where are the good, old Sears and Roebucks when you need them? That would be recycling!

Then, you dig a hole about a mile deep, and build a little building around it with a moon carved into the door(in honor of Luna). Did our forefathers ever ask Gaia if She wanted their poop as her brains?

Kinky Bee

"Another employer said that before the 35 hour work week was imposed on workers (along with a heavy fine on said workers should they break this utopian law), his employees earned a lot of extra money by working overtime. Now, morale has fallen so they aren’t even motivated to work to full capacity during the 35 weekly hours they do work because they realize that they can do nothing to improve their lot in life."

Well, Crap! No wonder I can't find my Phrench panties and Phrench pastries at a reasonable price anymore.


Well that does it.. I am gonna stop looking up skirts for Phrench panties.. I had no idea.

Hearing Nancy PLOsi talk about how MUCH distance BUSH had created between all those branches of government..I swear He almost made her cry !! And for a minute I thought I saw Iron Man Hairy tearing up.. I hope BUSH has something else in
mind to VETO !!


Wakefield, the freeway that collapsed wasn't even built during the Bush admin, but was funded by a largely Dhimmocrap Congress and California failed to do the proper oversight. I also have it on good information that the driver of the rig had a prior conviction. Do let us talk about corporate welfare re: Kelo vs. New London and the Supremes who brought THAT nonsense about.

Csason, I will have your back anytime. You da phat.


aha--that might all be true, but UPKEEP of the bridge has FAILED--just like Nawlins. And remember that we don't need to get into unfairly persecuting the Legally Challenged. They have incomes to make too!


Mayor Nappy Headed Noggin, a Dhimmocrat and the LA governor, also a Dhimmocrat, did not authorize the funding for maintenance that was needed. After all, we have to keep the welfare contigent happy.

California also suffers from a surplus of Dhimmocrats.

Dom Kinky Bee

"let alone do the spanky with a
DC hooker.."

No, csason, Honey, that's not allowed. It is strictly forbidden in the Whore's Code of Conduct to "spanky" a john. If said john wants to be "spankied", he or she(yeah, we get a few of those--don't worry, I won't name any names, Thunder thighs and calves who will only wear pants)must be referred to a "Spanky" parlor. Dom Kinky Bee's Den of Pleasure and Iniquity and Re-education camp would be one such "Spanky" parlor.

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