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Rocky Mtn. Lioness

state = stage.
Frickin' Bushitler mocks me!
Uncanny how the stoopid evil genius managed to steal those letters from the WhiteyHouse keyboards before he ever stole the whole frickin'thing!

It's only we who understand true compassion that know our fierce hatred of the Shrub is justified!


Well, I HOPE you neoKKKons are happy!

Because of your selfish use of minivans to ferry your offspring and their friends to soccer games, combined with your insatiable desire for cooked food and heat during winter, John Edwards' beard has cancer AGAIN.

I hope you're all very proud of yourselves.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Geez, methinks! that was one marshed "hello"!

Someone steal your gubmint check? I hate it when that happens. Probably some anti-child control, mini-van buying, baby factory neokkkon that steals my hard earned foodstamps and checks!


Yes, Miz Lioness, my guaranteed well-being was stolen by those neoKKKons in the OTHER America.

As a result, I've had to go out and get advanced degrees, followed by jobs to survive. ALL BY MYSELF with no resources that were clearly owed to me by the OTHER America.

I'm just glad to know that Silky Pony is not going to quit the campaign to steal from the rich and give to the poor(er). Kinda.

Except that now I'm.....

OH CRAP!!! That sneaky Ray-gun and Shrub have conspired to put me in the OTHER America without my noticing. DAMN BU$HITLER!!


Al Goracle deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. He is clearly a prophetic visionary who will lead us to the promised land of progressivism. I mean what decent person wouldn't want to volunteer over half their paycheck over the next fifty years in order to fight bovine flatulence, to reverse the natural outgassing of greenhouse gases by the ocean, to develop anti-volcano technology, to manufacture evironmentally-friendly waterwings for polar bears, miniaturize refigeration units for icebergs, and perfect an energy efficient windmill and an extension cord long enough that can operate in the vacuum of space in order cool off the Sun (hat tip to Joatmoaf).

We must deal with the reality that Henry Ford, in collusion with the evil genius Bu$Hitler, have created a more dangerous and warmer planet.


I live in Arizona, and I can testify that Al Gore's prophecy of doom is happening. Don't believe me? Just go down to Death Valley California and see for yourself! It's hotter than crap down there!!!!


"Where does one put the thermometer to take the earth's temperature?"

Liberals like to stick it in the asphalt.

Kinky Bee

I was watching Animal Planet, and I saw an offer to win an Ireland Horse Vacation. Any takers?


What kind of horse is it? I'm looking for a replacement for my pet/partner/lover baboon Mohammad (piece of luv upon his cute red rashy ass).

Kinky Bee

Oh dear. I am so not getting in the middle of you, Exey, Mohammed(peace) and horses. You all are going to have to fight it out.

Fist of Etiquette

I don't know what "wealth restribution" is, but it's only one letter off from meaning vengeance on those with more money than me, so I'm good with it.


Dunno. Tipper says that Al releases enough methane rich flatus under the covers each night to power a small city.

She hates it when he pushes her head under the covers and shouts: "Get a whiff of this one!"

I wonder if big Al shouldn't be buying even more carbon offsets.


Evidently A-Bomb Al didn't get the message that Tennessee had purchased a manatee offset from Florida.


"I saw an offer to win an Ireland Horse Vacation."

If they had an Irish Horse's Ass Vacation, the "winner" would get to meet the upset little missy who posts things here occasionally.

Son of the South™

C'mon folks - you know it's right: 'From each, according to his abilities; to each, according to his needs.'

Imagine all the people . . .


Kinky Bee

Hee hee, B4E.


I'm sorry, I am so sorry... I am like sooooo wasted dude... what comes after the "lmnop" part in the alphabet song?


I'm sorry, I am so sorry... I am like sooooo wasted dude... what comes after the "lmnop" part in the alphabet song?

Posted by: DoubleU

...another bong hit??


manatees was such an easy pick.. Why not something like hummingbirds ? Everybody
knows the manatees are drunk on sonar...that and *emergency* coke offloads.

I'm sick of them messing up my prop, anyway.

I think we should pay Gore off, or else he's gonna fuck it up for all of us, bastid.


Who is this Al Gore ?


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