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Fist of Etiquette


Senator Bill Frist is a doctor (just like Mengele), I wonder what he thinks of all this.

The Exorcist

U.S. troops don't even deserve Hillary-care, Hillary-hypocrisy or Hillary-hyperbole. Blow Job Clinton might deserve that, but not the soldiers she voted for, before she voted to kill them.

Jay Guevara

Maybe we should bring in some Cubans to learn how to do a real socialist job. After all, we progressives always fall all over ourselves praising Cuban health care. That's why Castro flew in a quack from Spain, just to free up more Cuban health care for his campesinos.


If Walter Reed and the rest of the VA medical system were running up to the socialist standards of Europe and Canada, my son could be mostly dead RIGHT NOW, waiting for emergency care RIGHT NOW that might save his life, RIGHT NOW! Private medicine works too recklessly, too fast. With State Medical Aid, even years later, my son Casey could have been saved!


Well, if Kerry had been elected then Superman would have saved the world by now, and we would be grafting on new limbs via embryonic stem cells for those poor soldiers who Bush sent to their doom in the war for oil... know. The way Clinton found a cure for AIDS, after Reagan and Bush1, "didn't care?"

...and there would be no homeless people, just like there weren't when Clinton was in office!

Oh, for the good old days, when the terrorist attacks went unanswered, while the Pres was dropping trou in the Oral Office!


"Oh, for the good old days, when the terrorist attacks went unanswered..."

Like when Reagan took the dead Marines in Lebanon and decided to 'Redeploy Them Out of Harm's Way'™? They could have been saved too, you know, except 'Trickle-Down Death'™ was just barely being implemented and it wasn't yet in the PREO-CON plan! The NEOCONS are still keeping this life-saving socialist technology and urban planning from us!!


Please excuse me, I meant 'Ray-gun', in remembrance of the hidden Star Wars Technology that I was talking about.


Another perspective...


While far from perfect, Walter Reed still beats the hell out of any hospital I ever saw in Greece or The MidEast.


Can't wait for HillaryCare! The coming progressyve American government will prove to those neo-kkkon naysayers how it can take care of its citizenry with such excellent bureaucratic efficiency.


While WRMC is not perfect, we have to view it as a pilot program.

It is still a beacon of hope for those of us yearning for the day when free health care is rationed out with the same efficiency and human dignity as when one renews one's driver's license. One day Wally Reed will be the WallyMart of health care, providing cheap, low quality, communist-made products that break as soon as you get them home.


When we finally get free health care, only the democrat elite will get the best health care, as it should be. They need their health at 100% to keep doing what's best for us.

I can't wait for our broken health care system to be ran with the same efficiency as our grand, well-run postal service.

I also can't wait for the military to do the job that they were hired for. 1)Keeping people from leaving the country, 2)confiscation of all private firearms, 3)rounding up those who speak out against the govt.4)maintaining the vast system of work camps aound the US. 5)Keeping the peace, things like that


Well I can tell you all from personal experience the government will be a lot better when Hillary takes over everything. My Section 8 Housing will be upgraded, I'll finally be able to afford decent satellite tv, no more generic cigarettes, and I'll be able to use my food stamps to purchase my medical marijuana (I'm a chronic sufferer of hemmorhoids).

ponytailed guy

maintaining the vast system of work camps aound the US. - Dave

Work will make them free. I can't wait. As Howard Dean said, The Rethugs have never done an honest days work in their lives. We'll teach them.


Bu$h stole my "r" from "around" like he stole the vote in 200, 2004!


Dam that bu$h! it's 2000 not 200!

(need to back of the nyquill)

Fist of Etiquette

I always knew that the Republicans were going to be tried and convicted (to a man) for their war crimes against random Muslims, but I had no idea they were so blood thirsty that they would toss their wounded soldiers into dungeons and then try to cover it up. I guess that's what happens when you no longer become useful to this administration.

Of course, this is just another reason why I tell people I go to Canada for my health care needs.


Thank Gaiaa! I'm waiting on pins and needles for Shrillary to ascend the throne, to which she was clearly born, and anointed as our dictator....I mean president. I'm sick and tired of surviving the the medical care in America. Every time I have a medical problem, I get prompt service from my mercenary profiteering doctor and I'm well again before I know it. What the hell is all that about?


Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, at the White House to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, said Friday that he hopes the U.S. Congress will embrace President Bush's immigration proposal that would affect illegal Irish immigrants in the United States.

``The resolution of this issue would mean enormous amounts to so many Irish men and women,'' Ahern said of the 50,000 to 70,000 illegal Irish immigrants in the United States. ``I fervently hope that they will, in the not too distant future, be able to step away from the shadows and into the sunshine of this great country.''

Can't wait for Hillary to be elected President so she can sign an executive order to give blanket amnesty to all illegal Irish immigrants including the potential 4 million Irish immigrants still in Ireland.


In the words of another great Irishman, Moses: LET MY PEOPLE GO!


Speaking of medical care, they found that homo-phobe-in-training boy scout alive. I could care less about these kind of "feel good" stories. The only news I want to hear are as follows:

1. A person of color is raped by a white man.
2. Anything Anna Nicole.
3. Our troops put their tails between their legs and come home safe (cause I support them)
4. Cheney/Bush/Rumsfield thrown in prison for war crimes.
5. Mooselums exercising their right to stop drunk blind folks with dogs from ruining their cabs.
6. Anything the ACLU argues for.
7. His holiness Al Goracle preaching about the end of the world caused by Bush refusing to sign the Kyoto treaty.
8. Jimmah Carter hating on those pesky Joooooos.
9. Anything reported from any station except Nazi Fox News.
10. Who's left on American Idol.


11. Alberto Gonzales being fired and deported for illegally firing the federal prosecutors Clinton fired 93 federal prosecutors to hire.

12. Rush Limbaugh being afflicted with anal cysts.


The military has always been used as Guinea pigs for testing, and they should be because they fight illegal and immoral wars. It is good to see the military being put to good use for testing out a national health care system.


I think I get EXCELLENT health care from the gumment. Every April 15th, I bend over and Uncle Sammy checks my prostate.

I hope to Gaia he's using a finger.


13. News they're closing Gitmo and releasing those "Freedom Fighters."
14. A Congressional investigation on what really caused 9/11.
15. All Valerie Plame, all the time.

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