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Kinky Bee

"My questions are this:

Does Mary Cheney have anal cysts and Rush Limbaugh is a lesbian...?.....OR....

Is Rush Limbaugh an anal lesbian and Mary Cheney has a cyster?

Is Mary Cheney an anal cyst to Rush Lmbaugh who is a lesbian?

Is Mary Cheney really Rush Limbaughs anal Lesbian cyster.?

Did Mary Cheney name her anal cyst after Rush Limbaugh...OR...Rush name his Mary Cheney?

Oh, yeah....and did we finally surrender in Vietnam?

Oh and ONE more thing. It came up in conversation with Dan Rather the other day. He asked if all the (Diebold deceitful) votes are in yet in Ohio?"--The Pebbled Lioness



"I am so, like, WAAAAYYY Progressyve. I MARRIED A MAN!!!!"

Wow!! That IS Progressyve!! Most Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve womyn marry Males Who Are Lyberal, I mean, Progressyve, instead of an actual man.


Sheila J. Lee has been to Uranus..too bad she doesn't take the time to visit
the polar ice caps to check the water temp. THAT is where she is needed, after with her special *insights* is what we need to backup Lord Al's findings.

What sickens me is this cheap display by Dumya's minions to minionmize Sir Edward's wife's illness. So now they strut Tony Snow's cancer in front of us, like
a *real* cancer...sluts.
This cheap display of everyone's illness' has to stop somewhere, and (sigh) Hillary's struggle with transexualism is the place to do it, screw Obama's addiction.


I'm so pissed right now I can hardly cash my welfare check!!!

SouthPark is going to make fun of Saint Hillary this week! I don't mind if they ridicule those KKKristians, Joooos, or rethugs, but leave Saint Hillary alone!!!

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Tony Snow(job's)cancer has returned!

That means only one thing---PARRR-TAYS! at DUnderground, MoveOn.Orgy,HuffingtonguePost,Michael Mooooores (no food there though).----So many gatherings of compassionate celebration to choose from, so little time....


Tony Snow has cancer? And it has spread to his liver!??



And now, let us have a dignified moment of silence for John and Liz Edwards, and the painful struggle they face.

John has such lovely hair.

Oh, and Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian.


Don't foget Cheney's blood clot!! The Dark Lord is suffering too!! Mwa ha ha ha!!

Gaia bless the Edwards and their sacrificing precious time together so Silky Pony can shake hands with strangers for 2 years in his Whitehouse bid...


See, when Gaia gives cancer to Tony Snow that can only mean he's being punished for being an evil, lying, conniving, fascist neo-kkkon mouthpiece for the most evil man on the planet, Bu$Hitler.

But when Elizabeth Edwards gets cancer it's because Gaia wants to point out the plight of cancer victims and the need for a National Health Care System which would prevent other cancerous cases like this from every happening. It also demonstrates John Edwards' commendable fealty to his political party and the bravery these two love birds share in wanting to put their marriage and their children on hold until Mr. Edwards realizes his dream of losing another presidential nominee race. Of course, capitalizing on Ms. Edwards' cancer in a compassionate manner could clearly play on the heartstrings of the more progressyve female voter who is singing in her heart: If I ever get cancer I hope my husband is brave enough to go on a two month golf outting at the Playboy mansion that he's always wanted to do all his life.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

"two month golf outting at the Playboy mansion that he's always wanted to do all his life."

Hey...wait a minute. Not only myn want an outting to the Playboy Mayhe..err..Mansion.

I hate golf, but would LOVE to go there PURELY to see Fine As Wine Bill Maher who I hear frequents there.

WHY do people make such a big deal over someone like Brad Pitt when there's an Adonnis like Bill Maher to lust after. YOWZA...the thought of that myn keeps me *wide awake at night! ANd you KNOW what I'm talking about.

*[HINT: like if you were to watch The Shining or Silence of the Lambs before bed]

The Exorcist

BTW, Exey. When is the Mizzus going to grace us with her presence, and make sure you stay in line?--Queenky Bee

Keeping me in line is YOUR job. Besides, Myz Exorcist doesn't have the same sick, twisted sense of humor us progressives have as we bitterly wish death on Cheney, Snow and anyone else who doesn't agree with our tolerant views. Furthermore, she's a black....I mean, African-American ReTHUGLIKKKAN!!!

She has a dream....that one day black Americans will escape in droves from the crackling tip of Byrd's DNP-whip and go back to the bad-old pre-1960 era in which blacks voted primarily for the RepugnantKKKan party of Lincoln. How crazy is that?

Her self-loathing manifesto goes on to believe that when that day comes the DNP will be toast. Like I said, it's just a dream now. But to us liberal black Democrats who are owed Reparations and NOW, it's a terrifying nightmare.

The whole whacky notion has led me to the brink of insanity as evidenced by my frequent day trips to the countryside with Mr. Ed in the back of my windmill-powered hybrid-minivan.


RML, is that why Bill Maher is always drooling when skewering Rethuglikkkans on his show?

Exorcist, if you add Trigger you could double the output of your windmill-powered hybrid-minivan with a two horsepower treadmill. I'm still wondering when they'll perfect the hydro-electric hybrid vehicle. Unfortunately distilling enough water out of the atmosphere to run the hydro-turbines seems to be a bottleneck, unless a Mr. Fusion™ quisinart to run the water condensor can be invented in the next five or so years. Rube Goldberg would be proud!


unless a Mr. Fusion™ quisinart to run the water condensor can be invented in the next five or so years.

One point twenty one jiggawatts?!?


Wow! No wonder I had to work so hard last night at the, "Kinky Bee Den of Dom Delights!" Kinky spent all night posting here! Kinky, back to work, or I'm going on strike! BTW, FedEx delivered the new whip collection today. Exey, you're gonna love the new cat-o-nine-tails!

Come on Exey, there's no such thing as a black Rethuglikkan. Puh-lease, tell us another one! They're self-loathing African Americans, who don't trust their betters, the (white) Democrats to know what's best for them.

Lioness, you've got my part hounding, er, I mean, "heart pounding," just at the mention of that studmuffin, Bill Maher! I had no idea that you were turned on by pale, sickly looking, "vegetarians against Bush!" Me too! I may have to turn on the AC to cool off!


Bill Maher is a vegetarian? What an insult to Veggie Tales.

Kinky Bee

"Furthermore, she's a black....I mean, African-American ReTHUGLIKKKAN!!!"

I weep for you, and Gaia weeps for you, Crusty. And, BJ Clinton(biting lower lip) feels your pain. As far as the Mizzus's dream, WHAT IS SHE SMOKING, MAN??? Or, second hand smoking.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

She has a dream..."

AHA!! Eggsy is a LYING LIAR WHO LIES...He's a Heteronorman, PROGRESSYVE POSEUR!! I think that mini-van of yours has more horse maneur than horse!!

Now there's new purpose for the whips for you. We compassionate progressyves feel so strongly about you and other rethugs being lined up and shot (after the whipping), you can only HOPE to escape.

Janny Mae,
He gets some parts of me to hounding too..starting with my gag reflex and ending in front of a porcelain "bowl".

So is AC an abbrev like JD is for Jack Daniels? Acid Cocktail..??? Apoplexy Cider..??
Why NOT Sean Penn in 2008!?!?!? President Penn sounds kinda cool. And heck, he's every bit as well reasoned, level headed, logical, rational, intelligent and informed as the next progressyve guy!

Kinky Bee

"Lord Al's"--csason

"Saint Hillary"--Arby

"Dark Lord"--Arby

Hmmmm...we really need to be careful. The above statements are coming very close to forcing your religion on Dodger. He may just go surrender in church, yet.

The Exorcist

"Exorcist, if you add Trigger"--LM

No can do, Libs.

I checked with my hybrid-masters regarding Trigger. They say if I load Trigger up I'll lose my windmill and that little sticker for dorks who drive their single-occupant Prius' in the carpool lane. Something about offending GLAAD, the gun-control lobby and other demoncrats with a horse named after the funnest part of any gun. Furthermore, they'll dock me 1000 credit-offset points if they catch me and Trigger.

Misster Ed, on the other hand, was a horse whose real name was "Bamboo Harvester". Anyone in the home-remodeling business knows that Bamboo is the floor-covering of choice for hippies because it's more eco-friendly than wood. Of course, Bamboo uses just as much energy in the manufacturing process as wood, and holds up about as well as Kramer being heckled at a comedy store, but that's beside the point.

Anywho, having sex with a dead horse whose real name is Bamboo Harvester is just about as progressive as you can get, and it doesn't put my carbon-credits at risk.

Kinky Bee

I don't know Exey. If I were you, which I don't think I am, but I've been on some pretty strong medicinal marijuana for my chronic anorexia lately, I would go with Black Beauty. Then, I was thinking the Black Stallion, but if I remember correctly through the Roofie haze, isn't that what you like me to call you during your punishme....err, re-education session?

The Exorcist

None of the above, my Roofie-Enhanced whip-meister.

I'm surprised you've forgotten all those times you mounted me and yelled "Hi-Oh Silver, And Away"


Based on the comments pasted below, the progressives at this site have a lot to learn from our friends posting at WaPo in reaction to the news of Tony Snow's decaying liver.(I stole these from Playa_Brotha is my hero.)

" Well, Tony, in your last hours why dont you ask the wino to pour more money for cancer research? Do something good for once in your life.

By analyst72 | Mar 27, 2007 12:22:12 PM | Request Removal


hello , when people are getting their legs blown off and having their eyes blown out because someone is obfuscating.... I have a problem with that person... if he knows what is going on and he is aiding and abetting ....getting him out of the way seems like a good thing for America...and that is the way_that_it_is.... Michael J. Fox was being himself ...ridiculing that is crap.... ridiculing a liar is simply saying I dont like liars.... Michael J. Fox is anything but a liar.... his life is on the line with STEM CELL RESEARCH... he was advocating that and because some dogmatic Romans of the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE POWER OVER didnt want him talking or that drug addict Limbaugh is jealous of someone that has credibility destroying his... its a different story...

By amonster | Mar 27, 2007 12:33:35 PM | Request Removal


I feel nothing for this man and its sad. Bush has polarized this country to the point where I just hate Republicans and I wish I didnt, but its to late.

By phoule | Mar 27, 2007 12:39:29 PM | Request Removal


Tony Snow....I hope you die from this cancer, no I hope you suffer terribly and then die like a dog from this cancer. Dont keep Satan waiting.

By playa_brotha | Mar 27, 2007 12:53:07 PM | Request Removal


Snow gets cancer of the *ss. This is clearly a punishment from God for his sins. *Isnt that what the Right would have said about a gay person?*

By lou | Mar 27, 2007 12:56:29 PM | Request Removal


To all of you scumbags crying your eyes out at Tony Snows cancer....where was your tears when Tony shamelessly defended this administrations lies and propaganda that killed 600,000 iraqis just to loot their oil? Disgusting!

By playa_brotha | Mar 27, 2007 1:27:21 PM | Request Removal


Tony Snow job and the rest of the Fox clowns have been cheerleading the invasion and occupation of Iraq since day one. I suspect God has grown disgusted with his double talk, and unleashed one of his minor angels. Lets just hope the cancer in tony also afflicts the rest of the cheerleaders at Faux News, and of course any and all neocons, their friends and families. Now let us bow our heads in prayer.

By silverpanda | Mar 27, 2007 2:11:37 PM | Request Removal


Liver cancer is universally fatal, and quickly. Let the party begin people, let us dance on our roofs in joy at the end of a neocon mouth piece. This will be a big party, the only one bigger at this time would be for the utter and complete distruction of israel via Iranian nuclear tipped missles. Oh what a beautiful day that would be, mushroom clouds over toilet aviv, oh joy! Stick that in your pipe wolfie, pearlie, libbie, and feithie - I dance a jig in celebration.

By whetsell | Mar 27, 2007 2:20:22 PM | Request Removal


I can*t help but wonder if karma is coming into play with two of the liars in the *W* regime, DICKY and Antny. I despise the present regime but I want them to live long lives, preferably in real prisons, so that they can watch just how low the legacy will go.

By kentigereyes | Mar 27, 2007 2:28:19 PM | Request Removal


He must have caught this cancer thing from FAUX News. you know the one that could not tell the whole truth if their life depends on it. Now life does depend on the truth.. keep-up the lies there Tony, it is real cute to see you do it, take a moment to go to Bethesda too and see what cancer of the mind does to the youth. BUT please tell your boss Rupert that he can not take it with him and he will receive what he delivered and also tell him that it is an insult to GOD to own Zondervan Publishing Co. Tell m God told me that he need not change the BIBLE. You lying terrorist of decency, honor and integrity. YOU should not have sympathy of anyone but a rattlesnake and I ask you to trust said partner. Today I pray for the good people not you liars!

By abroadventure | Mar 27, 2007 3:15:53 PM | Request Removal

I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point."

The Exorcist

They don't call us the party of tolerance for nothin'. I'm sure they're celebrating with equal gusto in the caves of Pakistan at the good news of Tony Snowjob's bleak forecast.

We progressives do have our occasional good days, don't we? We better celebrate while we can because Hillary just ain't gonna make it over flyover country.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Hmmm...which to LOVE most playabrothel..err..playabrotha

All such compassionate progressyves that at least know when to and when NOT to believe in "God"!

Wouldn't it be just EVIL for some "MIRACLE" like that divine intervention crap Theocrat types believe in...well, what I mean is how EVIL of God to "heal" Tony Snowjob.

As is evidenced in that commentary (they must have been at the PAARR-=TAYs I was talking' about earlier), the banner over US TOLERANT Progressyves is LOVE LOVE LOVE...

BUt "who" blessed Elizabeth Edwards with cancer if it's Tony Snows Karma? I'm kinda confused, but that happens without regular hits off the WaPo bong.

Such a delightful bunch there. DANG!!! And UNLIKE neokkkonvicts, not a one parrotting disinformation or doing any bumpersticker sloganeering.

I'm amazed they get their information about the Shrubinator straight what with all the ultra right wing media monopoly!

Rocky Mtn. Lioness

Liver cancer is universally fatal, and quickly. Let the party begin people, let us dance on our roofs in joy at the end of a neocon mouth piece. This will be a big party, the only one bigger at this time would be for the utter and complete distruction of israel via Iranian nuclear tipped missles. Oh what a beautiful day that would be, mushroom clouds over toilet aviv, oh joy! Stick that in your pipe wolfie, pearlie, libbie, and feithie - I dance a jig in celebration.===
By whetsell | Mar 27, 2007 2:20:22 PM | Request Removal

You know...I seem to remember seeing whetdream in a "group" dancing clip immediately after 9-11! Dark hair & complexsion, guns in air...It must have been on a humanitarian trip though as that scene was outside of the U.S. Oh, and I request it's removal.


Personally, I don't mind having to wait 6 months or more for an MRI to save my lyfe from a brain tumor caused by Haliburton's oil wells in Alaska. Canadian healthcare or "pre-Hillary care" is going to be awesome. We as Amerikkkans are too spoiled by medical advances that enlyghtened countries like Cuba don't enjoy. In fact, once I die from the industrial diseases caused by global warming I won't have to live is Bush's cruel world any more...

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